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You are the reason that I am alone.
If you would just come you would feel right at home.

Round all the edges tell yourself it's not over.
You are the fire my interest the clover.
You were the seeker when playing Red Rover.
I was the arms of your target we caught you.
You are the road I am everything I never bought you.

You are so famous most people don't know you.
I am a unicorn with rainbows to show you.
You are a unicorn let's be them together.
We are the climate we're warming and weather.
We are the pirates we hid so much treasure.
I say let's find it where was it that sweater?
Where was the igloo it melted where were you.
What about the ice cream stop fooling you slipper.
Slipper where was it I'm loving to eat you.
Well don't stop looks like we found that treasure

                                 After all.
I watched a plastic grocery bag roll down the road like a tumbleweed.
I was on my way home so I thought I'd pick it up.
The wind was blowing it my way so I walked along behind.
It was cold but the sun was coming through high clouds.
It hit a bit of water puddled from melting ice.
It stopped and breathed and quivered and I wondered briefly if this puddle had ended the bag's joyous rolling tumble in the sun.
With the help of the wind, the bag turned over and soon over again and, compact and steeled now with a quickly freezing brown water on it's sides, rolled faster than ever over snowbanks and driveways and lawns and the road.
A few houses from mine, the bag tumbled far up onto a neighbor's lawn and came to rest upon the sticks coming out of a garden.
In front of the bag now if the wind kept up was a long hedge that looked very ready to catch it safely and hold it until the neighbors saw it and decided to pluck it up and send that plastic bag on it's journey to the dump.
I smiled a little, as I got to keep my gloves on while I walked up my driveway empty handed, as I love to be.
I'm in love.
Oh... yes.
Yeah, it's nice.
Can hardly wait
To call her wife.
What a life!
What a girl!
Luckiest man
In the world.
Found the one
Who kissed the sun.
She said, "You're fun."

And you will see,
For our love burns brightly.
We're gonna show you
How the heavens do.
And you will learn
To take your turn
And be yourself
And share your wealth
And spread your wings.
An angel sings.
An angel sings.
We are the angel sings,
We can do anything.
Amory Alexandra Laine



      Turkish Royals with Cough Syrup

Who will be his leading lady?

     The mystery is yours to see.




Will he get the girl?
What will he do with all the rest?

Find out sooner than you think!


     Turkish Royals with Cough Syrup

                              coming 2017
One sixteen has rolled around and I've rolled out of bed and taken a hot bath and dressed, stopping occasionally to read another paragraph of This Side of Paradise, and my breakfast is being made.

Elliott Smith's XO is playing.

The sweetness of life is crystal clear right now.

I'll need my friends today.  There is something to do.  

A first rehearsal with my lead guitarist, Sarah, at five.  Then we'll likely take it to an open mic.  Cash is low, we'll find a way to get high.  Then we're gonna give it to the crowd.  Chandelier.
We're making plans... like:
Orange juice before guitar.

We're taking Advil PM
In hopes we may sleep tonight.

We're advancing on the age
Of splendor.

We're a technicolor dream coat dancing on strings.
God's the vendor.

Beethoven's not dead.
We hear him at the throat.

We sing like we were given no option
Fluttering around every note.

Then we collapse upon them
In the spirit of victory.

And we light a cigar
Or a cigarette.
King me.
I took the pills.
Took the long way home
Nirvana blared through heavy atmosphere

I cleaned up and took the dog outside in the rain
I watched some evening news
Continued making things nice so when the others come home they will be happy

Washed my hands, poured ice water
Took a new picture of myself
Put it online
Put on a comfy shirt
Started recording the Red Wings game
Turned off the TV
Took out my guitar
Pressed record on the smartphone laying there
Played what I played for twenty-two minutes

Did more things, making nice, getting comfy
Sat at computer
Turned on Elliott Smith's new release, "I Figured You Out"
Wrote this *******, cause I'm doing it all
Turned on "I Figured You Out" again
This time no headphones
Loud over the computer speakers
The walls need to hear this song
So does the dog
Cracked a large bottle of Stella Artois
Poured it in a glass
All so I can turn on that Red Wings game and start doing nothing at all.
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