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Mar 2017
You are the reason that I am alone.
If you would just come you would feel right at home.

Round all the edges tell yourself it's not over.
You are the fire my interest the clover.
You were the seeker when playing Red Rover.
I was the arms of your target we caught you.
You are the road I am everything I never bought you.

You are so famous most people don't know you.
I am a unicorn with rainbows to show you.
You are a unicorn let's be them together.
We are the climate we're warming and weather.
We are the pirates we hid so much treasure.
I say let's find it where was it that sweater?
Where was the igloo it melted where were you.
What about the ice cream stop fooling you slipper.
Slipper where was it I'm loving to eat you.
Well don't stop looks like we found that treasure

                                 After all.
Amory Alexandra Laine
Written by
Amory Alexandra Laine  Grand Rapids, MI
(Grand Rapids, MI)   
     Lior Gavra and medicine
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