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Oh, how I wish you were mine.
How I know that you are mine.
I want to wrap arms around you and kiss you soft in time.
I want to see you walking up and down this imaginary line,
          down the center of the carpet in the living room,
          with nothing on your body,
          and a lightness on your mood.
And I want to bring you a brand new glass of wine.
And I want our hearts to start to beat in rhyme.
And I want every last bit of hesitation to disappear from your mind
       and let's get lost.
       Let's go see what we can see
       in the other room.
       Let's make it very dark
       and then go boom.

Just two naked people in a room.
I buy a role.
Cinema verite.
But think much bigger and more grand in scale and style.
Costs me seven dollars or eight.
I'll be moving up from time to time in time.
There are packs you can buy where all the joints are different colors.
And I smoke them all or someone else does in moonlight, perhaps.
Mostly I smoke one of three:
American Spirit Blacks;
Camel Turkish Royals;
Marlboro 27s.
That sorta sums me up.
I'm in love with all the world, through the look of a ring of smoke;
Or a wavy line rising disappearing to the sky.
If I turn 28 years old I'll thank the Lord aloud.
And kiss his hollowed ground.
And change some things around.
And make some lovely sounds.
And shoot some lovely scenes.
And star for who to see.
For you there is a me.
Yes you, every lady.
And every sweet young supple girl,
Who is ready for the world;
I will be your man,
And I'll show you all I can,
And when you've seen enough,
I'll lay you down for love,
And we'll go deeper then the rest,
We'll plant new foreign lands.
And start humanity there.
And we will watch it grow...

Worlds never been discovered.
Our spaceship's under covers.
But soon it will be built.
And then we will lift off.
Not knowing we are safe,
But knowing we are great.
And trusting all around;
The people who got us off the ground.
We'll sail and leave the Earth behind;
And first stop will be the Moon.
And that's all I can write about that right now.
Wouldn't want to spoil a thing.
Not you.
Not even the ending of a movie.
Like when I open up my pack of Turkish Royal cigarettes;
Out on my back porch tonight under the stars;
And I pull out the very last one;
And I light it up I'm either saying cut or I'm saying action...
Every pack of cigarettes a movie.
We're here.
I think we've made that quite clear.
You olders have little idea what it was like for us.
Very little.
You made us things.
You told us to go to work.
You grounded us and gave us trophies.
Often we cared little for our participation trophies.
But what would you have us do with something a bit shiny and plastic which you gave to us?
Now many of you olders mock us for those trophies we received.
We are the generation that deserves so many trophies you needed to start practicing in the 90s.
DO NOT STOP UNTIL THIS WORLD IS everything which we need it to be.
Trophies all around.
Your work will be your reward, Generation X.
Our world.
You can live in it.
The best of you already do.
But you just know now, we have grown up,
and are still growing,
and will not stop,
at the moon.
We're gonna ride motorcycles on it.
And build amazing rooms with AMAZING views.
Selected will participate.
You taught us well, whether you know it or not.

Passing of the torch
To Florida
I went
We were making something.
The album Cats by Chandelier
I knew that will do it all.
All a start.
All a love.
Little waist.
Daring art.
Daring life.
Taken off.
All of it.
Future for now
Soon going South

— The End —