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Bodowzski Dec 2023
The blood coursing through my veins
Is calling out your name,
Like waves.
Lapping on the shores of my ventricles.

Your radiance permeates through the viscosity
Of the life-sustaining redness,
Down to the base of my existence.
Giving it purpose. Meaning.

You waltz into my mind at every second,
Without fail, like a ticker-tape.
Or a metronome.
That’s why I feel you in every breath. Inspiration.
This is me, saying I am missing you.
Bodowzski Nov 2023
On the wall of my living room,
Hangs a broken mirror.
The glass shattered into hundreds.
I kept it as a memento,
To remind me of the day my heart broke into that many pieces.
The kaleidoscope of hundreds of sorrowful eyes,
Used to stare forlornly at me,
Giving neither reason, nor hope,
To take the next step. Or breath.

On the wall of my living room,
Hangs a broken mirror.
Still shattered in the hundreds.
Today, it is reflecting dazzling beams of sunlight,
Into what used to be a darkened cube of concrete.
Through the fragmented glass,
I see bits and pieces of me.
But I felt whole. Unbroken.

On the wall of my living room,
Hangs a broken mirror,
But it has been reframed.  
And that put my life into perspectives.
Myriads of eyes with crow's feet and smiles,
Looking back at me,
Telling me I've come a long way.
Next to the mirror,
There is a portrait of us,
Of our very first kiss
After the wedding vows.
Bodowzski Nov 2023
Chivalry is not dead for as long as I
am alive.
It will thrive
for there will be sons of mine.
And theirs.
For as long as my bloodline lives,
chivalry will exist.

Romance is not dead ‘cause I
see the sparkles of fireworks in her eyes.
When her curls gently slides
down against her cheeks,
contrasting her delicate skin,
framing the femininity of the features of her face,
my stomach danced with the butterflies.
Bodowzski Jul 2023
Head full of hope like Elpis' pocket,
Gracefulness of a newborn pegasus.
Guarding the gate to her heart like Cerberus
While bearing the burden that is Atlas',
She steeled her resolve,
And forged her dreams, Hephaestus.
Bodowzski Jan 2018
It's not over when the fat lady sings.
It's over when the ardent lover,
Firm believer,
The romantic,
Becomes a skeptic,
And rejects the ideals and ideas of love.
You know it's heart-wrenching,
To discover what broke him,
It's over when he goes silent.

Pray that the day will never come.
Bodowzski Jan 2018
Hello sleepless nights.
How have I missed you.
You are the constant in my despair.

Hello unsettled heart.
Nice to meet you again.
Send my regards to insecurities.

Hello volatile mood.
Flipping tables and fingers.
You are my favourite defence mechanism.
Bodowzski Oct 2017
Eyes hazy from the smoke,
Dragged a long puff and choked,
Nicotine stains on my nails,
Turbulent emotions as words failed.
I pulled the knives from my chest,
And started to bleed out from my breast,
I should have left them buried between the ribs.
And with the last cigarette between my lips,
I realised she didn't hurt me and left me to die.
I did.
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