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Look around
do you see the beauty?
or do you live in a bad place?
I would rather die happy tomorrow
than be an old man full of sorrow
it's funny
how we use each other
just to get hurt
sooner or later
Since *** got easier to get
love got harder to find
There's a stranger in front of me
who I like
but don't know what to say

One second passed
and you're gone
suddenly I know what to say
but you're gone now anyway

Unexplainable attraction arose
I was drawn like a magnet
but now you're too far
and the magnetic field is broken

What song do you want people
to play at your funeral?

Mine is: Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd :D
What is the first thing you'll do when coronavirus is over?

I’ll visit all the bars I can, go back to gym and travel. Mainly travel! I miss oceans, new cultures, partying with foreigners and having 3 am conversations with strangers.
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