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To you who are
Truly divine
I beseech thee
To never seek thy shrine

For these vein’s
Carry tainted waters
Through a dying temple
Hastily poisoned by time

Perhaps appealing
On the outside
But malevolent shadows
And corrupted followers
Lurk within unwinding
A fate I wish would align
Feb 13 · 98
Through the veil
Ben Palomino Feb 13
Alone in my head
Emotional strings cut
And pulled
Forcing me to wonder
Then the doorway opens
And through the veil I wander

Winding paths
twisted trees
Stars drifting through
The endless midnight sea
A message laid out to read
You come from a world where
False  truths lead
Then two paths revealed to me

On my left I hear
The somber ringing
Of heavens bells
But to the right
Familiar whispers call to me
And I am compelled to follow

Traversing into the dark
Abruptly blinded
By the light reflecting off
The pearly gates of hell
Time comes to a stand still
And I’m left to ponder

Only for a moment

Then through the veil
I wander
Ben Palomino Dec 2019
Look behind the door
What do you see

The silhouette
Of a beautiful dream

Wrapped in the songs
Of a nightingales sorrow

I hope she comes
Back tomorrow
She never came back
Ben Palomino Dec 2019
My mind has gone
Blank once again

Beautiful thoughts
Of decay start to
Settle in

Surrounded by the light
Thought clouds
Trap me in the night

Smoke clouds
Swirl around me
To hold me tight

Keeping me safe
Nov 2019 · 218
Ballad of a forgotten king
Ben Palomino Nov 2019
You wandered naked
through the burning sand
looking for the promised land

Denied by the nature
of your eyes
It’s the chaos that you
breed inside

Now You look down
to the ground
picking up the pieces
of your broken crown

The solace of your name
brings you nothing more
but shame

Like the  castle where
you built your reign
on the ever shifting sands

Forgotten by
your cruel hands
Nov 2019 · 637
A lost memory
Ben Palomino Nov 2019
I woke up to find
a devil by my side
we began to dance
in the shadow of the
  dying sun

I look into the mirror
only to find
the spirit inside
has left my eyes

traded my soul
but cant recal

all was lost
and nothing gained
Nov 2019 · 61
Ben Palomino Nov 2019
Cold and heavy
the stone borne
by the camels back

Everything is fine
the feather
and it
Oct 2019 · 218
Smoking by the fire
Ben Palomino Oct 2019
The moon
watches me sin
once again

As I destroy
the temple in which I reside

The fire is bright
but not warm enough
to keep me alive
Sep 2019 · 279
Seeing you
Ben Palomino Sep 2019
I gave in to temptation
and desire
my soul lays in fire

It was too cold anyway
Sep 2019 · 133
Seasons change
Ben Palomino Sep 2019
The chilling autumnal air
impedes  the peaceful trees
forcing them to dance
and sway In melancholy
Aug 2019 · 131
The simple life
Ben Palomino Aug 2019



Lay in bed

Aug 2019 · 132
The world inside me
Ben Palomino Aug 2019
The ground beneath my feet
is breaking, rumbling,
quacking me awake

As the sun comes chasing
a blazed

The moon goes into hiding
wallowing in sorrow and shame
Aug 2019 · 180
A Drunken rant
Ben Palomino Aug 2019
Screaming into the dark
beginning to find meaning
That’s all I want to know
Tell me what the truth is
To this man made world
Because I truly feel that
I don’t belong
With this carbon based crowed
And I really hate to admit I’m human
But that’s all I am
I just want to know what It means.
I do however know one simple thing
The world we have created is the hell we fear
Jul 2019 · 86
My Misanthropic tendency
Ben Palomino Jul 2019
I see a world in decay
The wrong people stepped up to rise
We’re all just sheep adding to the flock
An I can see the human inside
An I can see the human through your eyes
But I ask where is the line drawn between you and I

I can Envision a paradise
Where everyone’s freed from a wicked mind
Where everyone is freed to truly be alive

But I can never grasp it
I fear that humans can only be defined
By the pain a suffering within and without their own lives

May just be that we’ve given up
And locked our selves away
In the illusion we call “Reality”

You must pardon me for what I say
It’s just the old soul inside
Finally fed up with seeing the world in decline

When I was younger I knew that the tendency would only grow stronger
And as I grow older I know I’ll only fall harder
As I get up I know I’ll be able to run farther
Before I reach my final  collapse
I ask again for forgiveness
this is just me
And my misanthropic tendency
Jul 2019 · 319
Day and Night
Ben Palomino Jul 2019
I used to wake up
enslaved by the sun
As it would chain me down
With a new understanding of sadness

The night would come brake me free
Then leave me alone
with the madness
Jul 2019 · 115
Creat me
Ben Palomino Jul 2019
Take this marble
With it carve out my soul

With chisel in hand
scribe my purpose

Engrave it in gold  
Then hide it away

Keep it in the dark
For me to find one day
Jun 2019 · 139
Image in the clouds
Ben Palomino Jun 2019
Look up to the sky
Do you see
The baby
Cradled in the clouds
Gently rocked by the breeze
The other day the light shined through the clouds and it looked like the silhouette of a baby
Ben Palomino Jun 2019
I love you
But I think I should tell you
I never thought I could feel this way
Your smile
Your laugh
Your presence
The way you talk to me
I’ve been overwhelmed with emotions
over the years my feelings have changed,
Yet I mean it when I say
I hate you
(Read in reverse)
This was my first attempt at a reverse poem
Jun 2019 · 317
The void
Ben Palomino Jun 2019
As a child
I spent my time
Staring into the void

Mysterious by nature
And Hallowed by name

I wanted to know its secrets
So I sat studying
The endlessness
Laid out before me

Only to realize
It was doing the same
Been sitting on this one for awhile
Jun 2019 · 153
The feeling of today
Ben Palomino Jun 2019
(     Let the )
     (   Storm clouds come )
A        B     |         F
    N         L   |           R
         D             I         M     O
|          |             N         E         M
                   D        |
T|                         L      |
H       |           I
E         |             G   |
Let the storm clouds come,
And blind me from the light
Jun 2019 · 190
Ben Palomino Jun 2019
It’s time
to take this paper
And tie it off around my arm
Until the vein is protruding

With my pen
I’ll penetrate my soul
Letting the ink flow

Allowing it
To erase everything I know
So I can escape the stress

On the youthful bliss
Of ignorance
May 2019 · 163
Finding yourself
Ben Palomino May 2019
As the night falls upon the earth
Let thee commune
With thy brothers
And take to the mountains
Just before the peak of dawn
Scream thy names to the Gods
Until they shake the sky
With thunder and lightning

From the mountaintop
Let thy blood flow
Like the rivers of time
No beginning
No end
Just existence

The answers you
Seek lies not
Within materialistic needs
But within yourself
Far beyond
flesh and bone

As the dawn rises
And outcasts the night
Feel the warm glow of life
As it unshackles thy true nature
Revealing to you
Your soul
For this is who you are
May 2019 · 400
My humans
Ben Palomino May 2019
My humans haunt
The dreams I escape to
They are tethered to me
As I am to them
I will torment
And let chaos reign
Until I’m freed from these
Unearthly chains
Our demons hate us too
May 2019 · 79
The name to my purpose
Ben Palomino May 2019
I feel this endless pain
So deep within
My soul is stained
Prison bars of memories
My own soul is
Holding me a slave

This numbing feeling
Wont go away
Misery what’s my name?
What’s my name?

Breath purpose
Into my veins
So I can stop waiting
For my life to slowly
Drip D
So misery
What’s my name?
Tell so the bars will brake  
And take the pain
May 2019 · 70
Ben Palomino May 2019
How much wood
could A woodchuck
chuck If a woodchuck
could chuck Wood

Does the woodchuck even
Desire to chuck wood
If the woodchuck could

Woodchuck go chuck
Away at what you love most
Chuck the grass
Chuck the carrots
Chuck the berries

But don’t Chuck the wood
Even if you could
Because the answer is

A woodchuck would
Chuck as much wood
A woodchuck could
If a woodchuck could
Chuck wood

And I’d hate to see
This woodchuck chucking chuckery
Chuck away at your precious life.
My co worker reminded me of this toung twister and inspired me to write this
May 2019 · 816
Just a draft
Ben Palomino May 2019
I converse with
The voices in my head

They talk slowly
So their guidance isn't misread
I have a few drafts. Not sure if it needs more or if short is better
May 2019 · 319
The poet
Ben Palomino May 2019
My mind

My soul

My life

May 2019 · 247
Ben Palomino May 2019
With Wings spread in fright
The  Angels sing but I pay no mind
Locking away the idea of heavens gates
I rolled the dice
Now Earth becomes
my hellish paradise
May 2019 · 58
Ben Palomino May 2019
step into
the shower
The water temperature
turned all the way up
I want each drop to burn
As if to purge my soul
No matter how hard I scrub
I can never wash away my sin
Its stained too deep
May 2019 · 196
Pain leaves the mind blank
Ben Palomino May 2019
What do you write
When your mind is blank
What do you say
When words have left you
I need to say something to relieve the pain
So I’ll tell you

Ah yes I feel better now.
May 2019 · 543
The egotistical poet
Ben Palomino May 2019
I see the world like no one else ever has
With one look I can find the deepest meaning
In anything

I write them down in poems
For they are holy scriptures
Which I know shall be worshipped
For all eternity

I am
No longer man
But a
Poetic deity
Apr 2019 · 324
I am human
Ben Palomino Apr 2019
Every time I see you
Starring at me from the mirror
I grow to hate you even more,

It’s the LUST  in your eyes

The ENVY  in your heart

The GREED  on your mind

Your GLUTTONOUS  habits

Your SLOTHFUL  nature

The undeserving PRIDE in your stance

And the WRATH  in your smile

These are the reasons I loathe you.
Apr 2019 · 246
Night sky
Ben Palomino Apr 2019
I look up to the sky

The stars shine so bright,
Each one a beautiful dream,
Each one too far from my reach

But these broken dreams are mine
So I’ll piece them together in my own sky

they will shine just as bright
Apr 2019 · 240
Its a cycle
Ben Palomino Apr 2019
I go to bed indulging in fantasy,
            I Wake up broken by reality,
                I go to work chained by insanity,
                   All while FEENING for my fantasy.
Apr 2019 · 275
Tell me
Ben Palomino Apr 2019
What is the meaning
Of meaning
That’s all I want to know
The purpose of you leaving
And the meaning of your soul
No I don’t want your poetic explanations
I only desire your poetic lies
To distract me
From this question
That’s all way drifting
Through my mind.
Apr 2019 · 102
The world i see today
Ben Palomino Apr 2019
The world I see today,
From the melancholy
Green of the grass
So freshly beheaded

To the prissy and narcissistic
Stances of the flowers in full bloom
Expecting  meaningless approval

This world stretches all across the oceans greedy desire to take everything
From the us
Even if it means killing itself

The world I see today is sickening!
I wonder what world I'll see tomorrow....
I see that the world changes with my emotions. It can be beautiful, it can be disappointing, it can be numb.
Mar 2019 · 162
A lurking thought
Ben Palomino Mar 2019
I have been writing poems
For almost 2 years
Something I thought I'd never do

Each poem I craft
Starts from a thought
Then a mediocre draft
Each one resembling
A chain from the past

A pain, a thought, a longing
Yet I feel I'm always missing something
A road block from improvement

I read the poems other write
With such amazement and envy

What is it I'm missing
To see the world
You see?
Mar 2019 · 699
Ben Palomino Mar 2019
I miss the color
Of your presence,
Such a unique shade
Of sky
Jan 2019 · 382
Ben Palomino Jan 2019
When my masks are tired
They wear me.
These faces can only be worn for so long before
Even they grow self conscious
Of what the world thinks.
My masks wear me because they know I care about nothing
Which allows them solitude from judgment.
Solitude from the human ego.
Once they have recovered
Our roles will once again switch
And I can feel familiar within
Oct 2018 · 77
The sheep and Death
Ben Palomino Oct 2018
My dear miss guided sheep
I see you wonder blindly
Through the path of dying roots
The darkness you hid form for so long
Now takes to you

I hear you scream
Pleading to see the way back,
My curious eyes loom over you
As I try to fathom why you don’t submit yourself
To the end

Willingly I shall approach you
For I am the light that will guide you to the place
You are meant to be,
Now take hold of my decaying hand
So we may walk this path of darkness together

My dear miss guided sheep
Let me restore your sight
And unhinge your chains from obedience
Your judgment will now forever be
Of your own free will,
But I order you to embrace my light
So I may taint your purity
Oct 2018 · 72
Ben Palomino Oct 2018
O sweet child
How your eyes glistened like the sun,
Your heart radiating
With kindness and compassion,
Yet here you lay
Trampled by the world and its ways.
I do not pity you
But know that
I love you.
I could pick you up and mend your wounds
But I shall not..
Instead I will throw you to the wolves
And guide you to survival
I am not your friend
I am not your savior
I am your father
Do not forget me.
Inspiration seems to elude me so here is another one I wrote awhile back.
Sep 2018 · 205
Ben Palomino Sep 2018
You are a fascinating creature
Your hair shimmers like gold in the sunlight,
And your eyes whisper to me your secrets

You are the temptation I try so hard to resist
Every day
And I know I could never be the world you deserve

I will cage these feelings
Never to fly free
Until they eventually
Sep 2018 · 89
Jilted apple
Ben Palomino Sep 2018
Why do I feel so lonely hanging from this orchard?
So many others yet the feeling of solitude binds to me,
And the thoughts start to seep in.
You will never be good enough to feel the warm soothing touch
Of the farmer choosing you for a new purpose,
You are too undeserving of ripening.

So the orchard that is life will decide it’s my time to be let go.
Abused by the fall I descend to the bottom.
I am now the apple that has fallen too far from the tree,
On the inside I rot normally
But on the outside I am black and blue.
Sep 2018 · 111
Desire to fix
Ben Palomino Sep 2018
I see you in the distance as you lay scattered all over the floor,
I immediately take on the responsibility of fixing you.
I pick up each piece carefully to avoid breaking you even more.
I do not mind the cuts I get nor the thick red blood dripping from my hands,
I have fixed before
So why should you be any different.
The more of you I put together the less of you there is,
Not enough to restore you fully.
I begin taking pieces of myself to substitute the ones you're missing.
With each part of me I give to you I become weaker,
Until I eventually fall to the ground and shatter.
The only thing I regret is not being strong enough to….fix…you…..
This is one I wrote awhile back, Thought I might share it.
Sep 2018 · 128
Ben Palomino Sep 2018
I’m corruption
But you are my corruptor,
Ever since I met you
I now go home and wash the  stench of the day away with sin,
Such a sweet and pleasant scent it is,
Truly I am addicted
And because of you
I have been changed into something greater Then I once was,
And slowly I am becoming the person I am meant to be.
Or am I….

Throughout the years of embracing the darkness of this world
I have come to realize that in fact you are the darkness,
And I am nothing more than the entertainer,
In your lonely life.
You keep me around to fill the void that you placed within yourself.
Sep 2018 · 237
Another love
Ben Palomino Sep 2018
I already love,
Or so I think I do?
But if I truly did then what is this feeling now,
This complete fascination I have with you.
I do not want to love another when I already love?
But this feeling has a symbiotic relationship with me
It needs me to survive,
And I willingly give it nourishment,
Constantly I tell my self that these,
emotions washing over me are unknown
Even though I clearly understand their nature.
My accelerated heart beat screams the answer,
This is the first time I’ve ever felt such…..
Such desire for someone.

As the thought of you now floods my mind,
I cant help but feel such guilt.
I need to drill a hole in my head to pour you out,
But no matter how hard I try
the memories of you quickly coagulate
So nothing can escape.
I feel that you will be forever lurking in the back of my head
And from now on any thought I have
You will be the outline for it.
Sep 2018 · 739
Dear agony
Ben Palomino Sep 2018
O dear agony
My life is yours
And it shall forever remain yours,
Since the beginning I remember nothing but
My mother crying because she couldn't afford her bills
Or the lullaby of police sirens sending me off to sleep.
I remember the days in which my very rare moments of happiness
Would be cut short do to some sort of injury,
An injury caused by nothing more then my own defective body.
I remember the countless hours of class I would miss due to an unstable mind
That is constantly ripping me away from the pleasures of reality,
And I HATE that I cant share my true feelings with “her"
Without getting trapped in a quick sand of anxiety and my own insecurity’s,
I HATE that you are always following me like my shadow,
I HATE that you are apart of me,
But dear agony
My life is yours
And it shall forever be yours.

— The End —