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I need to go to a burning man. I need to lose myself in the woods for a year. I need to make my threshold and enter through. I heard my call a long time ago but I just never...
   I can't stand myself any longer! I must lose who I am to find what I am to become. And I can't do that in a world where I exist in everyone around me. I need a place with none of me and plenty of else. So much that I can spread myself out to one thought thick. Finally be raw, enough to see myself clearly.

   I shouldn't worry about forevers, because forevers are simply composed of nows.

   I want quiet place to sit against the tree, look out over a lake, and read until my eyes bleed pleasure, my brain secretes knowledge, and my heart wisdom.
   A place to harbor a gentle haze of mind, a place to leave myself behind. Just and think and think some more, until and passed the point of being head sore.
   I want to place with plenty of glasses, and plenty of cracks, plenty of muses and no ways back.
   A place full of forevernows and nevermores, where people are stupid enough to cross the desert because of a recurring dream. A place of pink purple sunsets and endless shores.

   How mirrors have learned to lie I will never know, because I don't recognize the person they show. I have to turn them around because even my own eyes try to deceive me.

  If I don't I will always want to. If I do I won't enjoy every step, but I will a few.
   The hands that shaped this road are now, older.
   I don't know how I will, and a not even sure I understand why I will. All I know for certain is I MUST.

   Because I can't stay here. If I do I will fall in love with possibilities, and not realities. I will fall in making people out to be more than a person. I will lose my heart to and afterimage of a dream, and even if I do I would never have pursued it anyways. I want to leave the field, sell my flock, and start my full circle, or square.
   Wherever I go I have no plan know method know fall backs, but the beautiful hair of uncut graves. With only the Spektor inside my books to hold me.
   I want to hear the symphony of stars each night and have the wind tell me its stories of its travels that day.
   I want to sleep knowing the poppies stand guard.
   I know nothing, and I'm ready to listen, but first I must get out of my hand made prison, burn the map smashed of compass. Put my feet anywhere besides in front of the other that way I'm going nowhere fast and never looking back.

   I want to teach myself the song of my soul, so that I can hum every bar by heart, but I can't do that here. Not in this place of paper people and towns who live their lives never getting wet.

   It says if I can ever catch my breath, that I'm strangle lading in the stench of mold and excitement of leaving and never coming back.

   Mark here this day, as I lie awake at night as the last moment I spent outside the labyrinth. I need, no, I must leave find a place where I can listen to my heart and drink and its wisdom. But that place is not here I don't know where to, but I must start.
   Thomas Edison last words were " its very beautiful over there, I don't know where they're is, but I believe it somewhere, & I hope it's beautiful"

                                                     ­     ~Crow
Writersblock thou art a heartless *****
Pinching even the cathader from heart to pen
Salem is bereaved you eluded their grasp
After a long day of realizing she discovered that her arms had grown into a car.

The car drove about as fast as her legs could carry it and stopped only when she slept. It cornered like a cat and burned oil like a lemon. It got her where she needed to go only as long as she realized it could. It went nowhere fast and everywhere slow before the old steam engine ran out of coal. Her brother said it was a foolish dream to still have at 16 but she just ran him over. Day after day her arms grew tired of taking the abuse of holding her up. It took quite a while until she realized could call a better one up. So she smiled at the weeds until they turned roses and grinned at the bees till they drowned in honey and let her drink up the extra with a straw. She frowned at the bullies outside her house until lightning smoothed them into splatters of ash. She thought a bit more of how doing her chores really ****. ****** what? Her mother would say? She just glowered at said Daddy more then you! And knew it to be true when she saw chores come to the door long after mom had gone for "Arron's". It took her a while to get back in her car and finally see her brother still stained the windshield with grow up. He was nine. Was being the term. I think that's what he would answer but no matter how big I smile at cancer or still whisks him away whispering he's mine Bea. Maybe if I could grow my chest into roses when boys look down at them for who knows what reason I can say smell away, and take one if you please. It won't be that hard to go all bizarre when I finally realized my arms were the doors to my cars.
So find please my girl of my dreams I can hardly wait longer,
My chest pleads in search of its eternal partner,
Your luscious hair and body so fair together have no rival,
Your image sweet with me complete I see us happily together,
So find me please, girl in my dreams for I am young no longer
It wasn't for my dues, the scorn, my shave,
Though the unjust are secure here with me,
The stand, I stood to plead my case,
Brick walls, clad guards, catch all hopeful scheme,
They hope four walls, a cot, dropped soap, will right,
My disposition to correct in time,
I alone fear not my demons of night,
Should my last breath not beweep, death sing kime,
There be a deaf heaven for men like I,
Fire'n brimstone pave the path to Gehenna,
Be me drenched in tears of a dead mans lye,
Still regret me not, glaciem mea venas,
My only fault myself despising wrought,
Be the ten for billion that I got caught.
Oh Friday how you ravish me,
  My breath falls short as I cling to your visage,
I'm currently getting over Monday,
  We'll be together soon...

I dreamt of you again,
  You kept me up all night,
With your promises of tomorrow,
  I can't wait until you are...

The first six days after my leave,
  Burn with an ever greater ferocity,
I miss your sweet kiss,
  Your my seventh heaven on the fifth,
Your golden potential,
  Makes Wednesday ripe with rage...

Oh I can't wait to breach your embrace,
  As your primal relief
Is only but an eve away
  Please cut me some slack,
Just wait on your back,
  And I'll prove Thursday and I
Are but only good friends...

You welcome me in with a wave and a grin,
  It's as if I've never left
I'm so sorry you had to see me away,
  With Monday thru Thursday,
But I swear I was thinking of you the whole time...
My hearts a V8 and I'm running on premium fear
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