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 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
what am i doing with my thought?
what am i trying to forget,
or keep at the back of my mind to bring back if im trying to feel some deep emotion.
and what am i trying to keep a vivid memory.
maybe im trying to keep the memories or
maybe i would just like to create some new and more exciting.
my brain is damaged
and my mind is troubled,
thoughts are scattered
and room is cluttered.

time to go for a late night walk
the only person that cares
to try and
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
confused by her witty way,
her personality fills the lonely piece in my mind,
couldn't find who I was until she showed me who I could become.
wasn't sure if our presence together would combined and it doesn't,
but it works just fine.
her mind is gold,
her creativity is bold,
friendship is key,
**forever friends with db.
a poem dedicated to Daisy Blevins
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
and every memory we ever had.
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
 Mar 2014 REAL
 Mar 2014 REAL
Walking through the sleep city
Brick buildings towering above me
Vines snaking along the walls

The cold wind clawing at my pale cheeks
Catching my long hair, tossing it out behind me
It sinks into the skin at the base of my neck
Shivers vibrating through my tired bones

Along the curve of my crimson lips
I breath in the fridged air, into my hallow flower lungs
Freezing me completley

Shoes echoing on the cobblestone walk
Passing small cafés
Young couples who smile and laugh
Serenading each other in soft voices
They are so inlove
Asolutley beautiful
What ever it may be
Quebec City,
Never have I ever fell so inlove with a city
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
I find love an amazing thing.
yet it hurts,
it's draining,  
***** with your brain
and sends you mixed signals
signals where you don't know if they're
a laugh of joy
or a cry for help.
you find out everything about them
yet you still want to find out more.
you feel it's absolutely necessary for you to know more only because your heart tells you you can never know to much of someone.
it's the sparkle in their eye.
the amazing butterflies
that just clutter you stomach.
the way you can spend so much time just getting ready for something for that someone when at the end of the day it doesn't matter what you look like because the only thing that makes them
fall in love with you
is your personality.
love is a special thing,
it's hard to find
but easy to know when it comes.
it's the rush, the spark that just appears in your lonely heart that makes you
compulsively just want more
of the excitement that no other living thing
can satisfy you with.
maybe this just happens in movies
or plays
or even the cliche songs that give you a vivid image.
but if is real
and happens to me.
I hope it never ends.
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
 Mar 2014 REAL
Heather Methot
if pimples were encountered as beauty marks,
pain was a pleasure and sorrow was a privilege,
and day was horrid and nights were breath taking,
life would be feel quite right-
but I'd be living in fright
I would not be I.

if hell was heaven and heaven was hell
would you go bad to go up
for good to go down,
If a lie weren't a lie,
chicken pocks were lovely and good health was a disease.
for it would be wrong,
a unknown singer would write a song,
I'd be in suspense,
the waters too dense.
you would not be you

if the moon came up at sunrise, would the trees say good morning or good night,
if a thousand words meant one thing,
would you write me a poem about anything,
or would you write me a novel telling me everything.
yet today would still be present and yesterday would still be the past
try walking through glass,
we would not be we.

more than thoughts stay in minds
and dreams take action,
thanks to mr.cummings
now I'm stranded with ifs
rather than dancing with why nots.
inspired by a beautiful writer:
e. e. cummings

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