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BLVNK Nov 2014
In your eyes there is a spirit so up high,
Like a mountain kissing the surface of the sun.
As I feel your love gaze apon me,
There goes a light that shines deeper than eternity.
So what may happen if our fire starts to dim?
Can I not chop wood and start a fire again?
Or are we trapped in the dessert dry cracks and all.
Where our love is the only thing that moistens this land
And though none of our plans are ever set in stone.
We live abundantly rich as our spirit consist of gold.
BLVNK Nov 2014
In a open world,
There is glory
And there's rain.
From every art
The color, brushes
You paint your life
and your pain.

And though your waves may not soar high amongst the ocean
So in love will never wither or leave you hopeless
Love is all it is the power we all attain
But all abuse and forget what its truly named
It does not fret nor does it boast, puffs or maim
Humiliate or for another persons gain
In love there is friendship deeper than any sea
Where from any threat it covers all boundaries.
So feelings are not love but infatuations
Love is what gives birth
And brings together broken nations
It doesn't stop time but makes time worth living
Love is peace,
Love is all...
Love is giving
BLVNK Nov 2014
Her name is Tasha shes guyanese i guess shes in her twenties shes indian so i guess shes mastered kama sutra. Or am i just obsessed by the way she move, the way she smile and though my heart cant bare much in room. Is there a reason i am attracted to somes whos petite, so much i couldnt resist but to stare. And though she may not have much she has it all but a man took and now im here like what. Can it be that i am just behind in my line or am i just not attractive enough to get a ticket.
Am i not who am because of her existance. And though i cant even acknowledge my *** addiction. . Am i just a animal could i be deranged because i admit that i wanna rip off her clothes. Or is it that i dont fear to say it but i do fear that if i do admit it she wouldnt look at me the same. Should i just say that i just think your beautiful and i just want you to know that before i even go and enlist...
BLVNK Nov 2014
Its been a couple years i walked along a side walk with snow a loss of DNA it freezes along the concrete.
But I'm invisible i see a crime commit the cops along the way i try to run but still i get hit but i remember i am someone who isn't seen so i look down and see the bullet lunged into my best friend .
As he falls his flag drops his shields cracked i tried to catch him but still i forget that i am someone no one sees.
I don't cry because i cried before and this i have no feeling but i look and im a spirit and already dead along the crime.
BLVNK Nov 2014
Freindly faces no more
open sores, I've bleed gore
Ripped out my stitches
I only missed my night terrors I bore.
And theres more,
This last door
This warrior fallen to floors,
No more variety
this sick society, no more.
This peace no more to teach
Im frozen to the core.
I slit my wrist
To get a fix of trying to be pure.  
My grey skin no more wins
Lets see the pain I'll endure.
I've been devoured
Still this power i feel no more.
BLVNK Nov 2014
How many soldiers fall due to a path left aside?
How many days choices been made with mainly lies?
How many looked in eyes before the death of a loved one?
Or appreciate life
looked at the sky or sun?
How many abandoned a son because they couldnt raise one?
Left him in a cold for selfishness because a lose for fun
And yet we know flesh by flesh doesnt last forever
We organized our own demise caused by our own endeavors
Empowered our own temptations,
Wounded our character
Our essence been polluted
In days that may pass
Is just a day closer to our last
BLVNK Jun 2014
Its been a minute so I've written something to break the ice
I've blamed the world for too long I should just do whats right
And though my sight I made excuses a little schizophrenic
Surprised I still have my soul surprised I'm still in it
Let me get back on topic of how great my life was
I gotta wife, job and my God up above
Its been a tough battle but I'm still frontline of war
With artillery for a victory for not the devil is nothing more than a trick.
I have dismissed the sins I could endure,
Made sacrifices to remain pure,
Let God heal my life when I thought there wasn't any cure.
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