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Hailey Sep 2018
The old saying goes
"sticks and stones may break my
bones but words will never hurt me'
If that's true why dose
it feel like someone is
taking a hammer to my head
as they spit words into my ears
that aren't true.
If words will never hurt me why
do so many people have lines
cut into their arms with the thousands
of horrible words flowing out of them.
Words do hurt more then broken bones.
A bone will heal, a heart and mind may not.
Hailey Mar 2018
Your touch is like a flame maybe that’s why it burned so much when I let you to close.

The scars on my arm are no where near as painful as the ones you put on my heart.

You gave me a false sense a security a demon disguised as a angel.

I thought you were sent from heaven but you crawled up from hell.

Yet I was the one burning in flames, not you.
Hailey Mar 2018
Everyone says they love
the underdog.
The people we see as underdogs are
no where near it.
The underdogs are the people
who sit in silence. The underdogs are
people who are veterans of mental
war fair. The underdogs
are the people we see not in
the back of the class but right in the
front with a smile on their face telling
a fictional story. There are so many
underdogs who dream of living
like kings but get left in the dust like
nothing. Those are who the underdogs are.
Hailey Mar 2018
I look into the mirror
And see this girl who i
Don't believe is real
With makeup on her face
wearing a white dress
With a smile on her face
People tell me she’s pretty
The girl who is staring back at
Me the girl who stole my reflection
And replaced it with a illusion
Is pretty at least they say so
They say she looks amazing
And should dress nice more
The thing is they forgot she was
The one they were pushing
Down the stairs calling her
names telling her shes ugly
they forgot she was the one
in the back of the class
silently screaming for help.
I know for a fact that this girl
isn't me.
Hailey Feb 2018
People say it’s ok to feel sad, but what do you do when it never stops? It always lingering never letting go of it’s hold on ur heart and soul. They say you can be happy if you choose to but I have limited options only consisting of fear and sadness. Everyone says patience is eyes but I guess time isn’t on my side. It’s been years and I still have not accepted myself, it’s Ben months since I had a real smile on my face, it’s been days since I had those horrific thoughts in my head. I don’t even know what I am waiting for anymore, they say you will know when you see it but I guess I need better glasses because I have been deceived so many times you could call me blind. So please tell me when it will get better I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

— The End —