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 Mar 2018 Hailey
Starving Artist
You took over my mind like a wildfire.

A fire that is full of beauty and safety.

Yet it is full of danger and destruction.

You filled me with warmth and like a fire, on a frigid winter's night you heated me up inside.

On my worst days your arms wrapped around me like how a flame envelopes a tree.

You evaporated my tears and left only happiness.

And with each flicker of light, caused by your flaming presence, you made me feel safe from the darkness that was surrounding me.

The wildfire burning inside me was only fueled by these happy memories we kept sparking.

But like a wildfire, it got out of control.

It got too strong and you ran away terrified.

And that's what burned me to my roots and left nothing but the ashes of the person I once was.

Maybe that's what they meant, "Don't play with fire."
Why did you have to leave?
 Mar 2018 Hailey
Ellen Dawson
Teeth pierce your flesh
Drown in your cries
Echoes of bitter howls
Taint these blackened skies

Skin crawls in the dirt
Diseased by desire
Red tongues drip
We chase but never tire

So run with the wolves
Keep company with the earth
Enter my torn body
To me you have no worth

— The End —