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Anugraha Aug 21
I have no overflowing words
within me,
waiting to be anchored down.
Just empty silence.
Anugraha Aug 15
We don't have
to talk
to get each
Anugraha Aug 9
I guess I  expected to live
Unblemished , unscribbled.
But I  forgot the scribbles
and the crosses all add
to your beauty.
It means you broke a little,
Loved a little.
Anugraha Aug 9
There's something
in first love
that makes you
come back to it
over and over again.
Anugraha Jun 16
do we play this game ?
You'll make polite
Small talk
And I'l laugh along
While both of us avoid
the elephant in the room.
Anugraha Jun 15
rewritten on paper
written over and over again
Until there's nothing more to say.
Anugraha Jun 3
I accepted them with grace
Too late to notice
How riddled with holes
they were.
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