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Anonymistress May 2020
I think the truth is,
we are all a little fraction of broken
in one way or another.
And there might be something significantly beautiful
in that unspoken darkness.
Anonymistress May 2020
"… And we all have faith, and we all have hope,
But we're all a little lost in the same **** boat."
It's a helluva life.
Anonymistress May 2020
Thank you for running away from reality with me, for a moment.
You are my sweet escape.
Anonymistress May 2020
Every too often,
We never truly know what a person is capable of,
Until we witness it first hand.
That's the thing about second chances, they're never quite the same.
Anonymistress May 2020
I hate that you're my safe place
Because I can't always trust
That you'll be there
When I need you.

I hate that the only arms
That hold me
Without fear or hesitation
Belong to you.

How am I supposed to accept a love
When I hate the person in the mirror.

I am broken
And you won't want that.
Anonymistress Apr 2020
I like this version of us,
where we let our guards down.
It's not easy to be vulnerable, but it could be worth it.
Anonymistress Apr 2020
There is a fine line
between shutting people out
and shutting yourself down.
You looked sad today, but you wont let me help.
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