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Angelica Liu Jan 2020
oh, my Lady Wind
were you thinking of someone
when you wiped Sky's windscreen today?
your scattered thoughts were carelessly left
across his clear and clean window  
a slash here, a sweep there
like fresh heartaches
slowly and softly
Angelica Liu Jan 2020
My soul is
in this cold
& dense core
that stops
emitting light
Sorrow and pain
have consumed all
i once had
Now i am
but a process
of contraction
& a floating
dead star
come near me
i can't offer
but swallow
the light
Angelica Liu Dec 2019
I never travel afar
as a little stone lying alone
at the bottom of the bottom of waterflow
the current of life carves my bone
year after year, day by day
stripes ripen and lines grow
I became me, and no other stone

I never travel afar
but the world finds her way to me
she writes me poems on floating leaves
she sends breezes to ripple my dreams
year after year, day by day
a window opens, an epiphany dawns
I am an acorn, and not a stone

A little sunlight, a little soil  
rise up and grow to the sky
befriend the bird, kiss the wind
my journey starts and I have no fear
wherever it takes me to, that--
shall be my promised land

I will travel afar...
Angelica Liu Dec 2019
We love each other but
We never need to fall in love
We talk to each other but
We never have to use the words
We travel in our separate ways but
Different routes bring us together
We have been prepared for this moment
when we see each other and say
Hi, you are here...

There is no beginning
and there is no end
Our love is about:
A missing half found
A hidden purpose discovered
Your molecules, my molecules
Your soul, my soul
Intertwined and entangled
to the rhythm of Universe
We are as whole as an atom
Angelica Liu Dec 2019
I walk into a crowd
as a raindrop falls on a pond
my shape becomes obscured
and my name lost to the cloud

Bump into laughter here and there
Make my way through gaiety or grief
I'm floated by their buoyancy
a silent thought cross mindless noise

I walk across the crowd
as a raindrop returns to the cloud
the weightless part ends up rising
while the heavy one always descends

again and again
Angelica Liu Dec 2019
It would have been a usual night
If I hadn't raised my eyes
and glanced at the sky.
It was as though
that this
my first intimate encounter with the moon

had just
passed her
prime of maturity
and her fullness has just
began to wane, like a luminous bun
of an ancient beauty, rounded and heavy,
gently nestling on the impeccable
nape of the neck of the lady
whose face is always

at the sight of her
so close, as if one step
forward would make me an intruder
into the secluded boudoir of her solitude.
My world is a battlefield, burned and smoky
while hers is quiet, clean and immutable
as though one day of hers is
a thousand years
of mine

do you
never turn around
and disclose the truth
of your beauty to the earth?
The whole silence of the night sky
speaks to the mystery of your silhouette  
Oh, my lady, you are too far for my reach,
yet so close at the same time
that you can shine into
the deepest layer
of my mortality

as if,
your world
is superimposed on mine
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