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Dec 2019
It would have been a usual night
If I hadn't raised my eyes
and glanced at the sky.
It was as though
that this
my first intimate encounter with the moon

had just
passed her
prime of maturity
and her fullness has just
began to wane, like a luminous bun
of an ancient beauty, rounded and heavy,
gently nestling on the impeccable
nape of the neck of the lady
whose face is always

at the sight of her
so close, as if one step
forward would make me an intruder
into the secluded boudoir of her solitude.
My world is a battlefield, burned and smoky
while hers is quiet, clean and immutable
as though one day of hers is
a thousand years
of mine

do you
never turn around
and disclose the truth
of your beauty to the earth?
The whole silence of the night sky
speaks to the mystery of your silhouette  
Oh, my lady, you are too far for my reach,
yet so close at the same time
that you can shine into
the deepest layer
of my mortality

as if,
your world
is superimposed on mine
Written by
Angelica Liu
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