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Alexys Marie Jul 2021
a fragile love
much like the glass heart
i bear upon my sleeve
it is liable to shatter

but oh, how it shines in the light .
Alexys Marie Jul 2021
we laughed about life
the beginning
the end
and how a circle just doesn’t make sense .
we live
and we die
on a linear timeline .
there’s ups
there’s downs
but no circle brings us back around .
so we live
and we die
on a crooked little line .
trying to make sense of the scribbles .
Alexys Marie Jul 2021
phantom lies
behind hazel eyes
broke these bones

a gentle smile
and sweet denial
made it easy

days gone by
with no goodbye

and that is how they leave me .
Alexys Marie Sep 2020
it’s tempting
not to love you .
with the way you love
its so hard to love back .
because you’re set in your ways
leaving me stuck
between your love
and a hard place .
Alexys Marie Aug 2020
i make my bravest promises
under the shade of night fall
and wake in the morning
just to see my fears dancing
in the sun,

chasing down the light of day.
& breaking promises.
Alexys Marie Aug 2020
I hate the way you make me feel
like I fall just a tad too short
in every one of your god forsaken standards.
I hate you for the past
that can never really be left there
for it follows like a shadow and you love the company.
I hate so many things,
but most of all
I hate that none of it matters
when I’m so helplessly in love with you.
Alexys Marie Jul 2020
We go together like
coffee, sugar
and *** on Sunday mornings.
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