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Alexys Marie Sep 9
it’s tempting
not to love you .
with the way you love
its so hard to love back .
because you’re set in your ways
leaving me stuck
between your love
and a hard place .
Alexys Marie Aug 17
i make my bravest promises
under the shade of night fall
and wake in the morning
just to see my fears dancing
in the sun,

chasing down the light of day.
& breaking promises.
Alexys Marie Aug 6
I hate the way you make me feel
like I fall just a tad too short
in every one of your god forsaken standards.
I hate you for the past
that can never really be left there
for it follows like a shadow and you love the company.
I hate so many things,
but most of all
I hate that none of it matters
when I’m so helplessly in love with you.
Alexys Marie Jul 5
We go together like
coffee, sugar
and *** on Sunday mornings.
Alexys Marie Jul 4
life is a high stakes game and
you’ve always gambled with consequences
I used to love that
you paid no mind to the risks
you weren’t afraid to lose
until I realized
I was no exception.

so tell me,
was the jackpot worth it?
Alexys Marie Jun 30
I fell in love with a mountain man
with an insatiable hunger for beauty
in search of never ending views
on summits shaded by cloud sewn blankets
just beneath the stars and blinding sun
always en route to greater peaks
with each new sight prettier than the rest
he met me in the Rockies
then left for Everest.
Alexys Marie Jun 24
Where do I go from here?
Each direction feels so wrong,
When lost at sea.
Clinging to a buoy of hope,
Admittedly struggling to stay afloat,
In such troubling waters.
Looking to the sky for answers,
Perhaps the stars will point the way.
To place called home,
Where I'm not alone,
Where I'm not,
A Castaway.
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