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1.5k · Jan 2019
Ballerina Banter
Alexys Marie Jan 2019
your words do a dance
as they
twirl on your tongue
tango through your teeth
then they
salsa with violent steps
only to
waltz with amazing grace

I watch in envy
because I’m still learning
to count the beat
845 · Jun 30
Mountain Man
Alexys Marie Jun 30
I fell in love with a mountain man
with an insatiable hunger for beauty
in search of never ending views
on summits shaded by cloud sewn blankets
just beneath the stars and blinding sun
always en route to greater peaks
with each new sight prettier than the rest
he met me in the Rockies
then left for Everest.
825 · Apr 2019
Love Notes
Alexys Marie Apr 2019
kisses like the softest
         o    t  

off grand piano
          e    y

play my foolish heart
like your piano

     p  l   e   a
807 · Jul 2019
Alexys Marie Jul 2019
i could give you life.

offer all my love.

never do you wrong.

it still wouldn’t be enough.

and i hate to have to say it
but these words are ever true
I will never be the one
because I’m always number two.
600 · Apr 2019
Dancing (on my own)
Alexys Marie Apr 2019
In the middle of your bedroom
Hand in hand
Nose to nose
I followed your lead
Swept away by the grace
In the steps of your two left feet
Just dancing to the sound
Of our rhythmic hearts’ beat

Now when you’re away
And I feel alone
I find myself dancing
Just dancing on my own.
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
if emotions are colors
love is a burning red
sadness the deepest of blues
so i painted seven oceans on fire
and named it after you
Colors are easy. Words are not.
518 · Feb 2019
Alexys Marie Feb 2019
Painting with depressions
Forces us to see
Even the sweetest blues
Bleed red
406 · Dec 2019
Alexys Marie Dec 2019
i want to touch you
in more ways than one

run my fingers through your hair
then trace them down your spine
gently pressing my lips
to your manly divine

but it’s never enough
there are still parts of you
I cannot grasp

like the memories of her
embedded in your brain
and the scars on your heart
that resemble her name

these are the untouchable places
that i will never reach
these are the insecurities
that i will never speak
309 · Mar 2019
Words Hurt
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
and your words cut
i press my fingers to these ****** wounds
and i run straight into your arms

because it’s the safest place to  
306 · Apr 2019
Alexys Marie Apr 2019
others pose dreams with unending possibilities
while mine are seemingly limited in numbers
i guess
some infinities just hold less than others
281 · May 2019
Fire Hazard
Alexys Marie May 2019
burning your candle at both ends will never
lead a blind man through the dark
so be weary, sweet girl
when you see the fire in his eyes
for the flames will fade away
and once they do
he will be just as lost
as you are dead

and it will make no difference.
you are only a fire hazard.
261 · Mar 2019
Drinking Problem
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
You could never be his cup of tea
Nor his last shot of whiskey
No, he had acquired tastes for
Luke warm dirt water
And bottom shelf gasoline
260 · Jun 2019
Weight of A Feather
Alexys Marie Jun 2019
Do not hand me a feather
And expect me to fly .
For feathers feel heavy
When I carry so many .
And I know I should be stronger
Because others carry more .
But my body’s grown weak
I will

them .
258 · Apr 2019
Wrecking Ball
Alexys Marie Apr 2019
it seems to me that maybe
my entire life I have mistaken
pain for love because truthfully
i don’t know the difference
when those i love are
pushing me to do better  
and laughing as i fall
allowing me to foolishly believe
that love is built with  
bandaids and a wrecking ball
and the pain feels nice sometimes
255 · Feb 2019
Soul Searching
Alexys Marie Feb 2019
That beauty that you’re searching for
It won’t be found in me
At least not where you’re looking
It won’t be found in my eyes or my smile
Nor will you see it in the curves of my  
    hips or the arch of my spine
But Maybe
If you close your eyes
You might catch a glimpse
Here, listen
Listen to me
Focus on the words that I say and the way  
   that I speak
Hear the steady rhythm of this lonely  
   heart beat
This is the beauty that your eyes may never see
You can’t hear it?
Well maybe
You can feel it
Here, come close
Oh, but keep your eyes closed
251 · Jan 2019
Ever After
Alexys Marie Jan 2019
the beauty and the beast
a tale as old as time
but the story’s end has changed
and I forget which part is mine
perhaps I am not the beauty
merely a damsel in distress
or maybe I’m the beast
trapped without egress
nevertheless I’ll be alone
when the final rose petal falls
banish me from your lovely village
so I may vanish within my castle’s
215 · Jan 8
Pain Relief
Alexys Marie Jan 8
in my past life
i had made peace with pain
finding comfort in the suffering
and relief in the darkness
as the deafening silence
lulled me to sleep
and there i would dream
until you came along
ridding me of all inflictions
and awakened my soul
from such bittersweet slumber.
Finally, I am alive.
203 · Mar 2019
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
the waves still crash
the tide still pulls me
and when I’m drowning
he still holds me
refusing to let go
whispering the air to my lungs
he breathes

“hope floats”
203 · Apr 2019
Girl On Fire
Alexys Marie Apr 2019
memories ignite like matches
emotions reek of gasoline
thoughts soaked in kerosene
fill my head
then set it aflame
crippled by the pain
choking on inferno haze
leave me here to burn
I’m just the ******* fire
185 · Mar 2019
Breathing In & Out
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
I breathe in
I breathe out
I don't miss you but
You've missed out and
That's okay
I have a true lover now
He's my breath of fresh air
He's a comfortable breeze and
He welcomes me
For all that I am and
All that I can be
Yet I can't be when
I'm lying here
With damaged lungs
Making it so incredibly hard
To breathe in
To breathe out
But still, I try.
166 · Jun 2019
The Divide
Alexys Marie Jun 2019
there is a fine line between,
what is real and,
what is a dream,
it is just
the unjust divide.
and i’m on reality’s side.
so i’ll whisper my goodbye
with a peck upon your cheek
because i can’t force you awake
when you would rather be asleep.
i was never good at division anyways.
159 · May 2019
Alexys Marie May 2019
the world weighs heavy on my back
so i try to carry it in my palms  
i take one unbalanced step then fall on both hands and knees
searching for answers in the sky, i plea
for the strength of a God whom i don’t believe

the simple truth is
i just want to be
the girl who saves the day
but maybe
i’m just not that heroic
157 · Mar 2019
Sleepless in Seattle
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
Walking the streets and passing time
No particular place in mind
Simply searching for my peace of mind
Proving it’s hard to find
So tonight I’m
Sleepless in Seattle
156 · Jan 2019
This Is Not A Love Letter
Alexys Marie Jan 2019
i thought about you
when you werent around
but missing was my heart
never yours to be found

i spoke about you
with words sounding proud
but pride was a river
that ran dry in a drought

i looked at you
with both eyes closed
because my feelings were a lie
that the light had exposed

i listened to you
in my attempts to care
but my love was broken
beyond your repair
154 · May 2019
Floral Encounter
Alexys Marie May 2019
If we compare ourselves,
To flowers, that is,
I’m suppose I’m more of a rose.
Which is quite disappointing,
As I’ve always preferred daisies,
And you couldn’t love my
t h o r n s .
He loves me. He loves me not.
147 · Mar 2019
Eleven Ounces
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
That is the weight of the average heart ,
And admittedly,
Mine probably weighs more.
But if not,
I still wear it on my sleeve.
With eleven ounces off of my chest,
Why does it feel so hard to breathe?
146 · Jan 2019
Dear _____ ,
Alexys Marie Jan 2019
you thrive on the ignorance of others
and being so misunderstood.
when will you realize
that their understanding
feels just as good?

Yours truly
140 · Jun 2019
Born to Love
Alexys Marie Jun 2019
Born to love
Oh, but cursed to feel
The pain that comes accompanied
By love lost and time spent
Wasted, waiting for reciprocation
That will, truthfully, never make
it’s way back
136 · Apr 2019
Alexys Marie Apr 2019
the sands of time are passing,

and as every grain I have

knowingly yet




collects at

the bottom of the

hourglass, i begin to wonder

just how much time is left for myself.
135 · Jul 4
High Stakes
Alexys Marie Jul 4
life is a high stakes game and
you’ve always gambled with consequences
I used to love that
you paid no mind to the risks
you weren’t afraid to lose
until I realized
I was no exception.

so tell me,
was the jackpot worth it?
122 · Sep 9
Stuck .
Alexys Marie Sep 9
it’s tempting
not to love you .
with the way you love
its so hard to love back .
because you’re set in your ways
leaving me stuck
between your love
and a hard place .
121 · Jan 2019
A thing called it
Alexys Marie Jan 2019
‪is it Love?
or is it insanity?
either way
it’s hard to say
but if it is
what it is
and if this is
what it is ‬
I think
I know ‬
‪I finally understand ‬
‪why people lose it ‬
‪when they lose it‬
118 · Jan 2019
i just do
Alexys Marie Jan 2019
you ask me why i love you
and watch me struggle as i answer
because it’s much too hard to say
when you expect a black and white picture
my tongue paints it grey
114 · Feb 2019
Solar Sentiments
Alexys Marie Feb 2019
I let solar winds carry me
Wherever they blow
If I get caught in the currents
Do not give up hope
Shine your light, my beloved star
I'll follow you home.
111 · Nov 2019
A Short Story
Alexys Marie Nov 2019
write your story as you will,
and read mine just the same.
there’s a war of words and hearts,
between the lines of fear and blame.
100 · Jan 2019
Alexys Marie Jan 2019
he once told me
the truth is funny
“but” he says
the truth also hurts
so I’m left to wonder:
do i laugh in its face
or weep in the mirror?
99 · Feb 2019
Chop & Flow
Alexys Marie Feb 2019
i cut up my mind with the
sharpened edges of my emotions while
            flow like
carving the names of every sorrow
into the depths of the
                          on my
then staring into my water’s reflection  
i start to question
                                            i am
Alexys Marie Nov 2019
“sticks and stones may break these bones
but words shall never hurt me”
and so the saying goes
failing to acknowledge  
just how hurtful words can be
when left unsaid

as if twigs and pebbles weigh more
than the burden of the
“i don’t love you”
hidden in his eye.
94 · Sep 2019
A Series of Stories:
Alexys Marie Sep 2019
i read and then i reread,
every word you’ve placed upon these pages,
describing lovers of your past
in the most perfect of ways,
in sentences i only wish could contain,
my name.
reveling in all of their sin and glory,
because the two seem to go hand in hand.
and though i shouldn’t,
i continue.
i read and then i reread,
your ****** tellings of beautiful women with bodies incapable of imperfections,
with characteristics that unmistakably contradict mine.
truthfully it hurts in the most painful of ways,
but I’ve learned better than to ask,
and i no longer question why.

i just read and i reread,
picturing your hands,
on her thighs.
They’re Not Mine
89 · Mar 2019
Whatever it is
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
it’s in the way that your eyes flutter just as you wake
it’s in the way that your smile hints that there’s more to say
it’s in the way that you hum as you drift off to sleep
and it’s in the way that you love me each moment between
it’s there.
89 · Mar 2019
Colorful Words
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
I'm so sorry
I wish to love you better
To make up for all the wrong words that I've said
And I know that I'm sorry's don't suffice
That you prefer it black and white
But this heart still bleeds red
87 · Dec 2019
Alexys Marie Dec 2019
salt crusted lips
kiss ****** wounds
just to remind us
that love hurts
and only time can stop the bleeding.
Because bandaids don’t heal heartbreak.
82 · Mar 2019
Airplane Mode
Alexys Marie Mar 2019
i think i like the view better
Up here at 37,000 feet
where stratus top dunes create an endless sea
washing over my past life
mopping my conscious clean
Up here where the moon may listen and stars shall sing
and the sun sets within arms reach
and on the horizon
the gates of heaven glow
casting my shadow over the hells below
77 · Jun 2019
See Through
Alexys Marie Jun 2019
staring in my eyes
relentless in pursuit of understanding
the answers to every unfavorable question
searching, though he may never see
transparency is a fatal weapon
for a girl like
76 · Jan 9
Smoke Signals
Alexys Marie Jan 9
most nights my sanity evades me
in the thick forest of nightfall
so my insecurities set up camp
pitching doubt filled tents
as the worry fueled fire burns
illuminating my deepest fears  
until the early sun rises
and the smoke signals can be seen.
maybe help is on the way.
Alexys Marie Apr 2
i was never taught how to swim
and always struggled to stay afloat
but that didn’t stop me
from diving headfirst
into the depths of a lustful hell
so with eyes closed and breath held
i sank to the bottom
because i couldn’t save myself
from drowning in the toxicity
of a body called
but i’m still alive.
58 · Jan 27
My Little Sailor,
Alexys Marie Jan 27
You’ll be the captain of your dreams,
And I’ll be the waves that set you
                                                             ­       free.
You’ll never weather a storm alone,
For I’ll be the tides that carry you
                                                                ­ home.
56 · Nov 2018
Alexys Marie Nov 2018
i think there's a genius within all of us
some of us are born with it
some of us develop it over time
and the rest of us spend our entire lives looking for it
in all of the wrong places
54 · Apr 3
All Aboard!
Alexys Marie Apr 3
i can hear the wheels turn
between your ears
as your train of thought departs
down stubborn tracks
taking you far away from the place that i have brought you
only to realize upon arrival that
you can’t outrun them
for there are problems at every station
but i will be there waiting, love
wherever your destination.
Somewhere along the way this piece became a self projection, and we’re still chugging along.
50 · Jul 5
Sweet Sundays
Alexys Marie Jul 5
We go together like
coffee, sugar
and *** on Sunday mornings.
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