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All energy in the universe revolves around The Dark & The Light.
Manifesting itself,
Bring vibrations in the atmosphere around not just me but also
We all our the energy The Dark & The Light.
Human by nature,
Wiccan by heart.
Magic in our hands,
Spell in our voices ,
Protections in our books.
We belong to the earth ,
To not cause harm but to prevent it.
Rain,Rain don't go away I want to see you everyday.
Like in my head,
You will stay and drown me everyday.
My brains filled with mist,
And thoughts like a down pour.
I'll overthink until I'm submerged,
And I'll die for sure.
What I want to touch my lips is your, but it's 2 a.m. and you're dreaming well the only thing touching my lips is this cigarette.
You're like a math problem with no solution,
A cigarette with no end.
An addiction I can't get rid off,
Like ******.
I wish I could fix the damage I've done,
But there's no solution to my problem.
I've caused my own heartbreak,
Now I have to watch you walk away.
What if every smile you saw on my face was a lie.
Every grin was just a sin that hid my depression.
What if everytime I say I'm fine was a lie.
Every fine was just a secret that hid my bleeding wounds on my thigh.
What if every step I took towards you was a lie.
Every step was a step backwards into my grave.
What if everytime I told you I wanted to Die wasn't a lie.
Everytime I say it brings me closer to the edge, to tasting the freedom, the pain relief.
What if I told you that nothing will change that.
How would you feel?
Cause I don't feel anything anymore.
"Why don't you write something happy?"
Because it'd be a lie.
So no I won't write something happy,
not while I want to die.
Poetry isn't something choose,
it isn't just a skill that I use,
I can't make it stop, it's not my choice,
they're not my ideas, they're just in my voice.
Teenagers are unresponsive,rude and destructive.
Mood swings and attitudes are everywhere.
Drama queen stop over reacting.
It's just a phase you'll grow out of it.
Anxiety attack :
there over reacting!
just get over yourself !
Self Harm:
attention seeking!
Enough Enough I can't take it.
A jump off a building, a noose around the neck, swallowing pills, and a bullet through there head.
When will you see, that everything you say is killing me.
Stop being weak, stop crying it will never get you anywhere.
Maybe I'm just not built for this world.
To many wants and not enoughs.
Maybe my body should lay to rest.
Stop over reacting, stop letting them get to you.
I'm trying but its not working.
Stop being a drama queen, GROW UP!
The jump made me feel free
The noose hurt but my last breath didn't
The pills made me sick but I felt better
All I heard was a loud bang but felt nothing.
Society ruined us
I could have a family
I could have fell in love
I could have been a Doctor
I could but never will because I fell victim to the demons in my head and the monsters that ruled my reality.
Just A Teenage Thing?
That thing ended my chances of every being anything I wanted to be.
caution could be a trigger to anyone who is struggling with self harm and suicidal thoughts.
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