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Adrita Deb Jun 2020
The rain lashes against my bare skin,
It leaves marks where it touches me
Just like the pains etched in my heart.

I look up and feel water dripping down my face
Washing away all fear, all guilt, everything,
Leaving me with only love to keep.

Passion - master of all emotions
Mixed up with guilt and shame
Can be disastrous, devastating.

I walk in that rain of guilt
Alone and deserted
Waiting for something to happen ; hoping.

I could easily give up;
Try no more
But I know my cloud's silver lining is near.

And so I fight;
So I fight on.
I wrote this when I was struggling with suicidal thoughts but I knew I had to pull myself out of it. So I penned my feelings down to vent them out and that eventually helped me a lot along the way.

— The End —