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May 2018 · 213
I can see
Just Me R May 2018
I looked in the mirror and did not recognise the person looking back

I closed my eyes and saw me from within the dark
May 2017 · 342
Just Me R May 2017
The scars we carry is our legacy of love
The deeper they are, the more we felt hurt
May 2017 · 315
Just Me R May 2017
Once I was your wife
I was your future
Now in your life
I feel like an Intruder
May 2017 · 298
The Lonely Road❤
Just Me R May 2017
I used to walk to your home
It took me an hour and a half
But I didn't mind, mom
Was worth it to hear you laugh

Every day come rain or shine
I was by your side
You were my light sublime
You were my guide

But then you had to go away
And leave me behind
The pain I feel every day
You are always on my mind

So now I walk a lonely road
In my heart you are safe
With heavy feet and an empty soul
I bring flowers to your grave
May 2017 · 506
Final bow!
Just Me R May 2017
You gave the performance of your life
Came right out of the other side
Left others in the wings
Whilst you took centre ring
You shone like a star in the night
Smiled when things didn't go right
But now the curtain has fallen
And you have forefilled your calling
It is time to rest now
So take your last bow

May 2017 · 1.2k
Just Me R May 2017
Whisper so softly
So we can hear angel's tears fall from the skies
Touch more gently
Than the wings of butterflies
Love unconditionally
With honesty and purity
Live happily
As tomorrow is not guaranteed
Apr 2017 · 333
Just Me R Apr 2017
If you forgive their mistakes
It proves you love them
If you forgive them for your heartbreaks
It proves you don't love yourself
Apr 2017 · 294
Just Me R Apr 2017
My memories were placed in the palms of  your hands

But you let them slip through, like pure white sands

Along with all the hopes and dreams we had planned

To be blown away to Never Never land
Apr 2017 · 242
Memories ❤
Just Me R Apr 2017
Memories of you will fade
Like an oil painting in the rain
Colours bleeding with pain
All forgotten
Apr 2017 · 624
The Heartbroken Song ❤
Just Me R Apr 2017
I sang the song of the lonely oceans
Where heartbroken words are drowned
In the deepest darkest place of emotions
Where I screamed without a sound

I longed for you to hear my voice
My inner screams suffocating
Our broken love was not my choice
But I suffer my turmoil within
Apr 2017 · 862
Just Me R Apr 2017
When the lost cannot be found
And the forgotten disappear without a sound
Apr 2017 · 452
Just Me R Apr 2017
He took the light out of her eyes
And replaced them with opac orbs
He took the laughter from her smiles
And replaced them with sobs

He took the strength from her will
And replaced it with empty hole
He took her risk for a thrill
And left her with an empty soul
Apr 2017 · 228
Just Me R Apr 2017
I followed you to the ends of the earth
But you took me to a cliff
.... and threw me off.
Apr 2017 · 289
Tears ❤
Just Me R Apr 2017
And all I have left of you
Are memories of yesterday
Trapped in tears crystal blue
Gently brushed away
Apr 2017 · 810
Just Me R Apr 2017
We sing the song of a broken heart
Hoping it would mend
When your life has blown apart
And we can't see the end

Feel the sun upon your skin
And remember you are alive
Slowly life will start again
I promise you will survive
Apr 2017 · 254
Just Me R Apr 2017
One day you will regret us parting
You will remember all the memories you erased
The lost time will start hurting
But it will all be too late
Mar 2017 · 503
Just Me R Mar 2017
Promises should be set in stone
Not whispered in the wind to be blown
.... to a place where they cannot be reached
Mar 2017 · 525
Just Me R Mar 2017
Tears are the silent explosions of every deafing scream you feel inside.
Mar 2017 · 272
Just Me R Mar 2017
She refused to smile
Fearful tears would fall
And fill her eyes
Where the sun once shone
Mar 2017 · 439
....and breath
Just Me R Mar 2017
The art of breathing
Is remembering you are alive
Mar 2017 · 402
Follow up to CHIPS
Just Me R Mar 2017
I want pizza
Oh mama mia
Any topping
Would be awesome

Pizza and chips
The moon eclipse
No that's my ***
I have no class

No knife n fork
Takes too long
Pick it up
Stuff in gob

Pizza n chips... and a diet coke!
Mar 2017 · 1.9k
Just Me R Mar 2017
I want shop chips
Hot, with salt n vinegar
Don't care about my hips
Coz I will be onto a winner

Oye you!  Skinny minnie
Tutting me in disgust
I eat chips with a shimmy
Judge me if you must

There is nothing to fear
Once in a while is fine
Life is to short my dear
Greasy chips are devine
Mar 2017 · 395
Just Me R Mar 2017
Every now and again
I allow myself to think of you
I forget myself
And a life we once knew

But all that is gone by
A life full of dreams
I still remember and cry
Of what could have been
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
Just Me R Mar 2017
We were unbreakable

.... till you lied

............... and broke my heart

Now from the same lips

Sorry is not enough
Mar 2017 · 230
Support (7w)
Just Me R Mar 2017
In supporting you
I am losing me
Mar 2017 · 820
Just Me R Mar 2017
I dipped my toes in the water
And watched the circles of ripples ebb away
It was almost as though the water was running away from me
My intrusion to its serenity
Mar 2017 · 615
Just Me R Mar 2017
When silent screams deafen me
In this blackness void you left
Filling this soul once empty
Now full of dispair and hopelessness
I hate you death
Mar 2017 · 306
Just Me R Mar 2017
When tears fall silently
Like distant rains in a sea of sorrow
Drowning in dispair
Mar 2017 · 776
Mothers Day
Just Me R Mar 2017
Tears roll down my face
As card and flowers are on display
In readiness for mothers day
I turn and walk away

Memories of you come to me
I close my eyes and all I see
Is my wonderful mummy
Taken away so suddenly

You were always so very brave
But you  I could not save
So while the world celebrates
I bring flowers to your grave

I love and miss you mum! ❤
Mar 2017 · 172
Just Me R Mar 2017
The world lost it's colour
The light dulled
Scentless flowers
Smiles culled

Days drifted away
Music muted
In darkness I lay
Soul looted

Time moves fast
I hear each heart beat
Each breath a rasp
I admit defeat
Mar 2017 · 347
Just Me R Mar 2017
You came
You broke
You left

Why do I still care?
Feb 2017 · 1.5k
Just Me R Feb 2017
I sat on the edge of my life
Too scared to jump
Jan 2017 · 379
Just Me R Jan 2017
Can I be found again?
Where I was once lost?
Dec 2016 · 325
Just Me R Dec 2016
Don't let broken promises
.... break your dreams
Dec 2016 · 536
Just Me R Dec 2016
Oh thee
Running around in glee
On a spending spree
For gifts and the perfect tree
Glutton food for the family

All set
For Christmas is the event
Everything you need under your belt
Awaiting family last year you met
Till that one day a year is spent
And next year start it all again

But hey
What of the rest of the years days?
Paying for your indulgent ways
You trying to keep your debts at bay
To the very lord you pray
Have a wonderful Christmas day.
Dec 2016 · 763
Just Me R Dec 2016
Hollow EYES see nothing
A hollow HEART stops beating
A hollow SOUL is unfilled
A hollow BEING is dead
Dec 2016 · 217
Just Me R Dec 2016
Hollow EYES see nothing
A hollow HEART stops beating
A hollow SOUL is unfilled
A hollow BEING is dead
Dec 2016 · 493
Just Me R Dec 2016
In loving you

.... I lost myself.
Sep 2016 · 788
Just Me R Sep 2016
When you took your last breath
I died.

Sep 2016 · 446
Just Me R Sep 2016
When the light leaves your souless eyes
When the darkness swallows your inner cries
When your tears fill oceans far and wide
When from the world you wish to hide
When you feel your heart smash and break
When your own life you would gladly forsake
Sep 2016 · 445
Just Me R Sep 2016
That moment you feel your heart break
Knowing your life will never be the same
Sep 2016 · 458
Just Me R Sep 2016
When you're lost for words
When you cannot find yourself
Sep 2016 · 343
My Everything❤
Just Me R Sep 2016
Every tear I shed is like million drops of rain
Every painful sigh, screams only your name
Every memory of you, I relive again and again
Every second without you is unbareable pain

Sep 2016 · 510
Just Me R Sep 2016
Some people want the pain to go away
I want the pain to stay
To feel nothing means we no longer care
So I want the pain to always be there
Sep 2016 · 778
My precious Flower
Just Me R Sep 2016
It was beautiful and delicate
Precious and scented
I held it carefully in my hand
Its petals lifted and grand

This flower was mine
Simply devine
I would care for it forever
My ambition wasn't clever

For it was not to be
As it stated to decay
Became shriveled and old
Everyone told me to let it go

But to the end I must protect
Its integrity to respect
So in the ground I put to rest
My flower was the best

Till we meet again.
Mum my flower ❤
Sep 2016 · 340
Waiting for Death
Just Me R Sep 2016
Sep 2016 · 311
Just Me R Sep 2016
.. and now and again something will trigger a memory whether bad or good

... and then the tears flow

But that's ok.

My tears are endless for you. ❤
Sep 2016 · 575
Just Me R Sep 2016
The scars of yesterday
Will make you stronger for tomorrow
Day by day
Through the pain and sorrow
Aug 2016 · 569
How do I? ❤
Just Me R Aug 2016
How do I piece my life back together?
Now that you are gone
How do I storm the weather?
Where the sun once shone.

How do I bring back my smile?
When all I do is cry?
How do I stop missing you all the while?
When your name is my every sigh?

How the hell do I carry on?
When I love you with all my heart
How can you leave me mum?
Losing you is tearing me apart.

❤Miss and love you mum .. ❤
Aug 2016 · 846
Just Me R Aug 2016
Will I continue to ache?
Or will the pain make my heart break?
Maybe best for my own sake
As the torment I feel when I am awake
To my core the sorrow shakes
Maybe when my last breath I take
This sorrow will forsake

.... And give me peace ❤
❤For you mum!  Miss you every second❤
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