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Tabbitha Erceg Sep 2021
A stranger told me he could "just tell" that I was broken.
I haven't stopped crying since.
Tabbitha Erceg Sep 2021
I met love in a field of flowers
It sat alone in the sunlight.
“Can I sit beside you?”
I asked it.
And it nodded its head.
Its small hands folded softly in its lap.
“Do you ever get tired?”
I asked it.
And I heard it exhale.
“Can I sleep beside you?”
I asked.
And it nodded,
Resting its head next to mine.
“We’ll just close our eyes for a moment”
I said,
“Just long enough for the spinning to stop.”
Tabbitha Erceg Aug 2021
I hope the flowers on the floor
Gave you a softer exit.
Tabbitha Erceg Aug 2021
I sugar coated the abuse
Now everything tastes sweet.
Tabbitha Erceg Aug 2021
Once you pick a flower
It's already dead.
But you still put it in a vase
And call it beautiful.
Tabbitha Erceg Aug 2021
I don't know how to write about it and make it sound pretty.
I'm not sure it ever was.
Tabbitha Erceg Aug 2021
I'm desperately worried that I'm ruined.
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