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Tabbitha Erceg Aug 2021
The sun swallowed the sky that day and you called it selfish.
It was the first time in a long time that I'd felt anything,
And somehow I managed to feel guilty about that.
You said the air was heavy,
But I hardly noticed a thing.
Just that the world was spinning,
And I wasn't quite so sure I was supposed to be on it.
Tabbitha Erceg Oct 2020
Sometimes it feels like I'm standing on the street corner waiting for someone to pick me up, but I never told them where to get me.
Does everyone feel this alone?
Tabbitha Erceg Sep 2020
At twenty years old
I feel like I have lived more lives
Then anyone should ever be permitted to.
Tabbitha Erceg Jun 2020
And he loved me
into hating myself.
but at least he loved me...
Tabbitha Erceg May 2020
You were so far away,
The moon could've touched you
Before I did.
Tabbitha Erceg May 2020
And I think we were meant to be
In every life
But this one.
Tabbitha Erceg Apr 2020
And I often think
Love would've been ashamed
Of what we'd labeled it.
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