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A wonderful sunrise a crimson sunset
A hero, a friend, a speed demon angel.
Everything I see I eat...gotta fatten up for the slaving ahead....if I expend 6000 calories slinging that hammer 12 hrs a day....I gotta eat by the pound.  Ain't worried...I never get round but **** I'll get weak if I don't eat til I can't speak.
If I don't ****** a doe it's eggplant parmesan for dinner.
Wait no no.... gotta use those nice zucchini and yellow summer squash too, add a lil provolone, with a homemade marinara, some asiago and a basil leaf to boot.  Fresh garden Napoleons....but it would be so much better with a rosemary skewered venison deer. .here deer.
Sticky itchy skunky stinky.....puff puff puff puff no need to give.... Colby's got his own big fatty as we slowly trim.
But boy it's getting warm up here ....time for second breakfast....toss me one Dem cold ones before the I load the bow for deer.
Trim trimmy trim trim trim trimmy...trim trim trim trim trim  trim trim trim trimmy.....

Time to head back up that hollow and finish trimming my ****.  Colby you better have a couple Starbucks double shots!  Come on Bubba...outta bed...mountain time again.
Oh puppy you smell so good...that long ol scrubbing made ya soft and cuddly.  Just quit farting keep waking me up!
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