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SweePea Sep 2021
I feel powerless,
Lately I have been too self less,
The desire for sleep has increased,
I have been feeding my inner beast
I dream of flying to middle East
Then after a while I'm thinking about the evening feast,
My efficiency has decreased,
I feel like I'm in debt of happiness ,
And I'm paying my dues with my happiness.
Everything seems blurred ,
I'm listening to juice wrld
Sometimes I think I'm so bad
I can feel my heavy head
With all the thoughts and idea
I'm surfing in the waves of social media
My book feels thicker than an encyclopaedia
I like exploring but I'm bored
I'm about to explode
Okay I exploded,
Now I feel light and unloaded,
Yeah I definately feel better,
I'm reading the old letters
Listening to memories,
It's already 10 in the night
I'm happy to see my bed and pillow
Imagining the looks of an armadillo
Now I'm in the garden full of flowers
Running and looking for shed because of rain shower
Aaahh the cool breeze
I'm at my ease
I wish time could freeze
Ooh my god this is heaven indeed
Just breath and breath
Just let me sleep....
SweePea Jun 2021
Take breaks but don't break.
SweePea May 2020
If you die everyday
you won't have a life ,
But if you have a life
you will never die.
SweePea May 2020
The person I loved once , has become one among the stars
stars which are far and high shining in the sky.
And the ones sitting next to me , leave with scars
All those memories startled me ,
It felt like the cool breeze during the summer
the breeze of memories which sometimes freeze my emotions
while sometimes it felt relieved and peaceful
like siting under the tree when the sun is high and bright
or like a beautiful night under moonlight  
or may be peaceful sound of the sea and it's endless sight.

Sometimes I wonder why ,
All the loved ones goes away
while the ones we care never stay,
why is it when I am crestfallen
Everything seems broken ,
and what I like the most is taken.
May be it's for greater good ,
I guess it's about moving to adulthood.
well the world becomes realistic,
where people might assess you with statistics.

There are things that can't be shown ,
things that can't be told ,
May be it means you are finally grown ,
may be it's about getting bold.
well the blame is on time
It alters like everyday ,which changes from morning to dawn
dawn to night
But unlike everyday changing from morning to night
time isn't same every time.
sometimes it's good sometimes bad,
sometimes it makes you smile while sometimes it makes you sad.
sometimes it makes you cry ,
sometimes it motivates you to try.
SweePea May 2020
Once I was attending a magic show ,
I wondered how he did it kept thinking and a thought crossed my mind,
That I have someone similar in my home ,
She is always there when I'm alone.
she always waited with an umbrella outside the school in the rain ,
Always sits beside me when I'm in pain.
Sometimes I fell ,
Sometimes I cried ,
She always protects me like the peral protected by the shell.
When we go to market she walks on the traffic side and keeps me on the other side.
She always knows where the things are ,
She will always love me even if I had a scare.
It's her food ,
That makes my mood ,
Even if I'm rude ,
She acts like cool dude.
It's like magic everything and anything just like that.
Well it's the month of May ,
I wish you happy mother's day.
SweePea Sep 2019
well the weather is good here ,
why don't you come over.

Soon it will rain ,
just get back home before I go insane.

I will go get coffee arranged ,
until then why don't you get changed.

Here you go,
a cup of coffee with sugar little low.

Anyway she puts her coffee aside and sips from mine ,
I love it and still don't know how did I get her without any pick up line.

The coffee does taste sweet after her sip,
sometimes when she is away I hold on to her clip.

I am happy when you are by my side ,
a little ups and down our relationship is like roller coaster ride.

I like to disturb her when she brushes her hair ,
I like how she handles  my emotions with care.

There were times when I was angry and she was scared ,
but in end of the day I gave her a hug and a cute teddy bear.

I love when she puts on my t-shirt ,
never a day went when I was sad and hurt.

I am not afraid to walk alone ,
but when you are around I can take everything on my own.

She's the apple of my eye ,
she loves me a lot and yet I don't know why...
SweePea Aug 2019
It's not upto you if people see you shining ,all you can do is to keep shining just like the sun no matter how cloudy it gets out there.
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