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tina lombardo May 21
love was in the air for us
love placed us
love was showing fear but hidden
under was love for us
our love is warm no change in that
mind set right forever
until our dying day
tina lombardo May 21
my heart loses hours
for pretty desires
i long for a pretty soul
was inside my head wants to shine higher than the clouds
met the right soul was is ending
only for us to love forever
and dying at peace because for there is no more war
tina lombardo May 21
love is fear
love felt
love is in the air
love desires
love saves
love warms the heart  
love changes
love  is hidden
love choose
love forever
tina lombardo Apr 29
never far
Which makes me good
You use
You lie
You probably even steal
Take for granted all that does
run with the wind
Hide from the rain
Walked the streets with low self support
An wonder why no one cares
Take a deep breath
And go your own way
Time will tell what you need to hear
But no one will be there or near.
tina lombardo Apr 29
i love you happy birthday
you came when i wasn't looking
you came when i was feeling lost
you came when i needed you
you came when i couldn't love myself
you came when you were losted
you came when the timing was right
i wouldn't change a thing
i will not leave you for another
love is real
we found each other when  we both didn't know it
you make me happy
you love me
i love you
you protect me
i protect you
you may be younger than me but doesn't matter you'll all i need
hope you have wonderful birthday
loves alots
happy birthday
tina lombardo Apr 29
jealousy **** word
doesn't know when to stop
make the change
hating for no reason
trying to find away
jealousy **** word
not my fault
cant hide it
making rude marks
making up lies
jealousy **** word
stomp off
silences crys
jealousy **** word
karma got you back
wanting pity where you go
not falling for it
jealousy **** word
tina lombardo Apr 29
look around
strangers at one time
hopeful spoken words worked
multiple hugs
forehead kisses
soft hearted
whisper my name
our souls mathed
skin to skin
created a flame
remember spotlight
growing old
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