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Aug 4 · 21
Woman cry part 2
Woman cry part 2

Look for love though you found it
But all you got was pain
Look for love they might make u think I'm right here
You think  that's what you need
How do you know
Cause right now all you is what ur said
Y0u wanna cry but no tears fall down
You sit and wonder why me
Y0u can't help but wonder why
I took the blame
I took the name calling
I took the love
Took the beating
Was right
Nope it wasn't cuz if did I wouldn't he left wondering
Why did I love you
Why did I care
Cause I think I should
But time went on
I found new love
Not what I need it
Time over time
I did
But God took you
I was lost
Though I couldn't go on
But God bought you to me
I couldn't let go
You make me feel loved
You make me feel safe
You make me promise
You make me feel protect
You make me feel...
All I know is might have found when sad
But your all i need
An i wont let you go
I love you
Aug 4 · 22
Tattoo girl part 2
Tattoo girl part 2
Some old
Who cares
If I did I would cry
Not many could understand
Not my game
I try
But some wont understand
That's ok
I dont for your pleasure
I do for me
Do I look like I care
Some might say yea u do
But I don't
People could go on an on an I still wouldn't give a ****
Want to know why ?
Cause tattoos are art no need to say why
For those who a opinion
You can keep walking cause I dont care
I'm me I wont change
Just I got tattoo doesn't me the devil
I'm person
I'm mother
I'm daughter
I'm fiancee
I'm me
So *******
Jul 11 · 152
my love for you
tina lombardo Jul 11
my love for you has no eyes to cry
my love for you has dreams
my love for you has joy
my love for you has history to make
my love for you has no dull moments
my love for you  has no secrets
my love for you never fade in time
my love for you kisses our souls
my love for you aware of time
my love for you will live on even when i die
Jul 11 · 151
one day
tina lombardo Jul 11
one day i sat in silences thinking of why
one say i sat in silences trying not to cry
one day i sat in silences trying to free my mind
one day i sat in silences fading away over time
one day i sat in silences aware that someday i'm going to died
one day i sat in silences trying to kiss the sky
one day i sat in silence thoughts come to mind
one day i sat in silences with mess emotiones
one day i sat in silences
Jul 11 · 26
no title
tina lombardo Jul 11
time has no dated
a kiss holds love
a cry speaks
eyes tell stories
clouds make rain
joy brings laughter
love brings happiness
souls bring married
a mirror faces many masks
mind hold the key to hearts
secrets ruin lives
a mess is what you fix
emotions is what you have
history is what makes you
a key holds a dream
a heart holds love, and pain
someday things will happen with in your control or not
faded is what happens when people forget you over time
aware of your feeling
dull can't be helped
chains can be broken
silences is just silence but can break you down
Jun 29 · 30
tina lombardo Jun 29
I'm feeling short
I'm hoping
For no weak heart
I rise from darkness
I share my scars
Breezing above
Looking for comfort
Gold is my name
Book my time?
Jun 29 · 37
tina lombardo Jun 29
Laughter crazy
Dancing free
Trust maybe
Heaven knowing my name
What a feeling escaping from this drink
Jun 29 · 88
tina lombardo Jun 29
I felt pain everyday
Lost is what it is
I thought  I would be great
Keep trying why ?
Remember when I felt great
I free my time
Stay dark at night
Happy what is that
Fear what I can not control
Sweet loving pie
May 21 · 93
tina lombardo May 21
hidden but i return
got caught in the game
shadows following telling stories of long ago
chose to distance myself
but desire caught me
and now  won't let it  go
May 21 · 38
tina lombardo May 21
love was in the air for us
love placed us
love was showing fear but hidden
under was love for us
our love is warm no change in that
mind set right forever
until our dying day
May 21 · 36
tina lombardo May 21
my heart loses hours
for pretty desires
i long for a pretty soul
was inside my head wants to shine higher than the clouds
met the right soul was is ending
only for us to love forever
and dying at peace because for there is no more war
May 21 · 97
tina lombardo May 21
love is fear
love felt
love is in the air
love desires
love saves
love warms the heart  
love changes
love  is hidden
love choose
love forever
Apr 29 · 38
tina lombardo Apr 29
never far
Which makes me good
You use
You lie
You probably even steal
Take for granted all that does
run with the wind
Hide from the rain
Walked the streets with low self support
An wonder why no one cares
Take a deep breath
And go your own way
Time will tell what you need to hear
But no one will be there or near.
tina lombardo Apr 29
i love you happy birthday
you came when i wasn't looking
you came when i was feeling lost
you came when i needed you
you came when i couldn't love myself
you came when you were losted
you came when the timing was right
i wouldn't change a thing
i will not leave you for another
love is real
we found each other when  we both didn't know it
you make me happy
you love me
i love you
you protect me
i protect you
you may be younger than me but doesn't matter you'll all i need
hope you have wonderful birthday
loves alots
happy birthday
Apr 29 · 29
jealousy ugly word
tina lombardo Apr 29
jealousy **** word
doesn't know when to stop
make the change
hating for no reason
trying to find away
jealousy **** word
not my fault
cant hide it
making rude marks
making up lies
jealousy **** word
stomp off
silences crys
jealousy **** word
karma got you back
wanting pity where you go
not falling for it
jealousy **** word
Apr 29 · 25
tina lombardo Apr 29
look around
strangers at one time
hopeful spoken words worked
multiple hugs
forehead kisses
soft hearted
whisper my name
our souls mathed
skin to skin
created a flame
remember spotlight
growing old
Apr 22 · 229
I know that
tina lombardo Apr 22
I know that you  are nervous
I know that you are werid
I know that your smile makes me happy
I know that all eyes are on me
I know that your lips are mine
I know that you put blame on yourself
I know that your damaged with pain
I know that your quite
I know that you have unspoken words to say
I know that you want to rebuild
I know that you love hard
I know all of that and still have love for you .
Apr 22 · 46
tina lombardo Apr 22
Emeny do not fear me
Emeny do not talk of me
Emeny do not fight with me
Emeny do not rebuild friendship
Emeny do not love me
Emeny do not hate me
Emeny do not knock me down
Emeny do not speak of words
Emeny do not explain differences
Emeny do not touch me
Emeny just go away
Apr 22 · 55
tina lombardo Apr 22
Tears of love ones gone
Tears of death
Tears of sadness
Tears of heart break over and over again
Tears of crying in the rain
Tears of secret's upon your lips
Tears of broken dreams
Tears of unspoken words
Tears of silence
Tears of blame
Tears of for a smile
Tears of pain
Tears of hopeful
Tears of love
Tears of happiness
Apr 10 · 47
The prefect couple
tina lombardo Apr 10
The prefect couple
We were lonley
We were hurting
We were dreaming
We were thinking
We were talking
We were hoping
We were laughing
Then one day God said they would make the prefect couple so he made things happen so we would meet
And we were hanging out
And we were talking
And we were laughing
And we are happy
We are in love with each other
We do anything for each other
People want to say stuff cause they are jealous
We are bonnie and Clyde
Apr 10 · 109
Eat your heart out boys
tina lombardo Apr 10
Eat your heart out  boys
They look but cant not touch
They want
They dream
They talk
They stare
They whine
They try
They can all they want but will never happen
They may pray
But eat heart your out boys
I'm his
Apr 10 · 43
Doesn't matter
tina lombardo Apr 10
Doesnt matter
The size you wear
The size you are
The colour of your skin
The colour of your hair
The colour of your eyes
The way you talk
The way you walk
The way you hear
The way you see
The way you love
The way you cry
The way you sleep
They way you live
They way you are sick
How much money you have
Or even they way you died
Only thing different is that when we bleed the blood is one colour red.
Apr 10 · 33
No title yet
tina lombardo Apr 10
They say time heals all wounds
They say love will come when your not looking for it
They say when you dream about someone they are thinking of you
They say when you cant sleep its cause someone else is dreaming of you
They say take pills to hide your pain
They say talk to someone when feeling down
They say imagine the world would he better place if everyone got a long
They say no one is prefect
They say alot of things in this world
But they never say how hard it will be before the good comes along
So love what you have before it's gone
Mar 21 · 46
Random thoughts
tina lombardo Mar 21
Random thoughts

Random house cross country is it really good
Why must people will be so sad
Time for sleep in a bit
I dont have the time
Where are we
Night to day
Day to night
Moonlight is a great way to love you
Morning will be fine for you but not me
I cant remember when we were talkin bout him
Just know that you are not going anywheres
Laying down watching a little girl who would love to see her dad
Spirits are the same as yesterday
The wait until he comes bck to her
But you do not have to go
Sadly I think so.
Mar 21 · 94
Word of mind
tina lombardo Mar 21
Word of mind

I have alot of words running through my mind
They wait to be heard
They wait to be listened
They wait to be loved
They wait to be sad
They wait to be angry
They wait for something to happen
What esel can  I say
Need to make room for new ones
My mind is full
Mar 21 · 40
To to to
tina lombardo Mar 21
To to to

Days to nights
Rain to sun
Leaves to snow
Sand to water
Hungry to food
Wake to sleep
Animal's  to human's
Fall to winter
Spring to summer
Love to death
Beautiful to ****
Pink to blue
Time to still
Play to drink
Run to walk
Floor to walls
Money to poor
Sick to health
Trees to flowers
Paper to pen
Mar 21 · 48
tina lombardo Mar 21
I dont care

You think I care what you think
You  think I care what you say
You think I give a **** I dont
Jealousy is **** word
You  wanna be ***
I can be a *****
Fake is half this town
The rest of them are clowns
The real gets hated
The fakes get horned
I hear alot
I see alot
Jealousy is a bad word
Karma a *****
So sit and wait
Maybe I'll  be there maybe I wont
Cant make them stop
But I'll sure as hell will stop them
Jealousy is not my friend
Mar 21 · 51
I love you
tina lombardo Mar 21
I love you

I love you
I love you more
I love you
I love you near
I love you
I love you  far
I love you
I love you  before
I love you
I love you now
I love you
Days and nights go by
I love you
Sun turns to moon
I love you
I dont think I ever will stop
I love you
Mar 9 · 39
No title
A poem I wrote
friends come and go
Just like  the leaves flows
Standing by like clocks watch times
Passionate fruit
Come as you are
Walking along ***** road
Aminamls sleeping
Flowers hiding
Dancing all around
Loving hand
A sorry sign
Door closing
Windows open
Fresh air
Tv on
Watching as light
Locked the door in fight
Tina lombardo
International women's day

Spended time apart
when time came became mother
When time came became aunt
When time came became a sister
When time came became grandmother
When time came became work
Whe  time came became loving
When time came became whole
Sometimes its was rough
Sometimes  nothing works out  right
Whe  time came woman took it all day or night
Known as  *******
Known as crazy
Known a ******
But always got the job done
Over time the world became to take that woman are strong a s wonderful
A d the men would be lost worh out them
Woman we are
Mar 9 · 36
No title
A poem I wrote
You came to me in a dream I did not you it was you
More and more each day goes by your what I need
Rumours flaming
Iditos dancing
Jealously is **** world
More and more is spended with you I'm always happy
I'm never sad I'm always glad
You're near but never far
I wouldn't trade you  for anything
Wouldn't want to
Being with you changed my life
A loving hand to hold
A loving heart to know
Sleeping I dream
Throught the days
Throught the nights
I love you
Tina lombardo
Mar 2 · 39
Sitting alone
Wondering what the world is doing
Taking chances
Lighting smokes
Falling down to the ground
Time wasting
Love making
Jaws breaking
Wasting time writing this
Wasting time reading this
Boredom kicked in
Doesnt have a title idk what to call it
Mar 2 · 68
Red coats
Red coats
First one personal
Second one coincidental
Third one
Fourth one
Fifth one
Sixth one
Seventh one
Eighth one
Nineth one
Tenth one
Seeing red coats everywhere
Red coats are taking over
When will the pink ones start
Feb 25 · 34
Tears in heaven
tina lombardo Feb 25
Tears in heaven

I cried when I found out
You cried when you found out
I wonder why when I found out
You wonder why when I found out
I think of you every day
You think of me every day
I try to hold myself together
You tried to hold yourself together
I know your never far as always near
You know I'm never far I'm always near
I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye
You couldn't bring yourself to say goodbye
I wish you were here
You wish I was here
I Cry sometimes
You cry sometimes
But together we r alive
Feb 25 · 28
Never thought
tina lombardo Feb 25
Never thought
Never thought you would like me but you did
Never thought I would wanna but I did
Never thought I could but I did
Never thought of what world would say
Never thought this would actually work but it did
Never thought I be this happy but I am
Never though this way for a long time
But now that I have been what I never thought I'm glad I did
Now let's hope nothing ***** it up
Feb 25 · 34
My teddy bear (my dog)
tina lombardo Feb 25
My teddy bear

Hes strong
Hes funny
Hes so so werid
Hes my protector
Hes my friend
Hes my life
Hes my world
Wouldn't change anything about him
Even if time stand still
He can be annoying at times
He can be lazy from time to time
I love him
Hes my little teddy bear
Feb 13 · 45
tina lombardo Feb 13
barely breathing
barely smiling
barely sleeping
barely feeling
barely talking
barely thinking
barely eating
barely holding on
but when i see you
i'm skanking with butterflies
i'm nervous
i feel  like crying
lord help me prove
unervial help me prove
nature help me prove
how dumb are you
why cant you see
this time your barely
Feb 13 · 51
tina lombardo Feb 13
i accept you for you
accept what you do
i accept holding you
i don't want to lose you
but do you know
miss talking to you
trusting isn't so easily to do
wondering why you changed your mind
i think you are perfect all the time
i think your fine
i think .....
Feb 13 · 44
tina lombardo Feb 13
your face
your hands
your feet
your smile
your laugh
your crying
your whining
your coughing
your playing
your heart
your love
your voice
all this i mi the most you will one day know
why but all in good time
your perfect to me
your perfect as can be
i wouldn't trade none of you
even thou i want to cry
even thou i want  to die
i will always be here waiting for you to arrive.
Feb 13 · 40
tina lombardo Feb 13
change your face
change your attitude
change your style
change your type
change your heart
change your hair
change your feelings
change it all
maybe once you do time will change to
people will understand why
could not take a long time
be patient to rise
crying is not a crime
holding on
go a head post it
go all out or chill out
nothing you do is a crime
cant stand it
then change it
and effect it all
Feb 11 · 45
You hurt me
tina lombardo Feb 11
Tell me one thing
Say something
Looking at me
You  try to hide
I see it  all the time
I know things
I see things
I feel things
Dont tell me not to cry
Maybe might not but you did
You try to hide it like it's a crime
But why
You never even gave me a try
You  think I'm no good
You make me wanna die
I'm nothing but cold air
You  want a thing who doesnt care if ur alive
But yet you wonder why I cry
I just want you  to know engery doesnt lie
Stop your feeling just fine
Maybe you  care maybe you dont
But your words are nothing they all went a died
So now will you clue in and give it a try
tina lombardo Feb 11
Words mean nothing
Words are lies to hide
Words go from time to time
Words can only go so far before they die
So why we do cry
We try and we try  to believe at that time
Vribes when you are around dont lie
They dont hide
They stay around from time to time
Never having questioning it
will never die
Vribes know each other even when you dont want to
Engery is everything
Engery is what two people have
can lie all you want it will not hide.
Feb 10 · 119
Tired of
tina lombardo Feb 10
Tired of feeling like nothingness
Tired of feeling sadness
Tired of feeling craziness
Tired of feeling not good enough
Tired  of feeling like cryingness
Tired of feeling  sleepless
Tired of feeling lieness
Tired of feeling like careless
Tired of feeling bitterness
Tired of feeling whyness
Tired of feeling go awayness
Tired of feeling home boundness
Tired of feeling numbness
Tired of feeling
Feb 10 · 41
tina lombardo Feb 10
You had me feeling liked you cared
You had me feeling like I was wanted
You had me feeling like I could count on you
You had me feeling like your not like the rest
You had me feeling like I go to when I needed to
You had me feeling like you always be there
You had me feeling like I was special
Now all I feel is nothing
Now all I feel is sadness
Now all I feel is madness
Now all I feel cryness
Now all I feel is craziness
Now all I feel is numbness
Now all I feel is dumbness
Now all I feel is nothingness
Feb 10 · 88
I dont wanna feel
tina lombardo Feb 10
I dont wanna feel

I dont wanna feel it
I dont wanna see it
I dont wanna know it
I dont wanna talk it
I dont wanna say it
Just wanna sleep
Just wanna sleep
Just wanna sleep
Numbs it for a while
Maybe numb it for good
Days and nights
I dont want feelings
I wanna be nothing
Feb 10 · 30
tina lombardo Feb 10
Why do people say they care and dont
Why do people say I'll be there  and dont
Why do people act like they care and dont
I'm human
do have feelings
Slowly shutting down
Wishing I was good enough
Wishing people cared
It's not fair
The one's who treat people like trash are always wanted
Not pretty enough
Not beautiful enough
Not happy enough
Not **** enough
Not nothing
could go by and no one care
Could go by and no one see
I'm cold
I'm tired  
I'm numb
I am invisible ?
Would seem so
Feb 4 · 30
Wanting to cry
Wanting to die
Not knowing why
Killing time
Standing outside
Playing on the dime
Fighting all the time
Trying to get by
Can count on dates
Mind is racing all the time
Wondering why
No time to cry
No body knows why
Relationship died
Birds fly
I'm running out if time
Hey honey you want a drive.
Feb 4 · 42
Plenty insanely
Plenty insanely

Crying all the time
Not knowing why
Counting times
Dressing a rise
Mind racing all the time
Wondering why
Killing time
Head not right
Cant understand why
Plenty insanely before you die
Feb 4 · 28
Home alone
Home alone

Thinking your home alone
Talking to yourself bout why
You start watching and wondering why
You hear a sound
You hear a bang
You start to think you have to fight for your life
But still wondering why
You dont see anything
You keep walking and watching
Turn the lights on
Nothing there
You hear a knock you get scared
Again nothing there
All the noise you heard was a from a ghost name mel
Now you find the time to settle down
Sleep now
Feb 4 · 30
I'm here
I'm there
I'm everywhere
You'll never know where I'll be
I see
I feel
I'm everywhere
You'll never know where I'll be
Holding on time
Playing with fire
Thought running through your head
Dacing around
I'm everywhere
You'll never know where I'll be
I keep a eye
But cant understand why
I'm never far
But ill hold you dear
Just wanna make that clear
I'm everywhere
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