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tina lombardo Apr 22
I know that you  are nervous
I know that you are werid
I know that your smile makes me happy
I know that all eyes are on me
I know that your lips are mine
I know that you put blame on yourself
I know that your damaged with pain
I know that your quite
I know that you have unspoken words to say
I know that you want to rebuild
I know that you love hard
I know all of that and still have love for you .
tina lombardo Apr 22
Emeny do not fear me
Emeny do not talk of me
Emeny do not fight with me
Emeny do not rebuild friendship
Emeny do not love me
Emeny do not hate me
Emeny do not knock me down
Emeny do not speak of words
Emeny do not explain differences
Emeny do not touch me
Emeny just go away
tina lombardo Apr 22
Tears of love ones gone
Tears of death
Tears of sadness
Tears of heart break over and over again
Tears of crying in the rain
Tears of secret's upon your lips
Tears of broken dreams
Tears of unspoken words
Tears of silence
Tears of blame
Tears of for a smile
Tears of pain
Tears of hopeful
Tears of love
Tears of happiness
tina lombardo Apr 10
The prefect couple
We were lonley
We were hurting
We were dreaming
We were thinking
We were talking
We were hoping
We were laughing
Then one day God said they would make the prefect couple so he made things happen so we would meet
And we were hanging out
And we were talking
And we were laughing
And we are happy
We are in love with each other
We do anything for each other
People want to say stuff cause they are jealous
We are bonnie and Clyde
tina lombardo Apr 10
Eat your heart out  boys
They look but cant not touch
They want
They dream
They talk
They stare
They whine
They try
They can all they want but will never happen
They may pray
But eat heart your out boys
I'm his
tina lombardo Apr 10
Doesnt matter
The size you wear
The size you are
The colour of your skin
The colour of your hair
The colour of your eyes
The way you talk
The way you walk
The way you hear
The way you see
The way you love
The way you cry
The way you sleep
They way you live
They way you are sick
How much money you have
Or even they way you died
Only thing different is that when we bleed the blood is one colour red.
tina lombardo Apr 10
They say time heals all wounds
They say love will come when your not looking for it
They say when you dream about someone they are thinking of you
They say when you cant sleep its cause someone else is dreaming of you
They say take pills to hide your pain
They say talk to someone when feeling down
They say imagine the world would he better place if everyone got a long
They say no one is prefect
They say alot of things in this world
But they never say how hard it will be before the good comes along
So love what you have before it's gone
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