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Jun 6 · 162
Rinse, wash, repeat.
1487 Jun 6
***** laundry:
a cycle
that never ends.
A metaphor for life, my friend.
Mar 2021 · 221
1487 Mar 2021
What I’d give to be yours.
Mar 2021 · 407
1487 Mar 2021
It’s been so long,
I forgot it’s warmth.
Jan 2021 · 93
1487 Jan 2021
They don’t feel like you.
Nov 2020 · 102
The middle
1487 Nov 2020
How is it possible
that one can simultaneously
hold on
let go?
I feel both.
Oct 2020 · 223
You just do.
1487 Oct 2020
Tell me, how does one go on?
Oct 2020 · 568
1487 Oct 2020
My biggest fear
is that this time next year
it will

Oct 2020 · 684
Moving on
1487 Oct 2020
The difference is mine is by force,
and yours is by choice.
Sep 2020 · 1.0k
1487 Sep 2020
I didn’t want it to be perfect,
I just wanted it to be with you.
Sep 2020 · 536
1487 Sep 2020
I search for you in everyone -
even myself.
Officially missing you
Jun 2020 · 299
Press delete
1487 Jun 2020
All that we were has turned to bone,

and social media is the graveyard

of our

Dec 2018 · 14.5k
I’m still here.
1487 Dec 2018
The poetry isn’t in all these words —
It’s in knowing I survived them.
Holy smokes! Thank you everyone for all of the support! I don’t come here too often so I did not expect this; what a beautiful surprise ♥️
Dec 2018 · 213
You (my love)
1487 Dec 2018
My heart is a tomb,
waiting on your body to
come home.
Mar 2018 · 477
C. Love
1487 Mar 2018
she said she wants to be the girl with the most cake
she fakes it so real she's beyond fake
she loves him so much that it turns to hate
but she never felt the rush that comes with your taste

like a hit in the veins you can't replace
like an addiction so good you don't want saved
always searching for the high in a different shape
but there's no comparison, you can't escape

your heart aches and aches and aches and aches
perfume that's just his scent, he begs
and breaks and breaks and breaks and breaks
white roses flow from between your legs

drown him till he makes you shake
in this love, the only winner is fate
This is **** but I love it
Nov 2017 · 285
This isn't a poem
1487 Nov 2017
I have 124 screenshots of proof that you loved me.
Nov 2017 · 480
1487 Nov 2017
I really don't have anything witty to say about the way someone stops caring for you.

It hurts.

It hurts.

And there's nothing poetic about that.
Nov 2017 · 375
1487 Nov 2017
My soul
has been dug out
with a spoon

And everyone's
Sep 2017 · 1.2k
The end
1487 Sep 2017
I used to want to go beyond the mountains

Now I want to fly above them.
Sep 2017 · 237
1487 Sep 2017
How do you love
in fragments?
1487 Aug 2017
There comes a time when you recognize
When you lie awake at night
Remembering past experiences
How much you've learned
At every turn
And every thought of your thoughts you thought were wrong that were actually right

And you remember how your chest used to feel so sunken that you couldn't sleep
And the dark would creep its way in
Fill you with sin after sin after sin just to get rid of his grin that was burned so deep within your psyche that your dreams played it on repeat

A broken record
Same ****, different man
Same bed, same times waking up to check for texts that you already know didn't come
Ignored by a different number from almost the same someone

Alcoholic tendencies behind every heartbreak
Every fake "baby"
Every daily wake
and I try to cry but I shake, I shake, I shake
Mar 2017 · 287
1487 Mar 2017
Mine has dry summer heat
Size 12 jeans with a hole in the knee
Back when we were drunk off of each other instead of just drunk
When fishing string kept our fingers in knots
and I knelt by ***** water creating sins instead of confessing

Mine has smoking cigarettes in bare feet
Moonshine on thanksgiving
The moan that escaped your mouth after our first kiss
The night on my bed when the only heaviness in the room was your body on top of mine
When you used to whisper, "I never knew love until I felt you"
and I would cry, "I thought I knew, I thought I knew..."
Mar 2017 · 308
1487 Mar 2017
It is haunting,
you were in
the same
as someone
you'll never
t  o  u  c  h
Mar 2016 · 413
i hope you did
1487 Mar 2016
All my
favorite poets
stopped writing

Either the
sadness won,
or they
Mar 2016 · 368
1487 Mar 2016
Some days you don’t exist at all;

others, you bend me at the spine until I snap.
Feb 2016 · 298
1487 Feb 2016
I have felt like dying over you
more times than you've
ever made
me feel
Feb 2016 · 310
What you left behind
1487 Feb 2016
It’s as far as remembering the girl who got an abortion to you used to work at bed bath and beyond. I can't think of entering that store without envy.

That time I tried to grab your hand in the car and you conveniently switched them on the steering wheel.

All the times you chose me. All the times you changed your mind.

I've avoided an entire town for 3 ******* years because I can't enter it without remembering you entering me.

I hate myself for all of this.
Feb 2016 · 291
My nightmare
1487 Feb 2016
I'm so tired of dreaming of you,
dreaming that you've fallen in love with someone new.
breaks my heart every fuxking time
Feb 2016 · 278
Only the lonely
1487 Feb 2016
Since when has loneliness
been poetry?

Since when
has it not?
Feb 2016 · 310
Double entendre
1487 Feb 2016
You make me sick with love;
Your love makes me sick.
it's the latter.
Feb 2016 · 740
1,095 days
1487 Feb 2016
When people ask, I am just going to say, "I love you"

Because I don't know
what else to do
I can't hide it anymore.
Feb 2016 · 254
How many spoons
1487 Feb 2016
Do sick girls get to choose?

we ever
have a choice?
Being chronically ill ***** ***
Feb 2016 · 267
1487 Feb 2016
I’m hoping you miss me
or feel bad for what you’ve did
but I can’t bring myself
to believe it's true.

But I want to.
Lord knows I do.
Jan 2016 · 556
You came back
1487 Jan 2016
I like to think that's why you ran away. Because you were afraid you wouldn't be able to make me happy.

I don't think you ever understood - you were the only thing that did.
He came back.
He's gone.
Jan 2016 · 273
1487 Jan 2016
I'm so sad
and I want you
so bad.
i wish i were skinny enough to have you.
Jan 2016 · 328
1487 Jan 2016
The heart is not a revolving door.
Sooner or later, it changes the locks.
whether unintentionally or not.
1487 Jan 2016
Everything I write
is so ******* sad

and I'm so ******* sad

and everything in general
is just so.
Jan 2016 · 353
Repeat offender
1487 Jan 2016
I don't want to love you
Dec 2015 · 773
1487 Dec 2015
My cousin asked what my resolution was for next year
I said, "to survive".

She said saying that was morbid,
but I think it's morbid if you don't.
wishing to be happy.
1487 Dec 2015
I feel as if someone has stolen the piece of me that lies between my neck and pelvis
That I have evaporated over time from holding down the acid that comes with speaking your name
I do not remember what it feels like to be touched by a man
or anything capable of showing affection
as I have not been able to feel my own skin in 3 years;

when you numb, it is not just a piece of your heart:
you cannot feel your tongue
your throat
your chest
your stomach
you are no longer responsible for what comes and goes;

when you numb, the problem isn't that you're unable to feel,
the problem is that no one ever tells you
you feel too **** much.
Dec 2015 · 274
1487 Dec 2015
it spreads.
Nov 2015 · 800
second chance
1487 Nov 2015
Maybe it was all a dream
I'll wake up and I'll be 17 -
get to do it all again.
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
1487 Oct 2015
I no longer turn dates
into occasions

from now on you'll be
just another day,
another month,
another year.
Oct 2015 · 276
sleepy hollow
1487 Oct 2015
There's an emptiness inside of me:

so hollow,

to air.
you couldn't cut me if you tried
Oct 2015 · 241
The truth
1487 Oct 2015
I'm so sad.

And there's nothing
poetic about
Sep 2015 · 313
1487 Sep 2015
I am jealous,
of the girl,
I used to be.
Sep 2015 · 285
1487 Sep 2015
T h e y
a c t
a s
i f
h a v e
c h o i c e
Sep 2015 · 241
1487 Sep 2015
By the time I came alive,
the world
was dead.
Aug 2015 · 320
Conversations with my heart
1487 Aug 2015
I know you better
than you know yourself

You think he's the one,
but he's just someone else.
Aug 2015 · 318
The winter
1487 Aug 2015
I fear that,
like the snow,
I will not
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