Extreme couponing, litters of cats,
Cortney Marie
Cortney Marie
Nov 7, 2012

Welcome to the Spinsterhood!
There's all kinds of perks
Extreme couponing, litters of cats,
heart insurance from life's greatest jerks.

You'll never be one half of that couple
(that obnoxious one, that everyone hates)
You won't have to remember anniversaries
You'll never get stood up on dates

You'll never have to share your covers
Your toilet seat will always be down
When you crave a slice, hell, you'll have two!
So what if you put on a pound?

No, from here on out, it's granny panties
That's right, seven whole days of the week!
Oh, and you can throw out your razor -
no one cares if your legs are hairy or sleek.

From here on out it's chick flicks,
it's boy bands, light beer, shopping sprees
From here on out, ladies, it's freedom
From the fights, the guilt, the apologies.

So wipe that frown off your face!
It's a blessing, don't you see, it's good!
Ditch your baggage and come with us.
Welcome to the Spinsterhood!

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