An inspired vagabond.
An inspired vagabond.
Aditi   (1997 - )
A moment, but mostly nonexistential could have beens Twitter: @inkedpapers_
yasaman johari
yasaman johari  
i chose the name of my sister,,,
a color - purple - has taken its possession over me. though it takes me a while to focus and see that it's not a ...
tumelo mogomotsi
tumelo mogomotsi   (1999 - )
st. noire omens my final days as a teen im happy to share these moments with you. . all poems - copyright © all rights ...
Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan   (1997 - )
An interesting quote from the web series Red vs. Blue: "There are so many stories where some brave hero decides to give their life to ...
cynthia   (1993 - )
Instagram: cynthia.gelinas “I’ve thrown away more words for you than I have ever written about anyone else.” - Niles Heron
Janelle Tanguin
Janelle Tanguin   (1998 - )
cryptic daydreamer lost in stereo. Blogs: - - (as Alice or "A")
Emily Grace
Emily Grace  
all the pretty girls like Samuel oh, he really doesn't share but life is anything but fair
Elea   (1989 - )
Stephanie   (1989 - )
Sunshinehappiness   (1987 - )
I am dust that spins in gust of winds
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie  
This is my life these are my words these are my stories. it took a lot of work to get here so please don't use ...
Jean Lin
Jean Lin   (1986 - )
Alece Woosley   (1994 - )
PaperclipPoems   (1992 - )
I write my life down in poetry. IG @Casey2992
N H Nabass
N H Nabass  
Preserving estranged thoughts. Seattle | عمان | Нальчик
Underland   (2000 - )
Rebecca Rocker
Rebecca Rocker  
Coffee drinker. Story hunter. History enthusiast. Theatre maker. Professional napper.
Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth
Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth  
All of my poetry is copyrighted.
Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream I am a traveler of both time and space, to be ...
Anne Webb
Anne Webb  
Writing poetry is one of my passions and I find it very calming. Read. It is good for you, whether or not you want it ...
Anne Curtin
Anne Curtin  
When my worlds - inside and out - seem intolerable, poetry finds the power and beauty I need to keep trying. Hang On Pain Ends
Deeee   (1996 - )
Christian Engebretson
Christian Engebretson  
A Bukowski lover.
MyDystopiA   (1981 - )
Lucrezia M N
Lucrezia M N   (1983 - )
Words didn't ever want to come out of my mouth... not the right way nor at the right time... As they filled up my mind ...
I am the stardust that never made it home. Bicurious, romantic and passionate.
Mallory Davis
Mallory Davis   (1990 - )
Johnny Scarlotti
Johnny Scarlotti @johnnyscarlotti on twitter 8 books of poetry on
Kash   (1987 - )
These are my secrets.
Krystal Lèleck
Krystal Lèleck  
Writer, Photographer, Nature Lover, Bibliophile, Tapophile, Lover, Dreamer
s   (2000 - )
only words can decribe my feelings. because some people can't understand the words that come from mouth, but from heart.
brian odongo
brian odongo  
Loves Jesus ,Family,Friends ,Medicine,Adventure and poetry
Stefan Michener
Stefan Michener   (1959 - )
Poet (not-for-profit), Prophet (minor), Miner (phosphorous), Philosopher (Foucault), FUCK IT!!, Tourette's sufferer
NuBlaccSoUl   (1996 - )
I am a child of the soil, a nubian King, of the Bhele clan, AmaMfengu tribe, born in the lands of Azania. My name is ...
NuBlaccSoUl   (1996 - )
I am a child of the soil, a nubian King, of the Bhele clan, AmaMfengu tribe, born in the lands of Azania. My name is ...
George Andres
George Andres   (1999 - )
"You are my favorite poem." i lost myself in the middle of getting to know you.
Ismahanwrites   (1993 - )
"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens." ~Rumi ♾
Micahel De Tomasso
Micahel De Tomasso   (1949 - )
To begin. I'm the one with the white shirt, and my sunglasses hanging on my chest..I was born in Brooklyn, NY. Moved to California at ...
Jim Timonere
Jim Timonere   (1951 - )
The things I write about seem sent to me at the moment the are written. As if my Muse, whoever she is, demands to be ...
Ovi-Odiete   (1993 - )
All poems are originally written by me Ovi Odiete © Except the reposts of fellow poets. Ovi Odiete is a Poet and Writer with over ...
CharlesC   (1938 - )
A Colorado native....born in Durango, living now in Colorado Springs. Retired from Air Force. Interested in non duality relating to spirituality, religion, and modern life.
Alisa Lindley
Alisa Lindley   (1997 - )
For the most part, what you find here are raw images and thoughts. Sometimes they only reflect emotions experienced in a particular moment and sometimes ...
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