An inspired vagabond.
An inspired vagabond.
Words Without The Frills   (85 followers)
Complexity creates fog; simplicity clears it
Spiritual Awakenings   (179 followers)
poems about connection, moments of clarity, spiritual growth through insights, transitions, grief or loss, and all the things in life that make us grow.  Spiritual does not mean religious, but does not exclude religious experiences.  please share ...
Cheerful Poems   (74 followers)
Light-hearted, uplifting, heart-warming or simply funny... Poems that make you feel good.
Building Fellowships   (78 followers)
A poem that is specific to build up another poet. All dedications welcome!                      In life we pass many people.           Let's also TOUCH THEM.           10W SoulSurvivor           Catherine Jarvis
Brokenness   (156 followers)
All works about what brings you to a state of fracture... ... and what puts you together again.
Worlds Worthwhile Words   (157 followers)
Anything that surpasses your mind and makes the read worthwhile yes! Surely can be added here !!!
Haunting   (109 followers)
Poems or poets that stay with you, haunt your thoughts and imagination, your favourites that you read again and again. Please do not post your own poems as that would be egotistical (though I am ...
When The Heart Speaks   (217 followers)
Every poet writes from the heart. What's your's saying?
Primal Instincts   (132 followers)
A collection of sensual poetry. A safe place to express  yourself sexually through poetry.
Lyrical Inspiration   (153 followers)
Poems that move and inspire us.
Bitter Little Pills   (497 followers)
A collection of poetry inspired by life's more bitter moments caused by a myriad of things, life has a way of knocking us all down sometimes.   Caution! Side effects may cause: Depression, anger, unconsolable crying, ...
Humorous   (205 followers)
For every piece of poetry that has made you laugh! :-) Any poem with a touch of humor is welcome here. ;-) If it made you smile, it belongs here. :-) The world needs laughter. ...
This collection has been created to showcase the work of fellow Indian poets on this site. Only those who are Indians living in India and writing in English will be featured here. Only those invited ...
Minimalists 2   (167 followers)
Short form poetry of all kinds ;)
Tribute Showcase   (98 followers)
Poems inspired by other poems or other poets.
your words moved me   (375 followers)
Any work, other than your own, that touches you in any way has a home here
The Joy of Pain   (260 followers)
There is a certain comfort that comes in the dependability of pain, whether it be heartache, loss, emotional, psychological or physical. Though it may not be sought  it will inevitably be found.
Haiku - Haibun - Tanka - Senryu - Dodoitsu - Choka   (213 followers)
This collection is for poems written in various Japanese styles. There is more to this type of poetry than mere numbers.  One does not simply awkwardly break up sentences and call it a haiku simply because ...
Poems old and new concerning consciousness and it'   (128 followers)
Poems you have discovered or written about the consciousness and/or it's functions in the world of the psyche.
Powerful words   (18 followers)
Just a collection of the poems I really liked reading and which stirred up different emotions in me. The powerful ones. :)
The autumn phase   (31 followers)
We all reach the time in our cycle were we just have to let go in hopes that we will start anew. Taken from a video i made and poem on my youtube chanel the ...
The Sorrow of Joy   (38 followers)
Not being unhappy isn't the same as being happy. Not exactly.
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