2 days ago      18 hours ago

The demons lurk from behind sheltered memories
Pushed down for far too long
Their strength scares the hell out of you
Pushing down
Clawing their way into the light of the night
Scream if you will
No one will hear you
These are your own demons
The ones of your own making
Co-created within years of connectedness
Hell where are the perpetrators now
That you allowed to steal your peace of mind
And why is it the light of your soul didn't keep this from you
like chalk on a black board
Hell have no mercy
So shall it be
Look fear in the face like a child with the  world in their hands
No one will take this from you
It is yours to own so treat your demons with respect
They have learnt you well and keep stronger demons at bay
Let them scream and dance by the light of the moon
They are but healing and becoming the past
Kiss the ground on which you stand
Soak up the rays of the sun
They will settle again
Silently revisiting the files at the base of our soul.

2 days ago

Tracing my fingertips
Slowly across the keyboard
Trying to awaken the dreams in words that I used to ache for
Slowly realising that it all lies beneath the skin waiting to surface

Turning on the green light inside my head
Maybe I still am able to light the horizon with feelings

That lay at the base of my soul
It is comforting to know I never really left home after all.

Sep 1

As twilight approaches
A realisation
That we will never speak again floats through
A  mere thought
And its ok I guess
As the clock strikes some ungodly hour
I scream silently
Them move on
Blanketed In the safety of loves dream
Little things which bound us have withered and died
Oh how I love the breeze
Even if I close it out
I know that it will still be there if I choose to just
Open another doorway

Aug 5

like drops of rain
fall in a bow
of colour

Aug 5

Blood trickles
From sapphire teardrops
That radiate hate
Pure illumination

Aug 5

Notice me  
I'm screaming inside my head
Cant you hear?

Aug 5

You walked within  
Disembodied my soul  
Then left me whole

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