1967 -    
Feb 12

I'm not sure why my heart fluttered
At the sight of your tex
I'm not sure why my pulse got faster
This love affair was over such a long time ago
I guess my hearts knows more secrets
Than my head is willing to share

I can't be going there
Feb 11

Hand stretched out waiting
For the hand of another
To intertwine fingers
Weave energies
And capture a thought once lost

Feb 11

When you fall in love
With a thought of a person
When you've never met
And you think there's something more
The cracks in you are filled
By a sideways smile
That shines though the words you read on a screen
And it's not real
And now you realise the cracks can never be filled
The cracks are what make you beautiful
But they also make you needy
And begging for more communication
Reading meanings in lines which in reality
Mean nothing more than nothing
How many of us beg and pray for just a little connection
In a world where we have forgotten how to interact
A world in which we fear to leave the comfort of our homes
In case the cold wind of reality comes biting
But the fear just like our mindless love affairs with words on screens
Isn't real
So open the door, walk through it
Hold out your hand and welcome a warm hand into yours
Now that kind of connection really is special
Live a little
Instead of dying online

  Jan 6  Rai

I’m small enough to cry for those with frozen teardrops
who can’t get up off the side of the road to die in peace
So I'll abide in this polar freezing cold silent deliverance
where a  hollow warmth  hides the tears that  aren't for
cryin’ alone

There’s a bitter arctic wind blows right through the tree trunks
there’s no shelter leaning on the dream of the leeward other side
This winter isolation grasps on impatient pieces of frayed light
like hope a mustard sized seed of shine may move venerable
mountain peaks

Who ever knows how long salvation lasts ? They said he died
sleeping on a cardboard  comforter and blue  plastic duvet;
a holey old coat stained with all what went wrong in life …
And .., I feel a sickening guilt of a warming fire's thickening

The chimney’s icicles drip an angel’s frozen teardrops
But .., I can’t find no heaven in this big ol’ world ...

                                           wild is the wind ... January 4th, 2017

Dec 29, 2016

Meet me for coffee
At the corner of 29th Avenue
On a sunny summers day
Some time in June

Meet me
Next to the fountain in Trafalgar Square
It will be a frosty
New Year's Eve

Meet me
Just past the junction
Junction 21
Not sure where it's near to
But I need to follow the M4 to get there
I'll be driving a red Morris minor

Meet me
At the end of my street
You should know where to find me
If you've kept all the above dates that is
It could be raining
Bring a brolly
12 noon
April 2023

Meet me
Come celebrate my birthday
Its cold outside so wear a warm coat
Don't be late
I've missed you like crazy
12 Feb

Dec 29, 2016

Theres no messages left in me anymore
I had a million and one things to say to you
How was your day
Your year
Your life
But no reply
Equals rejection
So I stopped myself
You don't want to know
No message
No reply
No rejection

Happy new year
Dec 27, 2016

Beyond the broken mirror frame
Alice sits and waits
Once this was her portal
From all her worldly restraints
Now she sits here contemplating
How to get back home
She has has no ruby slippers
Feeling isolated and alone
How to put this life most different
Back together again
Can you glue fragmented glass
Will it glisten
Will it last
Until Alice can step back through
Back to the love and life
She always knew
It time
It's time
I'm going to be late
Follow the white rabbit
He knows another way

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