Jul 19

Chalk white on skin so translucent that scars are no longer hidden
Painted emotions
Old out warn brain washed excuses
How hard are you on the inside
Whilst out here the world crumbles before your eyes  
Hold tight to the smile from a distant memory
For memories are golden
Some we retrace time and time again
Willing ourselves to relive , relearn
Fate has played an ace
You stand or fall
But even death can not kill your soul and the spirit it holds
Brother come sit with me
Journey as if a child and remember who you are and where you belong
Shake your self free from preconceived notions and tattered ideas
Freedom comes when pain subsides and you stand naked
Naked in all understanding
Ready to remember
I put my hand upon your heart and promise that I know for sure
You can never let yourself down
Learn that you are all and all is you

May 20

Moments twisted
Silence muffled by sound
Only to come face to face with a new understanding of freedom
And you dance and smile as once did the breeze through the trees
on a warm spring evening
I saw as you stood there quite still
Some how you must have been moving
By your breathe was so shallow
And you body statue like in the glow of the sun
But still I see you dancing and smiling
Its the way I always see you
In the eye of my mind
You whirl
Float and fall
Heart beating
Just as I turn to leave
You call
Not in words spoken
But by the flick of your hair and that look
You smile
And I know there is freedom within that moment
The moment which to others seemed
Silence muffled by sound

May 11

From the temple in which stands my soul
I stand silently
A bystander
Watching the universe unfold and expand
Withered moments become pleasure

As I realise that pleasure and pain are remarkably the same
Experiences are weaved and created by our own longing
I look at life differently these days
Now that I no longer fear the light within

Hold fast brothers, sisters
For we are all a spark of the divine
Dancing to our own unique  melody
Release your fears

Death and life are not so far apart
And there is not so much to fear
Than what you created within your mind
and then play out within the co-creation of your lives

Linger longer on all small things which make you smile
The wind as it touches your skin in a gentle embrace
The sun as its warm kisses on your cheek make your skin blush
The smile from a stranger is a priceless miracle and is offered at no expense
Expect nothing just know that as you give you will be taken care of

The walk of life is strange
But your pearl will shine brighter
If you show it the light

Mar 25

Go figure
The writing on the wall is so clear
But still you fail to hear the warnings
That swirl around that confused mind of yours

Newspaper print simple
You left your mind behind whilst
Contemplating your next agenda

Should of been easy to understand
It was there right in front of you
Open your eyes dammit

Blood stains
The imaginary beasts that roll behind those glass eyes
Satin no longer stained with marks of love
Skin torn from your back has healed

The bruise inside your heart it festers still
Admit to yourself
Then release and forgive

You beg
Please don't let this be real
The shapes and hues are too bright and sharp to understand
Crumble to the ground
But at least you cant fall further

Further is where demons hide
Ready and waiting
A place of no return

Look closer at the writing on the wall
look in the mirror its written in biro across your forehead
Newspaper print in black and white
Says don't be afraid of the night
Its yourself you need to be afraid of

fear  self
Mar 25

I knew when I woke up this morning
  That I wanted to do something special
I wanted to entice you
  And your taste buds seemed the perfect place to start

I told you dinner would be at 6
  You said
Fine love now I'm going to be late for work
  I have a late meeting but I promise not to be late
See you at six
  Love you

  A new emotion was rising in my stomach
Or was it an old one revisited
  I planned
Not a natural cook
  But I can whip up a good feed when I need to

  I exceeded myself
I knew you would love it
  I wanted to see you smiling back at me
  Just knowing Id made this special just for you

  Kids at the cinema
Time to spend
  Little does that happen now a days

  So I'm sitting here waiting
Contemplating what's more important than this
  Forgetting you don't understand because your not inside my head
  Your not answering the phone
Are you in traffic
  I wait
Then wait some more
  I sit trying to push aside the hurt
The rejection
  I feel like a child inside
I feel vulnerable
  Im quite out of control

  I eat in silence
No smiling face looking back at me
  I just wanted to see the twinkle in your eye

  You come in hours late
  The meal stale and congealing on the plate
  I think you tried to say sorry
But I feel numb inside
  So stay silent

I think I heard you weep
  I didn't want to make you sad
But have no control and don't know how to comfort
  Whilst Im in this hurting zone

  When you fell asleep tonight I kissed your forehead
  I know your busy
  I just need you
I love the very ground that you stand on
And I can feel the cracks steadily forming

This a comeback to Helens poem 'I missed you by several hours' sometimes lack of communication lets us down, people don't know what's going on inside your head unless you tell them, most of us have not learnt how to mind read ... not quite anyway x
Mar 24      Mar 24

They gave me steroids to heal my chest and now
No sleep cometh my way
So I will soak up the hour with soul cleansing writes
There is no time to worry
Work is laid aside unless wellness beacons
Maybe this is the reason
My soul was screaming for a connection  
Connect I will

Mar 24

Funny how life takes you to places
Where people write upon your soul
They show you themselves in colours so true
Then stamp their feet like toddlers out of control

*In valleys so deep I found my heart
He stood there arms wide open
He had been waiting such a long time
And yet never faltered in his understanding
I so love him for that

Lover of the night and sleeper of the day
Hawks fly better when chased by eagles I've heard
Fear cripples the soul
Fear encompasses all that we are
Leaving us bare

Beauty of all
Thankfulness of all
greatness is created at the feet of masters long past
And yet as poets we glow
We grow
We understand and we carry our souls with pride

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