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Jan 27

Life is perfect when you are allowed to think outside the box
To tell the honest truth
I'm not sure I've ever dwelled within that box
The walls can't cage me
The barriers they give me a goal
Something to reach past
Why would you encapsulate your imagination
When it can be freely flying
Loop da loops in the shining blue sky

Jan 25

Maybe tomorrow your remember who I am
I remember when
We made daisy chains in summer
And watched the sun rise and fall
Your smile broke me apart but
Your touch put me back together again
Wild dreams of spending a life much loved
Something which I've never managed to find
As I look around at others
I desperately want someone to call my own
Who will there be to build ice castles in the sky with me
Who will run wildly in lusious green meadows
Holding on so tight but feeling freedom in a whisper of love
Some days I think maybe this kind of love has passed me by
But you look around and most people have someone
Or so it seems
The lost souls wonder with a transparency so fine that they
Go unnoticed
Even I don't see
Maybe if the wanderers could see through each other facades
They would find a treasure
That glistens in the heart as well as in the eyes that shine hope
Maybe tomorrow I will walk with my eyes open and my heart free

  Jan 4  Rai
David Drewer
David Drewer
Dec 29, 2015

How can I ever stop
When I am falling faster than the rain?

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Dec 16, 2015

Last night I dreamed that I could fly
Above all the bullshit lies and fury
To a place of no return
The air smells sweeter
As summer breeze lingers on winters frozen glade
Hollow and lost
Surrounded by lights so bright
Holding on fast to moments
Written in journals of destiny so long forgotten
You hold me up
Then gently lower me
I am no longer falling
I am rising
Lying in grasses that sway in sweet smelling meadows
Remember me in your world of chaos
It is time now
Time to close the curtains on this show I call life
Think of me often
Feel me close
And know with all my heart I'm thankful
For you all
You touched my weary heart
Everyone last one of you

For Jane X
Dec 7, 2015

When all you can do is light a candle and pray

Dec 7, 2015

I prayed that the heavens Angels would heal you
I now look around
And see they are already here
They bare blue gowns
They have the gentlest of touches
They grace the ward  with all the patience within
Your hospital bed stifles you
The tube intrude
Your breathing wraspping
Your life in the balance
May angels guide you

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