5 days ago

This time last year making plans
Funny how much can change so quickly
I'm so sure I was madly in love with you and you with me
But when you are unable to help pick up our broken pieces
When you would rather turn your back and hide from what's going wrong
Without gluing back together the important bits that make it love
When I don't seem to miss you quite as much as I thought I would
I'm not sure it was true love or just a dream lost on a whisper
You held my heart twice
Let go twice
This bird is flying free never to return home

7 days ago

Enough now
Your tears are scorching my face
Enough said
As we distroy the human race
Enough now
As my heart is open wide
Enough said
When I see the child huddled by your side
Enough now
Of this hatred and pain
Enough said
As our families die this way
Enough now
Lay you down to sleep
Enough said
Karma will be a sweet retreat

Oct 28

I see you
The one who runs from home
Child in arms

I see you
As others rant about their own safety
I see you
As you carry your child through dark forests and hostile countries
I see you
As others give food and rejoice at your safety
I see you
Sitting in detention centres waiting your fate
I see you
Sleeping under the stars
But it is not me that is important in your journey
You hold the fear, the pain and the total desperation
You hold in arms your future
You watch those stars above you as you fall into an exausted sleep
I hope within you you can imagine a better place
I hope you see safety returning
I pray for your children that they will know peace

I see you

Oct 28      Oct 29

She was seated in the lobby of the grandest hotel
I've ever had the pleasure to frequent
pristine down to the last detail  
smooth pencil skirt emotion lining her face

Something strangely familiar made me stop  
She looked holding me in the embrace of her stare  
Puzzled as to why I was hovering
willing me to move on
Used to strangers stopping for no reason
It was the burden she bared

She turned her head just slightly
Kind of tilting her self to get a better view
Across her beautiful cheek bone was a scar so deep
As though someone had taken a blade and tried to slice away her beauty
And yet beauty is more than skin deep

An older gentlemen shuffled past me
Holding out his arm
She rose and linked hers through his
A weary smile on lips of crimson
She turned her head
Pretending that this was normal
Pretending she didn't know who I was
Pretending she wasnt someone from the other side of town

May you sleep on sheets of satin and may lace clothe your body
You are worth more
Tell yourself this before you leave this world
You are worth so much more

Oct 27

Creeping quietly around crowded rooms
Looking to catch your eye
But your missing from this place
It really leaves me with no reason to hang around

Sometimes you just miss a certain person, it doesn't mean so much it just is as it is ...
Oct 27

I don't miss the lover in you
But I do miss the friend I found
Whilst loving you
I found I was broken
Something I don't even notice when I'm alone

  Reposted by Rai  ·  Oct 27
Wolf Spirit Poet

the artful lover will win your heart
solely by being all that you desire
with no effort and no deception

the artful lover will stroke that heart
effortlessly and without inducement
because it is their nature with you

the artful lover will make love with you
not to you or at you
and you will feel completely adored

the artful lover will tenderly break your loving heart
every moment of every day
simply by reminding you...innocuously....
that yours is the only heart worth them breaking
but will never leave you broken
tending to your every feeling
with nurture and loving care
because it is what gives them
their greatest pleasure

catering to your tender and loving heart
and it is only because they know
in their own heart, that yours is solely theirs

to break you is to know you
to know you is to love you
and to love you is to know
that they are truly loved

the artful lover wants you
broken, then unbroken
knowing that they complete you
as you complete them

call it selfish
but that is the nature of love
selfish desire balanced with
unselfish commitment
means unconditional love

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