Oct 12, 2014

You hold me so close
Sometimes it takes my breath away
Hold me now and never let go
Some times I fear the future
Because its something we never discuss
Its like a wall that we need to climb
So close and yet
Give me a foot up and Ill look over
I promise you will be the first to know
If I have the guts to tell my truths
Entwined in your arms
You are like the missing piece to my puzzle
I don't think I ever want to stop loving you
There is no escape from this place
Motivation is zero
Movement only takes us closer
Only a promise of tomorrow can break this spell
And so be it
I love hard
And fall harder still
You mesmerise me
Like a feeling of enlightened after a spiritual journey
Sometimes I feel vulnerable  
Not sure where this is leading
But unable to let go
Unwilling to ask questions
of what lies beyond the thoughts that you hold
Warmth lingers
Until tomorrow my lover
I would wait a million tomorrows
If I knew for sure you would be here
One last piece of my puzzle
And I am complete

Oct 12, 2014

So I want to write a book
I want to place all the words
My soul has bleed and splattered onto these walls
Into something I can hold
God dam emotional journey going on in my head  
Pulling up all this shit
Is making me an emotional train wreckage

Oct 9, 2014

A moment closer
To all I ever felt I deserved

A deserved moment
closer to all I ever felt

Oct 7, 2014

I shake off the feeling of dissatisfaction
The earth  shifts beneath my feet
leaving me once more hanging to a cliff
screaming for submission

Shimmer before the light of the full moon
Midnight is my favourite hour

I shall stalk the very skies in which you lie beneath
if only to catch a glimpse of the sun shining in your eyes
at the beginning of a new day

Awakening  my desire for life
You make me scream silently within my mind
I clasp my fist against my ears
willing silence to return
Willing peace to be resorted

Wisps of forgotten emotions lying upon the shore
of my thinking
Writing thoughts in the sand and letting go

What will I do I wonder with my
Thoughts swirling
Memories stirring

The frailty of my  human form
Keeps me crippled
Keeps me dissatisfied within my own skin

Sep 16, 2014      Sep 18, 2014

The demons lurk from behind sheltered memories
Pushed down for far too long
Their strength scares the hell out of you
Pushing down
Clawing their way into the light of the night
Scream if you will
No one will hear you
These are your own demons
The ones of your own making
Co-created within years of connectedness
Hell where are the perpetrators now
That you allowed to steal your peace of mind
And why is it the light of your soul didn't keep this from you
like chalk on a black board
Hell have no mercy
So shall it be
Look fear in the face like a child with the  world in their hands
No one will take this from you
It is yours to own so treat your demons with respect
They have learnt you well and keep stronger demons at bay
Let them scream and dance by the light of the moon
They are but healing and becoming the past
Kiss the ground on which you stand
Soak up the rays of the sun
They will settle again
Silently revisiting the files at the base of our soul.

Sep 16, 2014

Tracing my fingertips
Slowly across the keyboard
Trying to awaken the dreams in words that I used to ache for
Slowly realising that it all lies beneath the skin waiting to surface

Turning on the green light inside my head
Maybe I still am able to light the horizon with feelings

That lay at the base of my soul
It is comforting to know I never really left home after all.

Sep 1, 2014

As twilight approaches
A realisation
That we will never speak again floats through
A  mere thought
And its ok I guess
As the clock strikes some ungodly hour
I scream silently
Them move on
Blanketed In the safety of loves dream
Little things which bound us have withered and died
Oh how I love the breeze
Even if I close it out
I know that it will still be there if I choose to just
Open another doorway

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