13 hours ago

I don't care about the bags you carry
The shackles around your feet
Or the weight you carry inside your heart
I don't care about the scars you bare
The rope around your neck
Or the anxiety which drowns you out at times
I don't care that you disappear and I feel helpless to control this
There's nothing I can do to change your past
But I'll help you
Carry the weight and I'll undo the shackles
I'll drive your anxiety away
Leaving room for something new
Something real.

1 day ago      1 day ago

She wears fine cloth made from star dust
Sheer and fine
Jewels hang like tears from the edges of her gown
The moon is high and beckoning for her recognition
For this is a time of harvest and the wolves are howling their knowing
Hold tight child in womb all will soon be shown to you
Life returns to dust
As lovers can not agree to let love just be
The light of source is touching the spirit
Making us feel strong
Binding all that is together in its natural rhythm
Drums sound and smoke rises
Lady of this magical night stands forth and offers herself
To the great creator
Creator of distruction as much as creator of spirit
As both are of the same
Bathe in moon lit rivers and spend time with soul
Tomorrow we will hunt and break bread with fools

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Sep 15

there is an initiative
on Facebbok
for the Black Dot
to be displayed on a palm
of those suffering with
Domestic Violence
who can't speak to you
because the cause of their angst
is standing behind them
fist raised, aim true
they're not allowed
to speak to you
but if you see that
Black dot,
and their eyes are bleeding
at you, please call the police
if you know them, if you don't
ask for their phone number
which is traceable too.

Supportive entirely
to that end
I propose an initiative
in support of a Blue Dot
a dot on the hand, of those
that suffer just as quietly
every single day
Those that live in denial
those they love and live for
might get better some day
I would like to place
a Blue Dot
on both my palms
and any who see it
on me
would just hold my hand
in theirs
letting me feel a connection
Knowing they understand

Black Dot/Blue
unable to speak truth
there is no doubt
Suffering is a real thing
the coloured dot
needs you to reach out

I wish the Blue Dot was a real thing (for me) I wish harder the Black Dot becomes famous internationally, and Domestic Violence is not just a SHE thing, we need to listen to the Males too...
2 days ago

Fountains of flowing energy
Let me place my hands upon you
Breathe in , breathe out
Clear your mind
Breathe in, breathe out

3 days ago

She sits in shadows
Displaced by life
Forgotten by self
Dejected by all those Crows that fly Northwards
A Sparrow hawk calls
She remembers him but utters nothing
that is desirable
He flies onwards
Never to look upon her
Dark princess
Of lower grounds
She holds fast and keeps council with demons
Demons who roam the corridors of her soul
Pulling the cloak over her nakedness
as the stage  illuminates the way
An actress of sorts
Another west end show
A vagabond who plays her hero
Darkness falls from her
And all who are touched by her fateful hand
Will linger no more in sun drenched meadows
Too bright to see
Too good to believe
Her fearfulness becomes her
Her innocence laid bare upon a slab of false regret
Be he gone from her mind
She may be free
For what lingers a princess in darkness
Than a love betrayed
The darkened hour may find its way into any heart
The broken man
Can do as he tries
But stumbles when he beholds her stare.

3 days ago      3 days ago

Mighty and majestic
Souring floating wanting
Spreading your wings across the horizon
Brave and mighty, mystical creature

3 days ago

Threads woven
Into the shimmering fabric of time
When I close my weary eyes
And meditate I am able to
See across the years of the blind
Years that come and go
Hurts becoming nothing more than lessons learnt
Returned soldiers from a bloody battle of wits
Friends reunited but time has taken its toll
The grass is greener when the rain falls
And a spectrum covers the horizon
Oh how blessed we are when we see what is
Right in front of us
Becomes irrelevent
Take your fill
There's a source of plenty
But be mindful
Only when we really believe we deserve
Will we receive the bounty
Which is our birth right
Try to remember
In remembering
You will find your home

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