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The answer is yes yes yes
Yes I do

The question is so much more complex than this

On a subtle level I'm at peace
On a physical level I'm
What the hell
But just because I can
I will

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Harmony Thomas
Harmony Thomas
Apr 18      Apr 19

Her long fingers grasped
the midnight blue pigmented stick of oil,
pulling it across the sand coloured card
as if nothing else existed.
The way she focused on the piece of art
she was creating-a piece of art
much like herself,
was exhilarating.
On the card was variations of
shapes, colours and shades-
much like herself.
She wore a prominent frown when she drew,
shaking her head and muttering things to herself when she went outside the lines,
making her hair fall into the middle of her shoulder blades.
Just like her masterpiece, she was
made up of
shapes, colours and shades.
Eyes a large oval shape
her nose a  triangular sculpture against her soft features.
The skin on her nose and against her cheeks were a darker shade of olive,
compared to the rest of her imperfect countenance.
Hair like black coffee cascading down her back,
merely reaching her frail waist.
A sense of nostalgia surrounded her small frame.
The masterpieces she creates show sentimental meanings,
hidden with oval shapes and midnight blue pigmented sticks of oil,
much like herself.

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wolf spirit poetry

Poe...a tree
poet tree
is a forest
there are saplings
young and bold
there are oaks
and tap roots.. old
there are giants
with their rings
stories told
and utterings
every tree carries foliage
leaves of grass
and the wisest knowledge
every sapling, every root
without each other
may be moot
for if a forest is to thrive
then every tree should stay alive
dear poet, dear writer
young and old
each has a story
to be told
and if you fell
the tallest tree
what will a sapling
aspire to be?
all must flourish
all must thrive
to keep the poet tree
let's keep the poetry

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Aug 18      August 26, 2015

you don't understand how long some people have been here
you don't understand the changes we've seen
you don't understand how much we've longed for the people to
be who they be
you don't understand how it breaks our hearts
to see such infighting
bought to our world from other pages
used to back biting
you don't understand, for us
that have believed from the start
that Hello Poetry was once a place
where we always laid our heart
we gave over our life to this place
we endured every change
when you see something different here
know we have suffered more than this strange
once upon a time
in an awesome time and place
when people googled

they found this space
they found inspiration
they found laughter that never ends
they found confidantes and a place
to plant
a never ending garden of friends
So if you're from another site
drawn here by the skin of tooth
sit a while in our midnight garden
and I'll speak to you a truth

Hello Poetry has been my best friend
for over 5 years, and all the friends
I've found on here, they've danced beneath my laugh, and held onto me so tight
that if I ever fall so wrong, they'll make
it all right

And that's the saddest thing
about Hello Poetry today...
is that most don't try
to make true friends
really real friends
or interact with them
in any meaningful way

Honestly, in over 5 years I've seen it all, every single change, the arguments, the kisses, the makeups, the losses and the successes... what I really hate to see is the pettiness, the juvenile and puerile ugliness that escapes from another shore, only to find themselves washed upon our beach.... Sorry, we roast such sorry carcasses, then we eat!

26/08/2015 - I am truly stoked to see this as the Daily and humbled but so very proud by the comments and sharing of my heartfelt desire for you all to see HP as I do.... Home. Thank you everyone :)
3 days ago

All I want is for someone
Anyone to understand
The sturrings of my soul
They seem fine when the sun is shining from my  eyes
But when my darkness returns
Nothing but silence and escape

3 days ago

Dark forces beckon
Pulling me down roughly
Into a cassom of feverish memories
He left because
Because he would rather be alone than be with
Someone who wants
Needs just a fragment more than he is able to give
God dam life sucks at times
Tears only fall when I allow myself a moments worth of self pity
All around me see that I'm doing fine
Never mentioning his name
Smile on face
Always the one to deal with the brunt of everyone else's needs
Come now who needs me next
Come take another piece
I'm sure there is plenty of me to go around
I find myself so small and needy at times
But put out your hand my friend
I feel your pain
It was my destiny to find you and make you whole
Do you trust all that I say
Then come sit in this corner a while
We can rock together
Mindlessness and misunderstanding
Narrow minds and yesterday's tears
It should be a great way of getting to know each other don't you agree ?

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Feb 16, 2011

Ignore the weeping wounded
As they wallow in the mire

Fear contamination
Of your heart's desire


Palatable poison of the day


"Have you seen my courage?"
"Is it coming out to play?"

"Not today Poet
For your words are all but dead
Maybe ...
Next time
Stick to your principles
Instead of rolling over .... playing dead!"

"You have a voice
Use it
Stand tall
Walk tall
Walk proud
Believe what
Believe in

Not the needs of this faux crowd!

"I thought you were a Warrior
A God amongst mere men
But ...
When the push
Came to
The shove



Divorced yourself from Zen

"So here is my dilemma
The knot tight inside my soul
Was this just a one off?
Or will
Always roll

Always roll on with the 'in crowd'
Irrespective of the
Or will


Stand by .... what you believe in?
Stand by .... what you've been taught?"

"Fakes & Phonies
Two a penny
Cut no ice with me
But ...
For the record
I will state
My name is
Bathsheba was just a bit of fun
It held me in good stead
But now ...
I feel the time is right
To lie her down to bed"

"And as I lay her down to sleep
Silently close the door
I know she was a lot of things

But never a poet whore!

She always held her principles
In highest of esteem
She was an individual
But still part of the team
Can you my friend
Say the same
With your hand held on your heart
Or will


Stick your head in the sand
then try to pass it of


Dedicated to the countless fakes and phonies on Hello Poetry

You make me vomit with your pathetic and puerile bullshit
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