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Mario William Vitale has developed a poetic platform that extends well over 1,000 poems. Has been featured on Hubpages, Starlitecafe & Poetrysoup. Having written two short story's which are entitled, "Butch Malone & A Mountain Top Experience."
Mario William Vitale has developed a poetic platform that extends well over 1,000 poems. Has been featured on Hubpages, Starlitecafe & Poetrysoup. Having written two short story's which are entitled, "Butch Malone & A Mountain Top Experience."

Today we are given a choice. To humbly elect officials that will represent the people. Yet lately all are claims have fallen on deaf ears. W maybe in the grips of immediate danger. There are lines being drawn in the sand. Now is the time to take a stand ! That's the great beauty of our country the USA. We embrace freedom that so many of us take advantage of. Let us proclaim peace over the mass population. These are the freedom that are ancestors desperately upheld. Whether one is democrat, republican or independent. We can join hands amidst party lines. Love should be the essence of one's existence. A salute to the American flag in what it represents. Let's bring back wholesome ethics that embrace the family unite. By holding open a door for are neighbor. Visiting widows and shut ins. Feeding the homeless. With what time we use today will become evident in eternity. With faith and love embraced we can turn things around for the better of mankind !

I believe with my whole heart that Jesus was dark skinned. He was a Nazerene their complexion was not white. He spoke Aramaic & walked every where he went. His feet must have been hurting him as he took the cross for us. Can you imagine ? The real pain that he felt with the insults of the crowd. Spitting in his face by mere strangers. The blood soaked crown upon his head. With the inner impulse to flee but he never gave into it. He took the cross bare our shame. Out of his tender love for each one of us. They pierced his side and blood with water came gushing out. He knows each one of us by name & waits for us to turn to him. Would you please now accept him into your heart and be saved for your sins ?

You stand in the middle of a clearing
you take a deep breath and you sigh
You look back at the thorns and the thistles of life
the pain is there even in your eye

You stand there and breathe the free fresh air
so deeply it penetrates
It soothes the mind, it helps the heart
the soul it revives

You look to the sides and you look ahead
you don't have to look behind
For what's back there, you know about it
ahead is where you will find it

All that you wanted in the past
all of your dreams unfulfilled
Ahead is where it all really is
the past it seems so unreal

Ahead way in the distance
you dimly see a door
It's marked and all the labels read
all you could ever hope for

So breathe while you can
because you see
Between you and that great door
more thistles, more thorns, more pain of life

But isn't it worth a little more
so pull all those muscles together
Regain all your strength and your spark
look to the proper source for strength

For you have reached the halfway mark

Repent and believe the gospel. This means with God's help you do a 360 & turn to Christ. We can't do this in our own stregnth that means you must pray and wait for the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit to come over your life. Times of refreshing will come you just need quiet times alone with God. Reading his word, pray and meditation. The Christian life is not any easy road to travel. One must live by faith not by sight. Jesus knows all about your daily struggles. He provides a way of escape through fellowship with other believer's in the household of God. It's a day by day process of asking for forgiveness and true repentance. One must not be lazy or stagnant on the path. In the end you will see Jesus Christ face to face and lay your crown at his feet. He said my yoke is easy and by burden is light. Fight the good fight !

If you could only touch your soul
and let you know I care
I would remove your burdens, as well as your fears
I would give you courage for all the days to come

Lead you through the darkness when night should come
In the sunlight of tomorrow, we would walk hand in hand
to where I would give you freedom to be a total man
For love does not limit, shackle or degrade

Her eyes do not look for fault within mortal man
love seeks to give pleasure, as well as gentle care
She will share her powers, should you fall into despair
she will heal with compassion, and understand your plight

Show you new horizons as you join her in flight
love longs to be your soul mate and places no demands
She sees the deep desires in the soul of mortal man
freedom of movement and expression

A need of every soul is just around the corner to have and to hold
for love, free spirit will teach you her ways
She will guide you through eternity and the mystical way
love is never forceful, with patience she waits

To show that you are special in a very unique way
reach out to receive, freedom of the soul
Your eyes will perceive a wonder to behold
for love goes on forever

Blessings to bestow, she will be your companion where ever you may go

The city is a morgue, as I look into the night
Each one is his own lord,
governed by a flashing light
No graceful compensation, where he broken hearts adorn
Utopia the nation, where all new souls must be born
a candle wick is burning, sending fire it's own way
You even may be learning, in the mire day by day
and who am I, the victim, who must stop death when it calls
Or banned by the restriction, of the shadow as it falls

The desert is a sea, made of sand like heat's own toy
no open arms are reaching, where the laughter comes to end
the hour's for beseeching;
Go wherever fate will send
An opera of the future, put itself onto the stage
the mind in need of nurture,
sometimes cries in mournful rage
And who am I, the dreamer, being backed against the walls
now the ray becomes a streamer,
and the shadow as it falls

The island is a loner, needing nothing but the breeze
and I am but a roamer, seeing promise in the trees
No heaven in the distance, at the top of the floating clouds
Thinking of the word "Resistance".
how I feel between the crowds
A windmill gently turning, on and on forever more
for paradise I'm yearning, and the time comes to explore
Hear the echo's bouncing vision,
in the deepness of the halls
I must make the last decision
with the shadow as it falls

Eat, drink and be merry now. Live it up you only live once. The world will tell you this it's just a lie. No, instead serve Jesus now with hearts filled with compassion. The world wants to fit you into it's mold so you will do what you are told until the rights to you are sold. They will never tell you the truth when there living a big fat lie. Satan wants you to live and reign with him in Hell. There will be no party there only suffering and being isolated from the Lord for all eternity. Friends, the world lives by sight they have no mentality of biblical truth cause they are spiritually blinded by the devil. He only comes to kill, steal and destroy. I have seen what the world has to offer me and it can't hold a song or a prayer to what my father did when he held his hands in the air. This is real love "Jesus Christ" !

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