1993 -   
The name's Shayla
I love geeky things,
I love to write
I love tea :)
and I love my cat Serenity.
The name's Shayla
I love geeky things,
I love to write
I love tea :)
and I love my cat Serenity.
Jul 18

Is like a jab through my ribs of uncertainty

They scare me.
I can't use they well
Why did I ever think I could be a writer?

Mar 28

Wearings dads old plaid shirt
Tab after tab of Craiglist adds
pet friendly home
rent 650

I'll be leaving soon

Mar 28

Leaving your place
embrace among smokers
desperately taking their last inhales

Complimentary Lipton tea
I forgot such things exist
covering up the mistake
of hour long stops

turn, turn, bump, lean
This tea can't save my stomach
I am happy
I was able to exist with you

Sep 27, 2013

There's no love in a
empty inbox
empty mailbox
empty grasp
There's no love in a
empty smile
empty voice
empty gaze

Dec 18, 2012

I used to be blue
reflecting off the lover
my water
now it’s so dusty
I can’t even see her.

We used to share rain
like kisses
pure, clean
Now I might as well be throwing
dirt in her face.

I used to be respected
as a sculpture
no one dared to cut into my sides
Now the cutting happens on a daily basis.

They pave their roads into me
cars constantly bruising my skin
What happened to coming to me to heal?
Now you bring your greed and problems here.

I used to be wanted
the earth gladly greeted me with green.
People soaking up my rays
now they hid in their houses.

Taking supplements to replace me
then they wonder why they don’t shine

Dec 18, 2012

Take your hurt, get your coat and your boots
and lets go out in the rain.

The sky is dark, I’m wet all through
yet why is the rain so beautiful.

We wear our trauma on our hands
and lift them up to the sky
saying “wash it away, oh please wash it away”.

Dec 14, 2012

Why do you keep getting used by the wrong people!
put on the safety switch
lock down
and miss the shots

When you are in the right hands
you protect
when you are used wrongly
you kill

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