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Regret nothing. Be careless
Regret nothing. Be careless

Be a lady, young luck!
You're to me so dear.
Light be in the dark!
Don't let pain go near.

Set us all, pretty, free.
Help our honest fight.
Never ever  let us be.
Wield my sword tight.

I finally came up with the homage poem.
#freedom   #luck   #chant  
  Mar 16  Demy Molentor
Beautiful Phoenix
Beautiful Phoenix
Nov 10, 2014

Ode to my teacher,
oh what a wonderful,
delightful, energetic

So full of love,
and patient when
we need it most
my teacher.

It's a shame you
have to go before
the rest of us do.

This is an ode
to you - our teacher
to thank you
for your help along
our way.

You are like the tree
and us the apples of
your eye. Love us-

We hold you with the
importance of the sun
for we are the plants
bowing our heads to you -

we have used similes
and metaphors
just for you -
our beautiful teacher.

Thank you -

Written on behalf of my entire English Class as a surprise to our student teacher on her final day. I was ill and did not get to see them presenting her with the framed and signed copy but I heard she did cry.

Really though, it's for all the teachers out there going above and beyond for their students
  Mar 16  Demy Molentor

Little taps against my windowsill
so pleasing, pleasing,
teasing, teasing
sweet rain falling, gently falling
singing me to sleep
Like carrying me in his loving arms
carrying me to dreamland
like a musical melody~

#sleep   #rain   #melody   #lullaby  

i only live this year for sure
none shall tell my fortune further.
i gonna live through with passion,
but i won't try guessing what's ahead.
maybe it would way way worse,
or maybe i'll witness a revolution.
maybe sun will slay me with it's fire,
and maybe it will guard me with it's light.
therefore i go ahead holding onto no hope.
i gonna live just for a year for sure.
but there is no way telling what's beyond...

i gonna return to the state light,
i'll no more cross the line.
let tne moon guard me shining bright
and then i will stay pretty fine.

darkness won't swallow me until dawn ,
and the inner lights always keep me safe.
i can't stop with so much not yet done,
Therefore i will just try and stay brave.

#fear   #moon   #hope   #dark   #light  

Maybe I'm strong enough to stand on my own,
And maybe I'm to weak to try trusting once more.
Maybe I'm brave enough  to fight alone for my life.
And maybe I'm to coward to run for my dream.
Who knows...

When nothing is wrong at all,
There is something wrong for sure.

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