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Scribbling Feelings

i was once told that
you spend your whole life
rewriting the very first poem
that you ever loved.

and if that is true,
if the universe aligns in such a way
that our minds consist of
words that end up

at that one poem we found
that loved us through the darkness,
that the clouds traced in
our first sunrise,

then, my love, i am to love you
with every dream and i
am to pen you down in ink,
with every thought in my mind.

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elizabeth j
elizabeth j
1 hour ago

Daddy you have to come save me,
there's a spider as big as a plate.
It keeps crawling closer and closer,
come quickly before it's too late.

Mum will you tuck in my teddies,
their blanket slipped onto the floor.
They're looking so awfully chilly,
yes i know that you did it before.

Dad can you do me a favour,
there's a giant moth flying around.
I can't close my eyes and sleep nicely
while it's making that fluttery sound.

Mummy i'm feeling so thirsty
for a drink from my favourite cup
and then i'll be quiet i promise
'cos it's now nearly time to get up !

by EJ.

Yes, all true.
( My dolls and teddies were tucked up every night across the bottom of my bed.)
Maybe I was a little spoiled .... but so cute with it !  :)
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Sk Abdul Aziz
Sk Abdul Aziz
22 hours ago      11 hours ago

Don't leave me alone in the house
For just like me the house refuses to function without you
The TV seems uninteresting when you are not there to watch it
Food loses it's taste
The taps refuse to co-operate
The curtains tease and torment me
The cat doesn't want to eat
For just like me he seems lost without you
The fans and the air-conditioner seem useless
For only you can calm the fire that burns my soul
The lights don't seem to work
For nothing is as illuminating as your presence
The house without you seems like a graveyard
So please come back
'Coz the bed just like my heart is getting cold....

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23 hours ago

I recall our high place
Where we worshipped on summer nights
Sitting on the pond bank
Watching the sky's reflection on the still waters
Every star perfectly mirrored
We skipped stones along the lucid summer sky
Paying our tithes with moist kisses
Eternity whispered in our ears with breezes
Prayers scattered along the waters edge in white flower petals
We two children, closer to whatever God resided then in our hearts,
Than we would ever be again
Our laughter echoed like church bells rang on Sundays for worship call
The moon, our reverend, calling our hearts
To The Great Alter of All That Is
Time was still and stollen
We lived then,
I go there sometimes still and think of you
Since you were plucked so carelessly as the most beautiful of lotus lillies

I believe this is the first thing I've ever written that I couldn't give a title. Suggestions are welcome.
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1 day ago      9 hours ago

Craft me melting
soliloquies. Make
them pithy
or witty or long
and dripping.
My heart beats
faster when you
reveal your passion.

Riff me pretty with
words and phrases.
The feels are
good for me.
My heart bleeds
free in this cold
We are born as
doves and lost
to war-
The strength you
show is beautiful.

Take me along
in your pocket
of snake and
stones to
skip along ponds
and rivers
of shivers
we can discover
with our fingers
and brains,
splurging on
the talent of
many names.

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Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
2 days ago      2 days ago

Anxiety is a furious storm,
brewed and born
beneath the shade
of the cage of your ribs.
A mere heartbeat between
the dread of the unseen
and what reality truly is.
I've lived too many years
focusing with fear just in case
all is about to break,
without ever learning
that to truly unburden,
you mustn't lend worry
the time nor the strength.

J.M. 2017

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1 day ago

As I sit on the shore
of the long forgotten sea,
I wish with my heart that for once,
you would think of me.

All those years, I was there
a sunflower among the weeds,
they surrounded me, whining in my ear,
trying to change me, to take away the truth,
but even still in the end,
I continued to turn towards the sun.

Life is like an ocean,
and I am like the tide,
everyone chooses to swim past, or drown themselves,
all along I had been content with just floating on,
embracing everything and everyone
heading towards me,
but in the end, I am still never enough.

I was never one to ask for much,
standing by in the hurricane of desire
with half closed eyes and soft wits
in the lovely, cool, shimmering rain,
I did what you asked
wiped my tears away and swallowed my pride,
and no matter how it hurt,
I still got up each day, and smiled.

Now, our time is almost up,
and your bitterness continues to build each day,
well, I hope that you see
what you've done only when it's too late.
All along, I never wished anything cruel on you,
but now, may this be the final straw.
May you be endorsed in regret
because for you in the end,
there will be nothing left of me at all.

for you, mom.
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Ladybug and Firefly


One little fairy
With a heart so blue
Fluttered all about
Admiring the view

Dreaming of a prince
From a far away land
Wishing he would come
To take her by the hand

She plucked flower petals
And she wished upon stars
Sought out the mage fairy
For love spells and charms

In her shy tender voice
She recited those spells
And sent them on a breeze
To the land where he dwells

Days turned to nights
And nights into day
She waited for her prince
But her prince never came

This blue little fairy
Wondered was it too late
Had she waited too long
For true love's true mate?

She closed her eyes tight
Searched deep in her heart
Just one final wish and
And then she'll depart

She wished for a love
That is pure and true
One that shines light
On a heart that is blue.

With her eyes still closed,
She heard a fluttering wing
Her thoughts began to dance
While her heart began to sing.

His beautiful voice came
Like a sweet love song
"I'm so sorry my love
For taking so long,

But you need no spells
My love for you is true
The magic in my heart
Is the magic of you."


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Daniel Irwin Tucker
Daniel Irwin Tucker
1 day ago      20 hours ago

Our tidal orphan has but
Reflected light to offer
As does a monolithic orphanage
With cold harsh policies
Being furtively undermined
By beautifully wise children.

           --Daniel Irwin Tucker

We, the children of
The United Intellectual States of HP
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Jan 31      Feb 1

The holes in her gaberdine gape,
she doesn't like what she sees
And lost from the mantra
she angles left to the dead,
where the bliss of vice
like twilight, temporary,
quells the advancing war in her head
to a passing storm in her drowning lung,
where happens she cries when she's drunk.

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