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Sk Abdul Aziz
Sk Abdul Aziz
21 hours ago

When your parents abandon hurts
When your lover abandons hurtss
But when your friend abandons hurtsss the most

There is a slim chance but still a chance that you'll recover from the first two shocks...the recovery from the third one though is extremely challenging.[virtually impossible in some cases.]

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Elizabeth J
Elizabeth J
3 days ago      2 days ago

Another year has come and gone,
they fly so quickly by
and although you'd been so poorly
I didn't think that you would die.

The phone call came at midnight
and we rushed back to your side,
a single tear lay on your cheek,
how I hate to think you cried.

I can only pray your weeping
wasn't loneliness or fear,
but because you sensed the presence
of a loved one standing near.

I have to look for comfort
in the things we just can't know,
that my father took your hands in his
and said it's time to go.

Now when I'm really missing you
and feel so very sad,
I fill my mind with images
that you are with my dad.

I can feel you both beside me,
almost close enough to touch
and I smile and whisper softly
that I love you both so much.

by EJ.

mum and dad,
missing you both.
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Druzzayne Rika
Druzzayne Rika
23 hours ago

Somewhere around the globe
An earth shattering discovery is being made
and somewhere else,
a new chemical is synthesised ,
In some hospital ,
a life is being saved
and in a house somewhere far
A little boy is crying ,after he failed
While on the street ,
someone found his phone is stolen
And in a cafe nearby ,
a girl is sipping her coffee daydreaming
And at the same time ,
while along with some significant things take place
I sit across my laptop
scribbling some verses while I eat chips

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Sukanya Sinha Roy
Sukanya Sinha Roy
22 hours ago

He was so adorable
With the most charming smile
We were friends at a single glance
Sharing life stories after just a short while

He told me his dreams
And I told him mine
We shared ice-creams on the sidewalk,
Laughed like crazy, feeling our eyes shine

We ran after yellow butterflies
And rolled on the meadows green
Picked bunches of sweet wildflowers
Drank from the fountain’s sparkling sheen

When the moon switched places with the sun,
To begin counting the nightly hours
His eyes shone with chaste happiness
As we watched the star-spangled showers

Then I sat him on my knee and soothed his curly hair,
He looked so tiny and adorable, so pure and true
Couldn’t just help feeling,
That he belonged to me and you.

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18 hours ago

I wake with tired eyes.
But what are they tired of?
Tired of life, the horrors and injustices in this world?
These old wise eyes know when something is wrong,
Even when my indifferent brain doesn't.
It's their way of letting me know

#life   #horror   #injustice  
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Acrostic Annie

This tattered soul fallen to earth
His mighty God he displeased
Evil surrounding this once innocent

Fire from the gates of Hell burning this fallen
Angel while he weeps
Love from the heavenly Father
Lost for all eternity and beyond
Enlightened but the time has passed
Never to regain favor of the heavens

Another being of light challenging the force of
Nature that was created by the mightiest hand
Grace was once given freely
Exclaiming "hallelujah" one final time the fallen angel
Languishing away into the darkness

#lost   #angel   #fallen   #soul   #acrostic  
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1 day ago

World Weary And Walking Dead
I Have Outstayed My Welcome
It's Time For Bed

#life   #death   #tired  
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2 days ago

"A Robert Palmer please, and two ultras for my friends here." sais the over weight man in pink golf shorts.
Of course sir
"I bet she purrs like a kitten between the sheets. Haha!" whispers the man sitting next to the pink golf shorts
"Look at that ass!", laughs the grey haired checkered shirt
"I'll smack it when she brings our order, bro.",replies pink shorts
Here is your Robert Palmer sir.
And two ultras.
They laugh

Head dropped
Tears fall
Shame felt

Yellow Haired Servant Girl

I work spring, summer, and fall at a country club. I'm a waitress. As a single mother I put up with this rude behaviour on a regular basis. Next time you're out to eat, be kind to your waitress. She's a person too. And please, forgive my darkness as of late. I'm trying....
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Sukanya Sinha Roy
Sukanya Sinha Roy
3 days ago      3 days ago

Somber strings of pink strum the hum of dawn
The hymn of time, as it wakes their day new-born
A litany of untold trust that plays on and on
This they believe, is their song

Rising and falling with each wave of their ocean
Lifting falsetto, lungs bursting with turbulent passion
Tides pounding to crescendo, Doum-Doums of emotion
This they believe, is their song

Melody of sonata silent sunset brings on
Lyrics erased, only stillness remains to sing on
Faith drops her head peacefully on his shoulder,
Their evening is all crimson, octaves and words long gone
This they believe, is their song

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Sukanya Sinha Roy

A hush of hundred wings

Flocks of geese rise in unison to the blue

Onward to faraway lands of their home

Spring beckons, to a world of bloom anew

Sky ward they rise and turn with the bend of the river

Wet reeds nod and whisper a farewell song

The morning breeze sees them off with a passionate shiver

They would perhaps return again in the hue of winter

Or perhaps, never, ever.

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