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Sk Abdul Aziz
Sk Abdul Aziz
13 hours ago

It's one thing to believe in's entirely another thing to act upon it. At times i've found sacrifices difficult to the beginning it stings a bit but at the end of it when i see that sign of happiness on the face of the person for whom i've done makes it worth it.

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Carved from rock and water
we learned to dance
like the stars we shine
flamed footsteps into the Earth
every bush is burning
each breath a furnace
every love a flame.

Carved from rock and water
we dance across the sky
and like stars we shine
flamed footsteps into the night
every bush is burning
each breath a furnace
every love a flame.

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Jan 14      Jan 15      Jan 22, 2017

at times
unstable as water
yet strong
as the oceans

i pin
down words
and live
in my poems.

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The Sea

The sea never did set for a journey alone
Her arms reached out to the world,
Her feet spread wide encapsulating a wider margin of earth en masse
Harrowing were her days when men visited,
Each cupping and taking turn squeezing her breasts
And when they were done, they left her in the middle of the coldest of storms

It was her generosity and honesty that paved ways for her
She has been a helper and a Savior all her life
Leading the way and helping men find their lost road
But there was a dark path to her
Her dark days.
Those days that swallowed all virtues and greatest of men, leaving the innocent ones screaming and begging for a second Chance, so unfortunately they all drowned beneath the grave of the sea

Ovi Odiete©

The Sea
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train wreak you diffused specks of hazel
that nude lipsticks were rigid romances
shriveling moans of moon light
slurring sequences with bold touches
like poetry smearing against slender ankles
humming cherry
"let your hands linger by my thighs"

#metaphor   #romance   #emotion   #lipstick   #touch   #cherry   #explicit   #nude   #thighs   #hazel  
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David Hewitt
David Hewitt
2 days ago

Who ate my slice of the happiness pie?
Could it be that man with a twinkle in his eye?
Wiping his mouth as he skips on by
Better bake me another from the tears that I cry

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Kelly Weaver
Kelly Weaver
2 days ago

Lust has a name
The same name I whisper in my dreams
Lust has hands as soft as silk and eyes that shine like the stars
Touch like lightening and a laugh like thunder
A smile that could blind.

And Heartbreak shares this name
Heartbreak has a voice that could tear down walls
A grip that could crush the pyramids and words that could turn tides
It has the power to make you wish for the impossible and ache at the sight of a face
I should know.

Lust and Heartbreak have a name.

You know it like it's your own.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #depression   #lust   #crush   #rejection  
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Doug Potter
Doug Potter
2 days ago

Take your average dog
it does not partake in birthday

parties or attend weddings,
theatrical  events

bar and bat mitzvahs
nor dabble in oil painting;

yet the pooch makes
the most out its twelve

years of life and appears
happy when compared

to the seven billion
humans on earth.

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phil roberts
phil roberts
2 days ago      1 day ago

All of the shining mad ones
With their heresies of reality
And other visions and other voices
Are not diminished
By the multitude of choices
That is their truth
Upon each waking day

They are woken by the howl
From beyond the first ear
And into the deeper mind
Where there is other language
And blinding colours of emotion
For madness has the purity of pain
That martyrs can only long for

                                           By Phil Roberts

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Mary Scott
Mary Scott
2 days ago

I don't miss fucking on your brothers bed, sweating on plastic wrapped mattresses,
Or hitting my head on the frame,
Hearing my name when you came,
Or laughing about getting caught too many times to count,
I don't miss wasting away on your couch, watching Game Show Network and eating takeout,
Or making out after fighting,
Or turning out the lights in the house to sneak by the rest of the family after sex,
I don't miss it but I digress

#love   #sex   #personal   #freeverse   #nsfw   #jmk  
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