My name is Amanda.
I am 14,
I write because poetry runs through my veins.
My mother Lady R.F is my inspiration.

I aspire to be a novelist,
I live in books
My name is Amanda.
I am 14,
I write because poetry runs through my veins.
My mother Lady R.F is my inspiration.

I aspire to be a novelist,
I live in books
  3d  Little Lady ARF
Lady RF
Lady RF
5 days ago

I really hit rock-bottom,
It felt like the earth
had swallowed me whole,

I was in total pitch-black darkness,
I felt mentally and emotionally numb,
whilst all alone in that pit--that morbid hole.

I didn't know what was happening,
I was drowning in sheer madness,
I was unable to stand,

I wasn't able to think straight,
I needed to hold a loving, caring, friendly hand.

Then, came a voice from above me,
Or maybe it was all in my head,

It told me to listen carefully,
It told me not to give up,
I had only fallen, I was not dead.

It reminded me that I am precious,
It reminded me that I am strong,

It reminded me that I am worthy,
that I am beautiful, inside and out,  
and that surrendering was very,
very wrong.

This voice fed me
desperately needed courage  
and Self-compassion,
It reached into my soul,

It gave me new direction,
It pulled me out of that dark,
scary, lonely, black hole.

It was full of love and wisdom,
It was empathetic and kind,

It was exactly what i needed,
A message from God,
straight to my heart,
clearing my chaotic mind.

I have gone through a difficult transformation,
I have gone back to being the real me
that I was many years before,

I am seeing and thinking clearer...
I pray that this transition
is successful and permanent  -
may I stay true to myself

By Lady R.F (C) 2017

A blessing came from hitting rock-bottom.
I believe it gave me the courage to remove the smog i hid behind.
I am me again,
Yes i am Rosalie again -
God is great!

Still a long way to go,
but I'm feelimg like the real me again.
A special thank you
to my precious friends
for holding me up.
I appreciate you all!
  3d  Little Lady ARF
Lady RF
Lady RF
4 days ago

An innocent pure-white heart
does not see manipulation coming
from a distance,

It does not imagine such hurtful things
in its gentle empathetic existence.

It does not see the dark evil monsters
behind their masks--in disguise,

It does not recognise the difference
between genuine truth and shifty dirty lies.

By Lady R.F (c) 2017

  Mar 20  Little Lady ARF
Lady RF
Lady RF
Mar 5

If I could vacuum-clean
all of the dark clouds
from the sky above your head,
I would.

If I could make the sun shine
after stopping the rain,
I would.

If I could send you
an everlasting rainbow
to brighten-up all of your days,
I would.

If I could shoot
a wishfilled falling star
your way,
I would.

For you, if I could,
I would!

By Lady R.F ©2017

A little prayer for my family and friends.
Dedicated to anyone going through hardships.
If I could, I would!

I truly appreciate this prayer making the daily! All thanks be to God!
  Mar 17  Little Lady ARF
Lady RF
Lady RF
Mar 17

How can anyone know
what you are feeling,
when you don't even know yourself?

How can anyone understand
what you are going through,
when it makes no sense to one's self?

How can anyone begin to determine
the thoughts that are running
through your mind?

Nobody can feel or understand
the raw emotions
that you alone come to find!

Nobody knows you better
than you know yourself,

If your lucky, in your lifetime,
you may unravel the riddle;
only then
will you find your true self!

By Lady R.F ©2017

  Mar 17  Little Lady ARF
Lady RF
Lady RF
Mar 17

The tide
has washed out,

Leaving only fear
and doubt.

The sand
on the bare, naked shore
is damp and cold,

The tide swept away
all that was
meaningful--the treasure
of gold!

Picture perfect,
now a distant memory,

Out of sight
is their beautiful life -
a love exemplary.

The crystal-clear water
has travelled too faraway
to reach-out and touch,

Long gone
is their loving reflection -
aching, they both miss it
so much!

By Lady R.F ©2017

  Mar 16  Little Lady ARF
Lady RF
Lady RF
Feb 22

I've been beaten down,
torn apart and ripped to shreds -
I have the war scars to prove it,

I've been knocked down,
broken to pieces and left out in the cold -
I've been trampled and defeated.

I've managed to stay alive -
It's nothing short of a miracle,

I've managed to turn my pain
into poetry--an art -
I've even managed to make it lyrical!

By Lady R.F ©2017

Poetry is my life!
Without it I would be completely lost
In a world I don't fit into.
  Mar 16  Little Lady ARF
Lady RF
Lady RF
Feb 28

She loved him so much
because he was her solace,

Their relationship was beautiful,
it was flawless.

He was her shadow
and her guiding light,

He was her moonlight
on every dark, scary night.

He was her boulder,
looking over the water's edge,

More than just a rock,
he kept her from falling off
many a dangerous cliff's ledge.

Because he was her armour,
her heavy-duty shield,

Nothing ever got to her -
there wasn't a weapon he didn't wield.

He put out raging fires,
he made everything alright,

He had an answer for everything,
there was no battle
he wasn't prepared to fight.

He was the serene calm
after an exhausting day,

He was her rainbow,
he made everything okay.

Because he loved her
for all that she truly was,

Because he always did
what a real man always does.

She adored him,
she always reached for his hand,

What happened to change that...
she will never understand -
never will she truly understand!

By Lady R F ©2017

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