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zoey Nov 2013
the person who im i might
be in love with
is in love with someone else

he's in love with a girl with brown hair
and hazel eyes, and love in her heart and
the sun in her eyes

while im the girl he's ******* around with
blonde hair, and no love in her heart more like
sadness and no sun in her eyes more like black,
deep, gross depression.
zoey Nov 2013
im sorry i wasnt what
you needed
or what you wanted

but to make it any better
you were what i needed
you were everything i ever
wanted in someone

you're in my veins, my blood,
you're inside my head you ****
i hate every ******* thing about you
but i still love you

i chose you ever ******* time
every time you ran from me
and left me i always took you back

and i regret it.
zoey Nov 2013
today someone told me
'i want you to forgive the person who's
hurt you the most, and to tell that
that it is okay'

and when i did that
you hurt me again
you called me a **** and ruined everything
when you were the only one ive been with
the only one i've truly loved

you are the only thing
i have ever loved
and i really shouldnt have

i know i should forgive you
but i want you to love me again
and you're the one
who needs to be sorry
zoey Nov 2013
today was ****
just like every other day
i just feel like
it got worse
zoey Nov 2013
the sadness
has taken over today
and i have barely gotten out of
bed today

i have not done anything today
and tomorrow is school
i can already sense that
it is going to be very ******

so someone come
save me

i am very tired
and i cannot write now
zoey Nov 2013
i miss you
and i hope you're doing good
but we can't talk
or speak because you left
i wish you would stop coming back
and then leaving again

because you're breaking my heart
and i dont think i cant take this

and the one thing i hate is that
no matter how much i try and hate you
and try to move on from you
i cant because i still love you

i love how your hair smells like the ocean
and how your lips curl up on one side when you smile
i love everything about, but i know
i should hate every
part of
zoey Nov 2013
you're the girl
with the brown hair and
the bright baby blue eyes

you're the girl
with the great taste in music
we both like the same bands,
and they saved both of our lives

you're the girl
who cries herself to sleep
because the person who was
always there for you left for another person

you're the girl
who sits in the bathtub
and cuts herself until she's
satisfied about how red the water is
and how ****** her arm is

you're the girl
who get pushed around at school
and pretends to be okay
with her fake smiles and favorite
university sweatshirts and leggings

she's the girl
who i want to save
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