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Zac Walter Sep 2018
Laid on a starbound white vessel of profound sspirit.
Dont pay attention to the horrors in the shadow, they can eat you alive if you let them.
They aren't folk heroes, They're faux heroes

Alien tremors like indigo ephemerals
The vibrations are not elastic but
Real creatures in the night
The sun isn't shining light, its sharing a shadow
Believe what you want, spiritual by passing at best
The skull eclipses have gone and went
The moon lets the blood, the dark
Has sent its blessings
Time to move on, shedding skin
Like cocooned butterflys or snakes at age
A new age of reality has begun on the 4th page
4 dimensions
Burn some sage, prepare for the transcendence
Zac Walter Sep 2018
A conduit for snake eyes languidly grazing minds in open space. I want to give you a Machiavellian makeover: fill your head with dreams of self success at the detriment of progress. The process to use each person in succession.

The regression to our inner lizard mind
Remind me how to be human again
Im slipping on the cloud of self love
Forgetting the love around me
Let me come back to ground, my mind sound
In tune around the static electricity
Zac Walter May 2018
Chaos of oceanic thunder
Loud, sharp static
Crashing to pull me asunder
Thrashing under the maelstrom
I find comfort in the tides
And open my gills
I'll swim with your pull
And coast with your push
I will rise again.
Zac Walter May 2018
Timid to rap
To lap up the offers at your lap
Sinning at the alter
Trapped in faults, saunter around
Drugs polevault me, lapse
Into an aloof stupid goof
Sad I cant act my mindtrack
With tact, the passion enacted
Then retracted
Feel the lacks in my step
Lackidascial trap
Unable to unwrap myself
From the anxiety
Depression saps the present
Destroys my effervescent
I don't know how to cope
But wrapping myself in comatoast
Copastetic roasts, 6 drug cocktail
More most of the time until time I
Can't tell. More than a month gone by
and here I am still moving like a snail
in the emotional realm
You're a wildfire burning with salt
On a flattop grill, feel like a slab of
meat, butchered and killed
Want you to wrap your fingers around my neck until I can't feel my breath
Scratches on me but I can't feel
Drugs got me numb
Thinking they will heal
Zac Walter May 2018
My biggest mistake
To stop writing while presenting
To draw not representing
Repressing music inundated
With the light softened by glow
Not here too often
Too often in another worldly flow
Too depressing
Not fully accepting
Hate in myself defining
Nothing I have is mine n
Nothing I have is mine
Dissection of thoughtlines
possession of self dying
I need my ego
And if I said I didn't I was lying
Ressurection of self riding
On two sphinx wings flying
Read these words whilst dying
Zac Walter Jan 2018
Cloaked in black velvet and silver adorned skull peices. A halo of anxiety sits over my head. The intrusive pornographic thoughts rumble like holograms in front of my minds eye. Iris's and lillys. Dandelions and sunflowers. I want to stick my fingers in all the flowers and taste their pollen on my lips. Fantasia salivation elicted with cowbell bass drops. *** sells in seconds, lust in hours, love in years

Feeling  like a ****** journalist. Her, another with straight bangs. A septum and ****** peircing peirce me straight through the heart. Its vanity but its a start.
Let me wrap you in eagle feathers and wolf fur. Let me exercise your cowskull traumas, raging buffalo hormones into rebirth
Huff and blow moaned words into ear canals as I enter your eternal.
Infernal like the lusts of hell
Ethanol and bossom busts sell in seconds, Lost in hours with love to fear.
Gold halo of Anxiety paired with a silver skull clad in black velvet
Thrusts of the pelvic
Release whats held in
Redesigned pulpit seldom held words in
Align with me the divinity felt in
*** (in)finite feelings that last in transnce. Slowly peeling away strips of skin to permanance.
Feeling an earnest sense of wonderment. No time to wonder what it meant when impermance is permanent

Smoke cigarettes for the hurt when life has turned to **** but you heard it when i said i love you and you turned a bit. Looked in my eyes and i caught a glimpse of a future id like to witness. Didnt hear a word you said but i saw the world in your eyes instead. Tried to listen but my brain went dead
No words to say when you glow infared. Hotter than the spectrum
of sight. Glowing infared,
Youre hotter than spectrums of light so burn me like Arizona sunlight
Slap ***, hand shaped sunburn from a liquid honey night. *** on lap, lap up the *** like the last watersource, pour it on my face until gasps of air you hear. Taste your pollen near my lips nectarine fallen on your chest.

Feel the lasting affects
Of sexs' (in)finitely affixed fixation on transience. Glowing infared and ambient. Flowing energy in the pits of sacral chakras, returned to the crown and passed back down. Circulating intuitive lessons, divine bits of each other imbued in fission, fuse them into   living. Seperated by the gods as two seperate beings, unite mind, body, soul
Freeing all in estatic feeling.
Peeling all the tragic sealed in
Two seperate beings fleeing
Into impermanance
Towards a permanent form of seeing
666 eyes healing
Zac Walter Jan 2018
Love lined
In 4/4s and 3/5ths    
Off tone but sublimed
Hunch right to see ya'
Like the leaning tower of Pizza
inclined to take ya out for pizza
Looking like a mona lisa look a alike
But they got you mistook
You're your own woman
The best alive in my book
The best in my life understood me
Never took me for granted
Instead she planted a seed in me
Watch me grow, grant wishes infinitely
Sowed love but never sold love, give that away for free  
Grow above the traumas facing me
We can grow above the traumas
Plain to see we can grow above
Whats pained us to be human
Its not all slayer and doom in
This world. Theres beauty in humanity. In you and me.
I can see the beauty in you
Hope youll be able to see whats plain
to see
The divine beauty within your deeds
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