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Belladreamer Sep 2015
Did I leave the your heart on?
I think I forgot my mind.
Where did I put myself?

These are running Inside my head because I'm paranoid.
I deal with this everyday because I am paranoid.
I need explanation and assurance because I'm paranoid.

Are you leaving me?
I forgot you already did.
Have you forgotten about me?
Where are you?

These are my heart's questions because I'm paranoid.
I can't deal with this because I've been hurt enough to be paranoid.
I need answers because I'm paranoid.
Left me again..
Belladreamer Sep 2015
“You enjoy this.
You dig your fingertips into the places I am hurting in as if to prove the suspicion that I am weaker. That the blood there isn’t yours.
It is mine.
So you keep holding your hands up to the sunlight on the days when my ache is greater than yours as if to prove the suspicion that my blood has always stained the longest.
You enjoy this.
You don’t see yourself as the weaker of us two because I am always falling apart before you but the truth is, I am giving more than you are.
I am only emptier than you because I don’t love in halves and you do.
You always do."
  Sep 2015 Belladreamer
cheryl love
When life throws its everything at you
Crushing your plans, throwing its weight
Cling on to something, there is still love
The door has not closed, it's never too late.

When you think you've been left on life's shelf
Where you think life has passed on by
Cling on to the never ending dream
There is still an extra arrow from cupid to fly.

There are more fish in the sea than you think
It is still worth the extra effort to throw the bait
So cast extra line, don't throw away the key
the door is still open for love, it is never too late.
Belladreamer Aug 2015
Sometimes tears say all there is to say. Sometimes your first scars won't ever fade away.
Belladreamer Aug 2015
The sun hid among the clouds;
The rain kept pouring down;
The mood had lost its light;
The stars forgot to shine

I try to run from the pain I'm feeling
But I find no place to go
I keep looking and thinking for you
'Cause my heart knows it belongs to you

Why do you have to leave?
When all that was left for me was you
When all that was worth waiting was for you
When I had nothing but you

I wanted to be with you forever and always
But it seems you have closed your heart
Your love was the closet thing to magic
But you took it all away when you left.
Do you still remember everything? Everytime you left me.
Belladreamer Aug 2015
There comes a point where you just love someone,
not because they're good or bad.
You just love them the way they are.
Late night thoughts
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