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syd Apr 2016
Poetry isn't about being able to relate.

It's exactly like watching scenes of a movie,
feeling the emotions someone else has create.

Thoughts in purest form,
you've been gifted the ability
to have an understanding of one
another that goes beyond this world.  

- a peer into someone's soul
syd Apr 2016
We lay in your bed all day letting love and laziness consume our heads. You pull me further and i giggle with a grin. This boy, my god he makes me want to sin. I kiss you over and over again. Playfully indulging in all that you have said, the promise of your whispers to my ear so sweet & sincere. A boy like you is so dangerous but i'm not scared. All i know is that i could lay in your bed forever without a question or care, because after i saw the light in your eyes no one could ever compare

- (s.m)
syd Apr 2016
i'm lying next to you now
There's hardly any sound

Entangled feet and my racing
heartbeat is all that matters now

You seem to take a hold of me,
the thought of you swirls around my head

Grinning while i write poetry about you
when you're lying next to me in my bed

syd Dec 2015
Once upon a time there was a woman.
But this wasn't just any woman, you see.
She was the strongest seed.

She flourished and bloomed  
and grew up through the dirt
Despite her pain and hurt.
She was the strongest seed.

As she grew on, she pollinated
something within side of me.
This very woman gave life
to a mere seedling like me.

You see, this woman is my mother
and this seedling is me.
And although i am incomparable to her
She gave me the strength to one day
become a beautiful prospering tree.

-Thank you for all that is me,
you taught me how to grow.

syd Nov 2015
I find my mind wandering towards the thought of you.
I can't stop it, i don't want to.
I remember how our bodies interlocked in your bed,
blue eyes and messy heads.
I can feel your hand sliding over my hips,
nothing feels more right than this.
In these small moments, you've taken a hold of me.

Inhaling slowly now, your exhales glancing over my neck.
Whisper into my ear, tell me what's next.
You press your lips hard against mine,
unwinding the time we've been apart
you have me unfolding in your hands,
effortlessly ******* my body and heart.

I'll want you like this forever.
god you look so ******* beautiful in my head
syd Mar 2015
I met you at your worst but even then i knew you were the best thing to ever happen to me. You looked at me with so much fear in your eyes, as if girls were sharp curves and nice words entirely made up of deceit and lies. I glanced back in an utter confusion wondering if i had come at the wrong time; was i waiting in an endless line? Suppose you & i had crossed paths first and you loved without caution and fear of being hurt. That is what i vow to do, i plan to do the impossible and not erase, but reverse time for you. You're going to trust again, trust me. I promise to wait in this line, no matter how endless it may be, because with patience comes greatness and with you that is all see

syd Mar 2015
I'm trying to see the silver lining but the only one i can ever remember was the one around the tip of your gun. As if killing things for fun was somehow a release from within you, as the bullet released from your barrel took last breaths from their lungs. Leaving holes in chests was something you've always done well. My broken heart could never be cocked back and ready for another shot, but you reload your gun and move on as if i was nothing more than your next ****. Silly girl, don't be fooled by the thrill. The boy who shoot hearts out never had sympathy for girls crying by the window sill.

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