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xiuhcoatl cualli Jul 2014
this for you angel!
happines from heaven is love with intentions of faithfulness!
dont let no lie bring your brAin cons ions down!
for when you walk with your heAd down , your suffering!
its like living in hell!
where kids die of hunger
trees get turned to paper plastic and pencils!
for you two can write with stones on stones!
dont let the sky your love where your sun is at die in the concrete jungle!
that happiness!
those beautifull mountAins turned to beautifull temples!
we are walking all as one through apakalypse!
covered faces, distintive races as we are imbracing
for were not racing
we got pAtiance and my time is my evidence!
never look at the clock!
shadow around the tre let you know whT time it is,
stars relocating you to your destinAtion!
follow the ants for they are saving all the seeds!
follow the birds for each bird eats a different seed!
follow the jAguar for it will teAc you how to fight!
become one with your mind!
you are here to die, but with someone you love by your side!
bless my daughter mArysol quetzal zaragoza n if this heart mormor kills me body, my mind will live eternAlly
xiuhcoatl cualli Jun 2014
Xiuhcoatl cualli
Sep 2, 2013
"Mother Nature's Sun"
The mother nature is alive.
It gives you the air to breath .
It gives you the food to hunt.
It gives you the plants to gives you the animals to gives you the mountains to climb.
It gives you the sun to see.
It gives you the moon to sleep.
It gives you the stars to dream of.
It gives you the seed to grow.
It gives you the feather to draw sing and wear as reminder of who you are.
You are what you see.
What sees you is what you where.
And you where what is seeing now.
Present is what is always there till you forgeet.
Then you create the future in your mind.
Knowing that now you don't remember.
Nature is you.till you live on concrete.then you know your living in cancer.where evryrything turns to stone.Meduza the ***** is dancing around the sun mocking the birds and stepping on the flowers.why.?
Nature is everything you stand for as you stand on the holy ground.
The same ground who gives you trees and are the smoke and life is the mirror.
xiuhcoatl cualli Jun 2014
What is your mind?
Or are you the mind.
When you close your eyes,darkness.
So when we where born light was created.
Inside the mind everything seems more real.
I don't feel pain judgement or punishmant
Insdide my mind I can be happy.
Picture anything and travel to anyplace on earth.
My universal mind is infinite.
Inside my mind I will take the loved ones.
AS your body leaves this realm.
But your teaching stay here.
your words become the air you breath.
Your cries will make the skies rain.
Your pain will make this earth shake.
With your children.
Wisdom of the ages.
Fire withing the veins.
Heart erupting blood like volcanoes.
Mind thinking at speed of light.
Sun creating shadow.
Following you as your conscions waiting to take your soul to sleep.
Seen everday as the sameday.
Nothing changes but the thought.
The image will remain the same.
Your body will madifest into the air.
You will become the sun.
Watch over your loved ones as eagle.
Death is nothing but a dream.
As your mind is reincarsinated through your children.
Music heart rythms creating real warriors willing to move mountains with your mind.
As your whole life you had one long dream.
Age is not real as you can die anyday.
It was always the present.
The ancestors are still here.
They never left,they were burried under earth.
Same earth we walk on.
So you see,we are the suns of the suns of the great great grandfathers.
Nothing leaves but madifest.
Wind clouds rain oceans.its a cycle.
Death never ends and creates life.
Its like the earth in the center of the dark universe.
Its your as all and all as one
xiuhcoatl cualli Jun 2014
Many thorns.
Pain and love.
Creation of life.
Spreading love through movemant.
actions simply understandable.
Erasing words and madifest them into rythms.
Don't loose your passion for the flower you grab with your thoughts.
Themind to has five directions of light.
Five ways of expressing your truue self.
Martial arts.

xiuhcoatl cualli Jun 2014
Its a beutifull world of the sight given by the lord "I-Eye".
Because I was brought to this world by a thought of my mother in the dark.
A spark of lightfirelove.
While my grandfather and grandmother lived.
As now they are the moon and the sun.
I was the last one seen by their eyes.
as I stayed in there minds and they took my image withtheir eyes.
In their open mindss
Able to visualize.
The mind is in a different dimention.
It can do anything.
xiuhcoatl cualli Jun 2014
Destroy everything that creates ideas.
They just lead to destruction.
Worry about your intentions.
Forget your inventions.
Don't fall in temptation.
Godd bless this nation.
Ful of determination.
Flowing throiugh dimensions.
Travling through mountains.
Full of motivation.
reaching the inovations.
No misinterpretation.
As you start your reincarsination.
Trhough peace and meditation.
We will conme to our liberation.
xiuhcoatl cualli Jun 2014
"Blink of an eye is a thought"
You are never here because you die.
You are in your dreams.
You just open your eyes once everyday.
But in one day I die.
So is life just a blink of an eye.
Is this all your past stuck in the future.
Like your head stuck to your body.
Your mind more advance and incontrol of your body telling it what to do.
Yet your body stays here reminds you of the past.
Skull is inside of you meaning you are dead walking.death is immortality as you carry it inside already.fearing death is dying.but if you conquer death you become immortal.

— The End —