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Jun 2014
Xiuhcoatl cualli
Sep 2, 2013
"Mother Nature's Sun"
The mother nature is alive.
It gives you the air to breath .
It gives you the food to hunt.
It gives you the plants to gives you the animals to gives you the mountains to climb.
It gives you the sun to see.
It gives you the moon to sleep.
It gives you the stars to dream of.
It gives you the seed to grow.
It gives you the feather to draw sing and wear as reminder of who you are.
You are what you see.
What sees you is what you where.
And you where what is seeing now.
Present is what is always there till you forgeet.
Then you create the future in your mind.
Knowing that now you don't remember.
Nature is you.till you live on concrete.then you know your living in cancer.where evryrything turns to stone.Meduza the ***** is dancing around the sun mocking the birds and stepping on the flowers.why.?
Nature is everything you stand for as you stand on the holy ground.
The same ground who gives you trees and are the smoke and life is the mirror.
xiuhcoatl cualli
Written by
xiuhcoatl cualli
   Joshua Haines
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