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xforgotten Jul 2018
It’s not like I want to give up.
It’s not like I’m done with this life.
It’s not like this is how I want it to end.
I’m just…done.

Time flies, and I’m missing out on everything.
Every opportunity and every chance.
Everything that could have given me my life back.
That little spark.
Just a tiny one.
All I need.
All I ever wanted.
Never happened.

It’s not like I want to put my family through the pain.
They don’t deserve it.
Nor do they deserve me.
No one do.

This isn’t me.
This isn’t real.
But the pain is.
And the pain is killing me.

Goodbye my family.
Goodbye my friends.
Goodbye everything I ever loved.
Everyone I ever loved.

— The End —