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May 2017 · 1.1k
daisies May 2017
kenapa yah?
kita bahkan bertemu saat mau berpisah,
menggenggam erat sebelum melepaskan,
menyukai sebelum membenci.
kenapa yah?
puisi ini tidak akan menjawab pertanyaanku.
tapi begitulah sebahagian dari kisah hayatku.
aku bisa menolak saat aku menerima.
aku juga bilang benci saat jatuh cinta.
aku coba menjadi kuat saat aku rapuh.
kenapa yah?
aku yakin kamu;
yang telah menjatuhkan dan menyakiti aku
punya jawaban yg tersimpan didalam hatimu.
May 2017 · 1.2k
daisies May 2017
live with emotions, don't live in them.
be a little dramatic but realistic.
6th May 2017.
hydourella **
May 2017 · 985
daisies May 2017
i had questioned my life too many questions,
chuckled at every silly moments,
cried over all useless things,
ran after unnecessary human beings,
owned things that are already gone,
disappointed myself to make others happy,
left people who i now need the most.
am i lack of gratitude? yes.
and yet, i'm still thinking i was living my life
all these times.
5th May 2017. its been a long time. yes, it has. and i made such a disappointing comeback. you might see my poems in different language. it's great to be back!
hydourella **
May 2017 · 943
daisies May 2017
mereka adalah sebuah cerita
tapi bukanlah sejarah ataupun masa lalu,
bahkan mereka juga belum tentu
dari masa hadapan.
mereka adalah sebuah cerita yang
sedang berlaku pada saat ini juga,
tetapi di hayalan ku, di pikiranku.
mereka adalah "kita;" aku dan kamu.
kebersamaan kita akhirnya telah terwujud
meski hanya sebatas angan angan.
daisies Feb 2017
memories are still memories.
they are something behind us.
they are abstracts.
they are just them.
but what if i still live in those situations?
what if my heart palpitates
just the way it did back in those circumstances?
what if my tears roll down my cheeks as I retrieved?
what if my heart tears apart as i remembered?
what if i hallucinate?
would the memories still be behind me?
would they still be abstracts?
are they still right behind me?
Khadijah A.
February 25, 2017
Feb 2017 · 354
daisies Feb 2017
and like someone blind.
they can tell you what they have seen.
whether their anecdotes sound
mysterious, magic or tragic.
we all know its just their imagination.
and like someone who's in love.
they can tell you they'll never,
can never, in anyway, cheat on someone
they really love (at the moment).
and if in the next day they leave
those they really love.
they'll pretend that yesterday
weren't their souls in their bodies.
its like love is a spell.
Sunday February 12, 2017
Feb 2017 · 336
daisies Feb 2017
it kills me that you are just
a myth.
Thursday, February 9 2017.
khadijah a. wahab
Feb 2017 · 501
whats happening?
daisies Feb 2017
i can't really tell what exactly is happening.
i saw the same person for more than thrice
in a place where i bet none of those people
around me actually see me and my circumstances.
yes, i can't tell what's happening exactly.
i saw him sitting in a cafeteria not far
from where i stood.
he smiled and rolled his eyes;
indicating myself to sit next to him.
my heart stopped beating for a while --
which is cliché.
but we all have heart and feel the same.
i made my way into the cafeteria.
all of sudden, a crowd of humans
walk across my path like a migrating
turtles in the ocean.
really, i can't tell what's happening.
right after that, i was lost.
he wasn't there anymore and
my heart was beating calling his name
and now, i can't believe what has just happened.
Wednesday February 1, 2017
Jan 2017 · 270
daisies Jan 2017
she just saw something,
and she said; "that's so poetic."
Tuesday January 31, 2017
Khadijah A Wahab
Jan 2017 · 279
daisies Jan 2017
she closed her two eyes,
hoping she'll see them
standing in front of her;
answering all the questions
that she was questioned
by her heart.
when she opened her eyes,
all her questions were answered.
"they weren't  and aren't there for her.
when she was and is in need of them.
Monday January 30, 2017
by Khadijah A. Wahab
Jan 2017 · 629
au revoir, old times.
daisies Jan 2017
this is a piece of letter, with ink; composing something
straight from the heart of a young lady with a soul of a little girl. she is afraid of many things. she wants to seek protection and help from you, oh big brotha, after her father. above all, she relies on her Lord. she needs your attention like she needed to when she was young. letting you go isn't the most proudest thing to do. even if you have found the right woman to start a new life with. she knows she will have you as her brother. no such law can break this relationship. but what she is afraid of, is that you won't be as close to her as before. you can't spend more time with her, probably the jokes you and her are laughing at right now, you will find them silly in the near future. but the time has come when you have to leave her no matter what. your relationship with her doesn't go smoothly anymore.she finally understands that those times are gone. something new has happened and all she gotta do is accept it wholeheartedly.
Monday January 30, 2017
Jan 2017 · 507
daisies Jan 2017
//i was told to forget due dates and deadlines. instead, seize every seconds we are given before the deadline//
written on December 20, 2016
Jan 2017 · 902
our story
daisies Jan 2017
//but darling, we are writing our own story. some people are complaining bcs they desperately want to be part of our story//
written on December 9, 2016
Jan 2017 · 427
daisies Jan 2017
life isn't always white
and isn't always black.
everything that comes within life
has splashed its own colour.
what a colourful life
we're having!
written on November 16, 2016
Jan 2017 · 559
what's more?
daisies Jan 2017
the moment when we say goodbye,
i cried because i feel all my struggles are
just blown away like nothing happened.
i cried because i thought all the memories
we created was just to fill in
the times we had together.
what's more disappointing?
i cried because i thought  i was given a chance
to get to know you, just to let you go forever.
i was wrong.
do you even bother to know who
proved me wrong?
us. yes, us.
i experience more new things
together with you.
i learned many things with you.
what's more satisfying?
i'm still growing up with you.
we are still laughing like idiots together.
it's never a lie that
we don't as much things together
as we used to.
but those things we get to do now,
is something we'd wished to do them before.
what triggers me more?
i can't complete this story right here.
what makes me happy?
because i know our story doesn't
stop right here.
Sunday January 29, 2017.
do you want to be my sisterly friend, Azizeh?
Jan 2017 · 188
daisies Jan 2017
I didn't lose anything.
i'm just another me.
after i lost the person,
i used to be.
Finally, i got back! Looking forward to filling up empty pages.
24th January 2017
Mar 2016 · 326
daisies Mar 2016
i wouldn't want to miss
anything.. anything at all.
everything was placed
in the center of all.
i wouldn't want to miss
anything.. anything at all.
filling up the empty hall inside
they bombarded off my plate
on the outside.
i wouldn't want to miss
anything.. anything at all.
the hall is packed.
too many leftovers on the outside.
i missed so
much.. so much now.
and i look pretty zaftig!
Saturday, March 12 2016
Mar 2016 · 250
daisies Mar 2016
its powerful that a picture could
describe millions of words.
but the power of your sentence
overcomes them all.
Saturday, March 12
Jan 2016 · 228
daisies Jan 2016
when a villain
does something to a victim,
and feels guilty,
don't ask the victim why
when he can't recall the cause.
that's another way to defeat
someone whom is already broken
26th Janvier, 2016
Nov 2015 · 1.6k
Slowly Decaying
daisies Nov 2015
I begin to braid my hair,
wear an overall,
walk my head down,
put on red lipstick,
draw on some freckles.
transforming myself into a clone of her.
Thus, slowly,..
I begin to understand that you love her for she is.
Therefore, i'm,..
slowly decaying
Friday, Novembre 13, 2015
Nov 2015 · 216
daisies Nov 2015
i see signs infront of me
and i have plans in my mind
with different signs in my heart.
Where is the path exactly?
Friday, Novembre 13, 2015
Nov 2015 · 195
daisies Nov 2015
sometimes, i find it peculiar
the way he admires her after
all the twists and turns we have been through.
I know I'm super duper late. But I'm sorry because im quiet busy these days.
Friday, Novembre 13 2015
Oct 2015 · 240
daisies Oct 2015
And again,..
Im torn
Im torn.

You came to me,
wipe my tears,
Try to sew the torn heart
with you words;
Saying that you don't meant to,
You don't know.
When the situation is about to improve.
When you see my lil pink lips stretches,
You leave me behind.

And again,..
You left me,
Laugh to show the joy;
While tearing my heart again.
Saturday, October 31 2015
Sep 2015 · 254
daisies Sep 2015
its never a waste of time
when one ponder upon something.
most of the times,
that increases the degree of intelligence in you.
i don't care at all
if i see a bird flying.
because i know they are.
and i'm pressured
because i can't.
i continue walking..
and i see a snail;
walking in the lowest speed.
i'm not going to wonder,
why am i walking faster than the snail,
but can't fly like a bird.
instead, i'm going to find an answer.
we, humans, have to step
on all possible surface to
reach to the destination.
we don't have shortcut.
we aren't like birds.
they can have so much more of shortcut
than we do.
but.. why?
i'm happy because every surface that i step on,
i find something to explore,
i find something to talk about,
i find something to keep,
i find many things.
the birds might have sharp vision,
but the might not touch and feel
the surfaces like we do.
September 23, 2015
Sep 2015 · 183
daisies Sep 2015
that little thing you forgot to do,
plays a big role
in the change
you currently see
September 23, 2015
Sep 2015 · 274
Oh Dear Love
daisies Sep 2015
I'm in love with you
Since the first time i saw you.
I wanted you so badly before my teeth grow out of the gums.
I was taught about you
Before i can speak.
You are so important to me.
Even when most of the time, i'm
Forced to use my money
In order to own you.
I admit, it benefits me as well.
I know i needed you,
Need you
And will always need you.
I don't to even take a break
In our relationship.
I fell for you,
Falling for you,
Will fall for you,
Love you,

Oh Dear Food
Friday, September 11, 2015
Sep 2015 · 411
daisies Sep 2015
We, humans are parasites.
We do feed on something
Something that grows
But doesnt grow into complexion.
It grows in terms of value.
And its value goes high and low.
We feed on money.
We hardly survive without it.
Humans are parasites.
Friday, Septembre 11, 2015
daisies Aug 2015
I am crying
whenever you are next to me.
But you still think that you need
to be there for me.
And i still dont know
How to welcome you to leave.
Wednesday, August 26. 2015
- hydourella™
Aug 2015 · 611
Sprinkles of negativity
daisies Aug 2015
I've always wanted to live my life happy.
But i realized,
without tears and pains
Whats life after all?
Perhaps sprinkles of negativity makes it
more fun.
Saturday, August 22 2015
- hydourella®
Aug 2015 · 246
s m i l e
daisies Aug 2015
She saw me walking and smiling;
She walked towards me and questioned; “i always see you smiling. what makes you feel so happy throughout the day?"
I walked away.
I answer to myself;
My heart is torn.
I don't want to further rip it.
My lips is smooth and moisturized.
Stretching my lips can simply hide
The torn heart inside.
Friday, Aug 21 2015
- hydourella®
Aug 2015 · 392
That little feeling inside
daisies Aug 2015
Theres a feeling that
takes a little space in my heart.
but this feeling was quiet brave,
Brave to reveal itself,
Whats more embarassing?
It reveals through out my face.
Specifically, when you are around.
This little feeling forces my blood to pump faster; more pressure exerted.
Consequently, the blood rapidly travel through the veins,
In the area where my cheeks are located.
This kinda give you a signal.
I tried to hide. Hardly worked.
This time, this feeling controls the nerves
in the eye.
My eyes are starring at you.
Its involuntarily.
I'm lost.
I can't figure out whats happening.
And i can't explain how complex and convoluted it is.
so, thats the explanation in human language.
But i bet you can understand it perfectly.
Friday, August 21 2015
- hydourella®
Aug 2015 · 621
Life in those moments.
daisies Aug 2015
I used to hate to look at my backpack,
I remember every single stupid things that happened to me in school.
I didn't like to open my notebook,
i remember when all my classmates were laughing at me because i didnt write any good essay.
I didn't even want to give a glance to my alarm clock, it reminds me that the same stupid is about to begin.
• • •
Well, i hated to be in school.
Everything turned out to be sweet in the end.
• • •
My backpack reminds me of all the care-free days,
The days when we ran after each other inside the class,
Stand on the chair when not doing homework and assignments,
Stay outside the class because making noise and ran to canteen because of hunger.
Looking back to my notebook, it reminds me of all the doodles i drew and erased them before pass it to the supervisor.
And the alarm clock...,
It tells me that all the fun has ended.
Today is another day. A total different day.
• • •
I cried, i know i won't meet the same person to laugh with, punch and hugs at the same time.
Everything was bittersweet.
Its too late to blame. I should have lived in those moments.
Hey poets, i really miss this page. I just graduated from high school last month. And haven't applied to any college yet. So happy to read all your poems again. - hydourella®
Feb 2015 · 274
hello.. hello
daisies Feb 2015
I'm sorry if i have to double the hello.
because your name contains hello.
so hello.. hello poetry.
i really need your sympathy.
i need some break for our relationship.
i know this is pretty crazy.
but really.. don't forget me.
i'll be back.
after three months have killed me.
this should be an echo after noisiest silent.
i really miss this page.
to be continued...
Jan 2015 · 219
daisies Jan 2015
I'm wondering how can some people give the exact time they fall asleep
Jan 2015 · 443
daisies Jan 2015
sometimes i do feel the need to run,
run from everyone,
my life is stunned.
i'm so done.
so, i run.
run and run,
and run and run.
i don't know where to go.
open each and every door.
i realize that i don't have to run.
i just have to try.
raise my hand.
i know He's there to help me.
don't run. learn and move.
05th of January, 2015
Jan 2015 · 293
R E A D!
daisies Jan 2015
Don't be afraid to read what others have read,
they might not have read the books that you have read.
Just Go on, and READ
05th Jan, 2015
Dec 2014 · 253
daisies Dec 2014
we are two different person
if you're not ready to discover me,
i asked you nothing but to leave.
Nov 2014 · 385
stay away
daisies Nov 2014
i will try to climb the mountain as high as i could
no matter how sloppy it could be,
i will try to reach to that ******
if you wish it to exist.
just let me try to make this clear.
in whichever point of earth I am on,
stay away from me.
even if you want to say you love me.
all those words have no class in me.
because, listening to your dissuasion.
is just another way to give up
and f a l l.
21st November, 2014
Nov 2014 · 290
daisies Nov 2014
I am suppose to turn 16.
But I don't know how.
My feet doesn't want to move.
My heart is heavy,
I can't carry it with me.
God knows the best.
I've seen those broken pieces of my past
which is hung on the wall.
There's reason why I was born.
But it's positively negative status.
I don't know where to start and where to end.
Just to tell you, no matter how stupid i can be.
Dear friends, stay with me.
21st November, 2014
Nov 2014 · 310
Art of Life:
daisies Nov 2014
is being creatively  flexible
to go through each and every adversity
Sorry. I am rolled in many tests, exams and assignments.
21st November, 2014
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
daisies Nov 2014
It is sad enough to know that your advice turned out to be sarcasm.
A melancholic dive into depression.
I am still drowning in my thoughts
Written on 1st November, 2014
@Copyright Hydourella©
Oct 2014 · 5.0k
True Sacrifice (1w)
daisies Oct 2014
I just feel the need of meditation upon this.
Written on 19th October
@Copyright Hydourella
Oct 2014 · 418
daisies Oct 2014
I walk into difficulty
I walk into tribulation
I don't want to feel the pain
But you evoke me the pain.
That I'd never gain.
I don't want think about it.
I don't want to go through it.
I am complaining.
But I feel it's better
to always be phlegmatic.
Walk into blast furnace
with a frozen heart.
Written on 18/10
@Copyright Hydourella
Hey guys. I missed y'all sooo muchh...!
Oct 2014 · 178
daisies Oct 2014
to provide something for someone is simple since you have money.
$                 $                                                      $
       $                      $                   $                              $               $
   $          $                     $                       $                         $                    $

to provide love for someone is difficult because you don't have heart
@Copyright Hydourella
Oct 2014 · 2.8k
daisies Oct 2014
cheaters* don't deserve gullible people. that's because they aren't *trustworthy
Written 09/10
@Copyright Hydourella
Oct 2014 · 970
Push it Up
daisies Oct 2014
"love is pain in the near future."
isn't it sound cliche?
would you like to hear this again and again.
or do you need this to be repeated in monotone?
But, never let it leave your head.
everything was quoted for a reason.
I want you push *love
I don't want you to fall into it.
Falling is painful.
Standing up is a spirit.
Push it up
Push it up
Don't fall into it
Falling is always painful
If you want to fall into it.
Be strong and stay that way.
You will find the eternity comes within.
Written on 07th October
@Copyright Hydourella
Oct 2014 · 426
she's curious
daisies Oct 2014
a girl with broken heart
sitting and writing
not knowing what to strive.
she is living in the world of visualized thoughts
she tried to visualized hers.
unfortunately she couldn't
she scrolls down the page.
seeing poems with no view
no comment, no like.
what steals the readers attention?
the big big words? I think not.
perhaps she's afraid of difficult words.
she had put limit to her vocab.

no, it's not about the big words
it's about the art of writing.
the art of understanding.
where every word has a deep meaning.

pretty sorry if her poems are too dry
too pale, nothing to be concerned about.
poetry isn't only about what you feel,
it's about *the art of your thoughts
Written on 07th October.
@Copyright Hydourella
Oct 2014 · 832
daisies Oct 2014
How can I find you when I'm told that your dusts don't even exist?
Written on 05/10.
@Copyright Hydourella
Oct 2014 · 3.8k
Eid Adha
daisies Oct 2014
Sun rises,
birds chirp as they knock the window.
Sign of leaving the blanket.
A heart shakes as
the sound wave of the takbir's echoes.
As it creates the warmth
and opportunity for mouth to stretch,
for tears to fall.
Devotees congregates in several mosque nearby,
shake hands and kisses follows.
Happy Eid to All.
May You All Be Blessed on this Blessing day.
Its a great day to smile.
Written on 05/10
@Copyright Hydourella.
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
daisies Oct 2014
life is all about sprinting on a treadmill, give our everything to the endeavor, and had gone nowhere.
too many to catch, is there an end?
2th of October, 2014.
@Copyright Hydourella.
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