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6h · 31
Burning another one down to its ****** filter
The cost starts adding up and math kills me
I'm spilling my coffee cup again, shaking to hold a pen
Inhale, tar and tic tac teeth breaking off at the root
Clandestinely disguised with soot, crawling up from the gutters
One day we all go under, dumping darts or destroyed arteries
Heart disease, cancer, alzheimers, cant even remember her face
It's all just a mess, deconstructed race rigged, sideways shift
Spit into the wind staring at the horizon
6h · 163
Finally it comes
In waves of pill wrecked anxiety
I try to see another path
An alterior motive
So we've tried to dig deep
But the water is draining from the lake
And the fire is burning on her surface
Oct 7 · 91
Plastic plague
I bow to you
swallowing up the sorrowed coffee grounds
impeding the hounds nipping at heels
wheels turned square and useless
another night spinning into that dark corner
last light out in the early mourners morning
sea is storming at all solid things
waiting on what low tide brings
driftwood and nylon strings
plastic, man's own plague
the limelight shifts
species exit stage
Oct 6 · 27
Zero sum game
At this point
life is *******
broken up
with smoke breaks
Oct 6 · 31
Solid shake
raw steak
cut cube
fat doob
fast move
loose lane
turn triple
plus sixty
fix me
I'm on the
broken toy shelf
black lung health
all the wealth in the world
is worthless
park the car
walk away
another day
on a spinning
rock in space
slow your pace
smile and be mild
a child born of carbon
carving out the ***** margins
half a bottle
start feeling kind of heartless
be smart kid
don't break
don't sink
Oct 6 · 14
Moths tumbling into your headlamp like rain
Eyes on the waterline looking for snakes
It breaks a little piece in me, thinking about you
Get that feeling of migrating rooms in the same house
Twisting up sheets in the corner of choice
Don't know what came out, rejoice, something survived
Oct 6 · 15
The dogs are circling
wire interpreted
framed chassis
screaming sirens
trying to hear tires creeping by
auditory hallucinations
trying to hear the grass gently bending
it's sending lightning down my spine
in the darkness find
retreat from all unkind
every voice means something
whether you like it or know it
unwinding time
lucid nightmares unbind
wake up late then sleep all day
coffee crush time
caffeine and nicotine
got here unintentionally
Oct 6 · 26
Rust chants
She's screaming down the tracks
yelling her chants
steel squeezed flat
this or that or maybe something
no ones blushing anymore
tired of looking at floor
eyes up
clouds impound vision
simple rhythm
traveling distance unfathomable
patterns on lipstick
cigarette **** stained
double espresso drained
smoke a filter down to the filter
blended red tender
20 box
1 lucky
save it for a friend
or possibly the end
of something lovely
Oct 4 · 65
Found pencil
A penny for your thoughts
A dime for the ashtray
Splayed open and trimmed
Needle like, pinned with
juniper bark and mesquite
Oct 3 · 36
Blue BIC
Skin deep, funny how flashing lights command attention
In a different dimension, each of us, independent experience
The sphere still spins, this lens is turning more grey, each day
Thoughts spray, out the side of your face, straight shoe lace noose
What's the use, they don't love you anyway
Those grasshopper sawing legs get louder and louder
One day I'll go deaf, they're humming but soon they will scream
Oct 3 · 23
Wandering birds in the sky
Watching, always watching
With precision the incision
is stitched into staight line
Flossy dental smile, blood gums
Carbon and CLP, just time
Spent on nothing
Oct 3 · 23
Lipstick crush
Naked paper sheets, taut and sterile, blinking into milk white
Light coming in right, dancing off all the printed fish
Swish of a brush and you wish you could stare forever
Pull that little lever once, gave me goosebumps
horrid and crippling,
blushing fear
Take a picture, clear, for reference
Sep 26 · 36
Down to the filter
Clutches of succulents in your breast pocket
Worn quietly, love lockets, jaw broken over the shoulder kiss
Loose tooth wiggling blood in your gum line chewing nicorette
Blow a bubble, blue button on your wrist
Gray mist pushes into lips and hits lung deep
Jump, leap, blind and hoping on a soft landing
Sanitizing cuts on your finger, linger on the last cigarette
Hope I have enough pocket change for the next pack
Sep 25 · 33
Tare tare tare 0.00
Tired heart overflowing, brim of pitcher bubbling, red and frothing
I sing out into the night, dark coats of gray and black, screeching white fluorescence taunting
The wrong thing to bottle up, nitroglycerin in your cup, slapped down
You wake up with a frown, chase those pills straight down with sink water
Chemical dependance for sanities sake, my life is a case opportunities not taken
Things falling through my fingers, who else to blame
Make the insiscion, remove my heart, my name, parts of my brain
A crane in shallow water, hunting for trapped fish, it gets drier every day, nowhere to hide from this
mass and monolith and more
I see your breathing hands
let me be at your center

Levee starting to crack
Plugging holes with our fingers
You can run or linger
The outcome is meager
any way you slice it
dice it
steamed basmati
rice it
Sep 23 · 33
Glass skull ashtray
Digging for thorns with toenail clippers
Picked scab scars, put there like dentures
We bent the whole frame out of whack
Combusting jet fuel with a straw
Alien in the claw machine game
Waving arms in the darkness, the strangle choke of nothing around you
We found two, heart and mind, not places to change but places to aim
Crumple up that trash, mix up your garbage, I'll show you mine
Peeling black tar decisions off stained concrete
The flies are buzzing on raw meat, landing in your mouth
Regurgitate an answer, make sure it's perfectly pronounced
Only chance of getting out
Sep 23 · 29
Smoking lamp
The smoking lamp is out,
get down in your cut holes,
fresh dig,
crushed cig,
ash reduced to stinking cender filter,
wilt her favorite flower behind dusty glass,
flashback flashbang,
blinding myself in my own brokenness,
a toy in pieces on the floor
Sep 19 · 48
Mule deer lights
Headlamp illuminates glass, fear has passed like summer showers
Hours and hours of waiting for you, dandelions grew in pace
A face, name forgotten, incubating heartfelt goodbyes
Forever cries to the moment, forward movement, unconscious atonement
Blowing it, down and destroyed and dead, call it a solution
Solvents fluid, plastic, pollution, unscrewing the lid to the genie jar
Listed over to far, capsize a species,  man made atomic meteors
Empathy depleting like mana, ran out of blue potions
Just a ghost to a ghost most nights, smoking under bulb lights
Waiting for the moths to come by, fly in their drunkenness
What we miss is imagined bliss, dull dragging gravity
Tattooed skull on your soul, dagger piercing tragically
One day magically the lights come on, you hear the same song for the first time
And you slip into the sublime, now, now, now
Sep 17 · 39
Linear lumbar
Train screaming over the fences and cut glass grass
I beat you this time with my foot on the gas
Accelerate late into the night morning
Boring yourself so many different ways
Different stuff pays, we adapt
Take a second to take a look and years pass
Memories erased with sand blast, imploding
Sep 17 · 23
Kirby research 2:44pm
The devil is crawling up my leg, going through all my pocket change
**** through the grate, be grateful for a place
Black coffee laced with space case tablets
Bad **** builds habits of being sneaky
They'll never see me, we all tell ourselves
I'll be the lucky one
No fun, the sun runs you down regardless
Artless, choking on plastic, snap like worn elastics
Rubber bands and lucky charms on your wrist
Another name to add to the list of lost
Looking to the future, the past hurts lots
Come together, somersault, a species collectively at fault
No more violence, or blame blame blame, more of the same ****
Sending our kids off to die
We owe it to them to try
Sep 16 · 22
Backwards forwards
Cloth wrapping electric wire, big buyer collecting firepower at the arms race
What's at stake, who really wins, violence is a means that rarely justifies its ends
Steel breaks, sometimes bends, but we're made of different stuff, twice as tough
Low hand, bluff, keep smiling until they tax that too, dog mouthed shoes slapping
You're tapping your foot to that same song, the one where we all sing along, wasted wishes
Dishes piling up in the sink, a collection of blinks and cold drinks to wash dreams away
We shape our lives out of clay, 3 hots and a cot every day, we all have voices, something to say
We're all worth listening to
Sep 11 · 38
Let's talk about something, nothing,

make it last hours, little showers of

happiness on a September afternoon,

rain dropping and heat flopping on

its stomach, mutt on the back porch,

cat in the grass, surpassing the

estimated end point, a coin coming

out of the machine, minted brilliance

mimicking material, a representation

of capital, your body sold alongside

your soul, to meet a deadline full or

howling needy things, it brings me to

my knees in this September rain,

inherit all the blame and try not to

shrug, would leave it all behind for a

hug, and someone to whisper that

they love me
Sep 11 · 31
Adhesive angels
Encompassed in volume, solid and fluid and gas
Eyes in morass, looking glass into hazel candy blinks
Links of steel bending, breaking, jet fuel problems
Went off as a kid to solve them, just figured out what type of animal I am
Trying to give a **** to blank faces and pocket change
Long range, ten digit grid, you think you're so well hid, until you get touched
Bunched up around your neck, bent over hugging rags
Carry your life story in a bag, plastic and fresh and new
Waiting for time to catch on up with you
Sep 10 · 29
Solving all of life's problems
with herbs and
Sep 10 · 147
Little black stars, pouring out a cup
Crystalline castles, mind blows up
crevices and cracks
ceviche and *****
Knife in hand
cutting lemon
bite wedge
salt on rim
dim the lights
a perfect night
to watch owls
Sep 9 · 23
Button street warfare
Hello blue buttons
on wrist
thin nylon string
bring something
in thin bags
up mountains
of concrete

Eat a handful of pills
no will
just sleep
black and dreamless
cleanly cut off

Cacti spreading wings
over limestone and
juniper berries
now contained in
patio ***
that blue
melted plastic
Sep 7 · 1.1k
Could we all
just get along
for one day?
Dehumanize your enemy
easier to **** them then
not a son or a daughter or a name
One and the same, silhouette,
target, shoulders and T box
darts like rocks raining down
We send those we love to the slaughter
There's got to be a way to work things out
without bloodshed
Find the greyscale in your head
we all paint different pictures
read different literatures
Made it this far since birth
we're all worth our effort
but love is the one thing
that matters
laughter, and
Draw me near and let me fall down
hand in hair, loose, sleeping
like a child
Sep 7 · 31
Inhale every sparked cinder
Render all the fat, candles blooming
Dooming ourselves by being torn from womb
Consciousness born of lust
Life tends to rust
little holes we fall through
been lost all this time, who knew?
What do I do now, knowing
What do I do now, growing into love with you?
Feels like everything is pointless, pointed out
Move forward with doubt, the road is twisting ahead
Tuck an " I love you" note onto every headstone
How many notes would we write?
How many stories on this little rock,
each their own, each their own
Live free, roam, if able call home
the sky, high above inhibitions
Please, listen to that gentle mission from midsection upper left, beating
We're depleting our empathy, compounded chemicals mentally
Brilliantly the light shines in to me,
exposing a case of inability to choose
On a mission to lose, the swords what I choose, no clue what to do, grasping
Sep 5 · 82
Room for creamer
Eyes gone dull, receding into comatose
Fingers full of dirt and hope, spinning sunflower
Power and lack thereof, the perception of those above looking down at the masses
These clashes seem to me, a supply chain theory, I want what you got, bombs pour out
Military industrial ore, we pour out the lifeblood of our children for soil
Foil snake, famished toil, ****** boils your tea
Three, one two many, send me space bound, no suit
Acute, angles I'm not seeing, the masses are fleeing, into the commonplace complacency of creatures of comfort
Watch the fort burn down, all your pretty ideas, replaced, rejected, genocides neglected
That's a bet, kid, I seek, you hid, cheese slid off the ******* jack pop snap
Lapdog lullabys, sticky morning crust in our eyes
Swatting at radioactive flies, landing on my lips and your hips
The road dips and tumbles, rumble strips and gravel licks
Rifle clicks on empty, nobody sent me, I came here on my own, mobile phone to the dome locked lengthways
Stingrays and hot water, burning protein venom
The waves are crashing down but the swell is just beginning
Sep 5 · 35
Apartment blank spots
These lights are stirring up crawling caffeine in my brain
Trying to interpret a stain in sans serif
Wear it, proudly, hot coffee and that **** humidity
Making you sweat in your white shirt, soaked
To many cigarettes smoked, gone broke for a pack of twenty
Skunk me, out in an apartment full of cats
Sipping sweet tea and slamming sour patch kids
To many lids popped off, the paint all dried up
Cry up your lamentations, then take them and **** it up
Life don't give a **** about feelings
Sep 4 · 46
Double shot hot, 3am
One of the same, coffee to blame
for the current state
of fast moving
double shot

Clammed up, my little shell
armor worn well
on tired emotion
born carelessly

3 o'clock spins off on the edge
of a bowl
burnt down
blue button

A little something, from
the deep end, eyeless,
propelled by hunger
black water under, above

The flight path of a dove
intercepted from above
bird of prey
breast open, splayed

Human endeavour all in vain
the totality is all the same
we're blinks of stories
nothing holds me
just subdues psychosis
not hopeless
Sep 3 · 39
Chemical spells
I can't walk all the way to the river again, never again, never again
there is something in the junipers of my mind
haunting from the edge of the dark spot
light dots or maybe haldol, spells in chemical form
a swarm of bad tidings, we keep on surviving regardless
Until one day you don't anymore
Sep 3 · 106
Black mulch
Switchin up my smokes, inhale broken hailstones and rhinestones on your cheekbone
Scarred and regal, eagles claw in claw plummeting, no care for ground or impact
Retract all the bad thoughts that keep you from sleeping, turning little top in the corner of the room
A clutch of blooms, rotting and hyacinth and wet on your fingers, the scent lingers
Burning sage in every last corner, one day smudge it all out, feeling about a foot tall and shrinkin
Sep 2 · 24
Running vertical
Objects, so attached
what did you do?!
I hear a voice yelling
in the darkness
forward always
Faces cannabilizing their own cheeks
leaking and reeking
left in the sun
Silently we confide our little secrets
words secreted
like pus
spider bites
Cherries bright and bitter
why do I only feel
talking to you
Call in September, I remember
but I dont
think there will be
much changing
I was one laning and you took a sharp left out of my life
Don't even know how to say sorry anymore
But here I am
Sep 2 · 25
Chasing your killer
Light strobes across my vision, being shown new patterns
on the perfect shiny paint job
you take such attention
in waxing

Train blowing its horn at one thirty two in the morning
moaning out over
miles of razor
live oak

When it all lets out, and the bars bleed back home
we find where
those without
one go

A tunnel into another **** tunnel, never find surface
The train is screaming now, you can hear her ringing in gathered turmoil
boiling up and off and gone
to some other track in the back of an alleyway of a world

Toes curled around the nose, shift center and reenter lane
Hemlock and wolfsbane
triple sixes rolled
on celoo dice
nothin nice
Sep 2 · 24
Saran wrap liver
Plastic everything, saran wrap all your guts back together
Entomb the redwoods in bubble wrap
Force feed your children corner store bags
It's raining plastic and everything is getting full
I wonder if you cut up every whole thing, could you melt it together again with plastic
Chemical smoke black and pouring, melt it all down
Wear it on our head, a screaming crown
Bearing witness to our deeds, the road we're walking down
Flying unhinged down, scouring all the carbon to clean
Burnt, unseen, hidden under the same clothes you wore yesterday
Swing, sway, find a new way to grind it down into pumice
Pummel puffed lungs through hollow ribs
New rigs, tie up ends, loose, chop off the caboose, fend for yourself
What do you tell, to the ones you were supposed to protect
Trying to recollect if I even tried
But I don't think I did
and I don't know how
to live with that
Another black coffee night, getting ready to spin out in ruts and potholes, new goals, spent in sketchbooks of scribbles

Little, off the end, severed, running fast to catch up, knife end ketchup dumb **** pull the trigger

You're bigger now, return to sender, how do I find you and take what you took from me

Silence is all I could see for see for so long, the darkest part right before dawn

Pushed and molded little pawn, strategy gone, **** the rules, only thing that rules is fire superiority

Roaring, please, hold this plunging blood pressure in check, pharmaceutical single serve select

Come correct if you come at all, hear that tree fall in the wilderness, the gentle caress of wind screaming wrong way

One day we just stop being, it will be so freeing, to finally shut off the hardware, gently left there, to accumulate flowers
Sep 2 · 21
I'm afraid of the dark but I've been there to long to care
Just be scared always
What's gonna happen next
I can't see
They're coming for me
With longrifle dart dumpers
Chest thumpers,
two in the heart, one in the mind
Brain matter unwinds on stained sidewalk
No room for talk, only business
Wish I could go back to that kid ****
Sep 2 · 39
Trees swaying, we copy with limbs rhythmic, unhinged
To binge, on something, anything, take your mind off it
A soft hit of green clusters, munchy yellow mustard gas
To follow or to pass, cover yourself with diesel and light a smoke
Going for dead broke around every hairpin turn
Got to go earn that urn, watch the whole world burn
Wait your turn, they'll be eating you next
Sep 1 · 167
My fingers are turning into bugs and talking to eachother
chitter-chatter legs sawin'
SAW mobbing, spraying darts 725
per min
Good times and sin, splayed soulless
on the street sobbin'
Lobbin' handgrenades in the darkness, heartless
Target, large and approaching, less man than machine
Sent to roll over you and me
The nail that stands up
will be beaten down
Sep 1 · 59
Gravel floor flip flop skidding
Soap on the tile
File down, contour
Cut out all the
Sharp knives for that
sawbone skinnin'
filet mignon
A dance and a song
sell it at a fools price
vermin and lice
burn burn burn
Make a berm all around the structure and burn all the cockroaches out
Easier to go about, exterminate, refuse to think about
The consequences of the new plastic era
We're burying ourselves
Aug 31 · 44
Dark coffee sugar
Blacked out bean water, liquid lucidity
The city sees both sides of us, undressed emotion
We're constantly in motion, flung forward
Violent in our boredom, brooding over broken brooms
Our tombs will be made of limestone, come home prodigal son
Come undone around the seams and scream into the nothing
Life is blushing, in her youth, soon extracted, rotten tooth
Corpses in the kissing booth, braiding hair into a loose locket
Blue button birthed and flaunted, fell of for me to find
Loose thread keeps time over tea cups spilling
Come one, come willing, find my pulse in the dark
Watch the sparks pour out the window on a half smoked camel
****** well, devil dancing on dates and dark water
Aug 31 · 41
Burning Thyme
Exhaling, another night of smoke and nothing
songs on repeat, moving forward
at a snail's pace
We loose lace our lives into liver sandwiches
Prometheus laughs at us
how many times do we
have to touch the
It's one in the same, man, bandstand my soul abandoning the shell
crispy Cicada sound
Luscious, this feeling of sitting here
over smoke, sticky
the tricks to be
really still
It's a still captured in rhyme, passed on to time, taking
bits of thyme
Swerve and send the oxygen rushing away
come out and play, warriors
come out
and play
Aug 30 · 52
Autopilot Breathing
Nicotine and caffeine, burning tire, no traction, in the rain or sun the same
None to blame, blemishless, buffed into brilliant sterility with hot sauce
Arcane toss, dice tumbling, rice pummeled in stainless machines
Bleach disinfects, cleans, the picked scab blood out of sheets
Tattoos on feet, a whole bunch of shiney nothing
From deep we spasm up, cramped leg kicking for air
Only one care in the world, that next one, married to our breath, do us part on death
Aug 30 · 26
Cane Cholla
Soaking in the sun sitting soaked in sweat
Let me go, oh gentle soul, guide me down river
Giver of all, whetting stones for steel locks, stretched and sharpened
The tarp end vomits smoke, we sit and poke at embers
Who will be the enders, the final players of the game
When the angles get to complex to even stay, much less analyze
A burger and fries another artery dies, cauterized, desensitized
Flays land on the lip of the glass, imparting ****
This cigarette is down to the last hits, **** coffin nail
Move as slow as a snail, strike like lightening
The tightening of the eyes is reaction to chemical unload
Another rock in the road kicked into the gutter
harsh scratching rattle
Pushed from flat into bowl, pressure and precision
You wake up every day and try to envision
things going right
Put your spirit in flight, there is no reason to fight
Be a kid, fly a kite, everything can be alright
if we can just
Aug 30 · 37
Gentle, please gently
Please hold me until I pass out
These meds make everything go black
And I'm scared to go into the dark alone
Aug 29 · 52
Green star cluster
Sipping red juice, cigarettes leaf loose, filter tip flick brush fire
The truth from a liar, a bullet from a Steyr AUG, hitting meat
The mercy seat is open, we're still hoping on a miracle
Melts away like summer sun creamsicles, removed like tonsils
Swerve low sweet cherry fly, come on through let's get real high
Forget about the world and the hurdles jumped through to grow old and die
Constantly asking why, a species unwillingly born
Fire and scorn we rain down on one another, its life being taken from our species, our brothers
How many mothers have to outlast their children?
Instill in me some recipe for success, bless this next step off
The road used to be soft, but I can feel the potholes now
With a sudden bow we retreat to our lonely places
Screens replace faces and we talk less, less stress
Exhaling whatever type of smoke from your chest
Hummingbird feathers sewed into your vest
You bring out the best in me, give me sight to see
the possibilities
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