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Francis Duggan Apr 2010
It's Friday evening from life's cares we'll have a brief leave taking
And lets go to the Basy Pub for hour of merry making
In confines of the Settlers Bar the voice of mirth is ringing
And Pete Atkinson from Dublin Town an Irish song is singing.

The Mckelvey men father and son are talking of horse racing
They know the horses inside out from form and race card tracing
Has Vo rogue gone over the hill, can Horlicks race to glory
Can Almaarad come bouncing back and go down in history?

Phil Cronin go back down the years he flick back through life pages
To friends he knew in Millstreet Town he has not seen for ages
Big Jerry Shea and Mister O, James Manley hale and hearty
And Johnny Sing from Millview Lane the life of every party.

Brave Harry the brave English man the one as tough as leather
You'll only see that man in shorts no matter what the weather
A man of elephantine strength yet gentle and kind hearted
And he has taken life's hardest blow since his son this world departed.

Big **** Kissane the Kerry man he doesn't like Maggie Thatcher
And he feels that for Union bashing that few in history could match her
Still he won't go back to Kenmare to weather wet and hazy
He'd much prefer Mt Evelyn it's nearer to the Baysy.

**** Kelleher and Phil Schofield well into greyhound breeding
They talk of how greyhounds should be schooled and for them proper feeding
Two greyhound trainers and of late their reputations growing
And Millstreet Town keep racing on when others dogs are slowing.

Vin Schofield a Manchester Man he does love Man United
And every time United win he feel proud and delighted
But United not doing well of late of late they're not impressing
And this too much for him to take he find it all depressing.

Galway's Matt Duggan and Westmeath's Sean Fay the hurling game debating
On the first sunday of September who will be celebrating
Can Westmeath make the big break through or will Galway flags be waving
Or will Tipperary still be champs their reputation saving?

And Marty Kerins from Mayo a good and happy fellow
I've never met him in bad mood I've always found him mellow
He love the Bayswater Hotel he say there is none better
And to be kept from Settlers Bar he'd have to be in fetter.

And **** O Shea from Dublin his friends are in the many
And he doesn't have one enemy and he doesn't deserve any
He's given homes to Homeless souls and he's easily moved to pity
And good a man as ever came to live in this great City.

The amazing J D Ellis his name and fame keep spreading
And he has bounced back from the floor and for the top he's heading
Still he is easily stirred up and Garry Carter does the stirring
And el tigre he begins to growl the cat's no longer purring.

It's friday evening from life's cares we'll have a brief leave taking
And where better than the Basy Pub for hour of merry making
In Confines of the Settlers Bar the voice of mirth is ringing
And Pete Atkinson from Dublin Town an Irish song is singing.
Once upon a time
There was a boy
His life was full of
fun and joy

Waking up at six
in the morning
With a feeling everyday
is more adorning

Getting ready for the school
And waiting at the bus stop
Every day he felt
He was on the world's top

Entering into the class room
Saying hi to all
Gossiping with friends untill
Assembly call

Standing in the playground
Listening to principal's speech
All that was nonsense
Which she used to preach

Coming back to classroom
Attending all the classes
Just for staring a girl
wearing red-blue glasses

Four continuous lectures then
comes a break
So as to avoid
stress and headache

Sharing lunch boxes
Was like a business deal
what actually matters
Was getting all tasty meal

Last period used to
Pass very slowly
With the history teacher
Teaching them very lowly

When it reaches two
in the school clock
It was the time to fly
Like the bird hawk

Running Faster and faster
Down through the stairs
Coz no one likes
bus seat to share

Giggling and laughing
Screaming and shouting
All the way back to his home
Doing all nonsense with his friends
When he had time to roam

Pressing the doorbell
mom opens the door
Setting the fan speed
at three or more

Resting under the fan
And watching the television
Discovery science was
His first provision

After the lunch
Comes time for the tuitions
Coz studies do not hav
Any substitutions

From there he goes
to the football ground
To play cricket
Just for one or two rounds

Back to home asking for
a cup of horlicks
With few of almonds
In the milk to mix

Then studying in the bedroom
Doing all his homework
Finishes the everything on time
With all his hardwork

goes to the kitchen
For having some snacks
Jar of biscuits
kept on the rack

Sharing secrets
with his dad
long discussion
They used to had

Have his dinner
Then goes to bed
Thinking what to do
with the future ahead

Thinking and thinking
eyes stops blinking

Fall asleep
hoping for a better tomorrow
#schoollife # childhood #funlife

— The End —