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Elizabeth Apr 2019
maybe someday we’ll meet again
but that’s for another life
maybe your songs won’t always be in my head
but that’s for another life
maybe I’ll call you at 3am and I’ll tell you the truth
but that’s for another life
and maybe one day it’ll finally be someone new
but that’s for another life too
so what’s a girl to do
except keep writing about you
all that’s for another life and for another me too
Elizabeth Apr 2019
the healing is here
I'm coming back
the clutter is gone
and I've pulled out the tack
I'm taking it all
taking it all back
it's my life
and I'm not going to lose track
under attack
but I'm taking it back
the pain is gone
and I’m coming back.
Elizabeth Mar 2019
the way the cold air looks on the tip of her nose, or the
way he smiles with his eyes pointed down at his toes
and that curious shade of blue that will forever go unnamed,
or the person you can’t help but stare at in the marketplace.
even that misty smell in the sky when it rains and the small bursts
of electricity that explode when you hear her name.
we like these things and we don't know why; we can’t explain.
just like how I liked you, I couldn’t wrap it around my brain.
Elizabeth Feb 2019
I gazed at his face
“what?” he said
              “nothing,” smiling, I went back to my coffee
we locked eyes again
               and held on for a moment longer
Elizabeth Feb 2019
I am not
             whatever you want to make me
I am not
             how you choose to see me
I am not
             a dream or a fantasy
I am
and I am
simply, just
Elizabeth Feb 2019
it said,
           the true joy will settle in:
           a contentment from within
and I will take care of you
oh, you need not fret, child
           you need not convince yourself that you're satisfied
and it’s okay to be hurt
it’s okay to feel this pain
           because in order to be healed, you have to be hurting;
           in order to be made complete, there must be a deep lacking
and to be truly free, you will need me
           so let the true joy settle in, just let me set you free.
Elizabeth Feb 2019
You’re piecing together the parts of my heart
little by little
Your fingerprints are still all over
I don’t know how since I’ve tried to wash You out
I’ve pushed You away from me and I’ve blacked out
now I know that
each minuscule part of me is laced by Your fingertips
every ounce of myself has You written on it
and I truly can’t escape You no matter how hard I try
my soul will ever flow with Your echo of joy inside
you’re piecing me together
and I know that you can see
the parts of my heart
belong to You now more than ever and they will always belong to me
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