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elizabeth Mar 2017
Waiting restlessly for your feelings to dissipate,
Waiting for this sporadic love to turn into hate.
elizabeth Mar 2017
Chained by the feeling of resentment
As we fight in a war that none of us forged
Or so we thought
In a world where barriers are built;
A great Wall stacked with bricks of discrimination,
Strengthened by pebbles of false preceptions,
Gracefully repelling sound premonitions
For this wall was  cemented by biased thoughts.
elizabeth Mar 2017
as the symphony plays the rhapsody of life,
she was utterly mesmerized listening with her heart to the music that it plays,
strangely enough the thoughts that filled within her childlike-mind is filled with thoughts that offers no solace,
she left her vulnerabilities dangling half-mast,
her flawless facade masked her restless days,
since everything that meets our foolish eyes gives proof sufficient of its vanity,
she hopes that one day she will look as pretty.
elizabeth Mar 2017
If hearts could race as the sun sets on
Isn't it the same at the break of dawn?  

Her mouth whispers something in the lines of hailstorms
Trying to find solace in singing tunes of the classic Waits Tom

She was engrossed in her own calamity
In her quest of the utmost soul-searching identity.

— The End —