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violent veins Feb 2014
He was the type of boy who wrote memos on his hand because his skin absorbed the words better than paper but they soon came off when he scrubbed her of his skin and from under his finger nails.

Nights are getting heavier and the sky is darker and it feels like the stars could swallow you whole but you have to keep moving.

Memories are long and painful and shots of your image like knives are imprinted on my skull and i can't seem to shift what appears to be your apparent state of mind. Oh what a funny way to live, not knowing if the leaves are turning brown or if our veins run blue but we can't see it.

It's not about me, you see, i can't control my mind it's not full of fields where daisies grow no more. It's full of the thoughts you should run from and people whose hearts should not beat but we must ignore these factors for i am still human. And my blood is warm and my skin is warm and so is the sun. Please love me and show warmth to me too.
this was wrote on the night of the 24th February with a numb heart and heavy eyes.
violent veins Jan 2014
The sky is white like the skin under your eyes and your hair is
The same shade of dying grass under your feet.

And even though your eyes are alive and buzzing like the wires above your head I still lust for you.

And will remain forever wrapped around your finger as long as the flowers keep blooming and your hair keeps growing.
violent veins Jan 2014
she fell in love with the stars
because she could only
see them when
violent veins Jan 2014
he tried too hard to stitch her up
that she was bursting at the seams
her intestines were falling out
loud whispers filled with screams
but he'd do anything
if it meant his soul
would be redeemed.
violent veins Dec 2013
When you fall in love with a person you don't just adore the obvious things. You fall in love with the way they laugh at silly things, their face structure, the creases in their cheeks that appear when they smile, the curve of their chin and the softness of their skin. You love every part of them down to a single eyelash, every freckle under their eyes and every hair on their arms.
This means a lot to me
violent veins Dec 2013
The sunlight settles on the floor
Where you once stood.

The dust that's scattered
Across the broken floorboards
Resembles your shape.

Everything reminds me
Of you.

Your scent
Still lingers in the air
And sticks
To the back of my throat .

Shadows now creep
Upon the empty sheets
That we where once
Tangled in.

The silence
That was once filled
With your laughter
Deafens me.

You left without a trace
Yet what you left behind
Was damage
Beyond repair.
violent veins Dec 2013
Your freckles are stars
Joined together by the creases of your skin
Your birth marks are the unknown galaxies
Untouched and mysterious.
You are my moon
My whole life revolves around you.
We are distant constellations
Far away but still edging closer
Closing the black hole
******* us both apart.

Your whole body
Is an unexplored universe
That i wish to travel to some day
And explore it's every surface.

-Chloe Jane
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